1. Mr.Timothy

Once upon a time, there lived a teacher in Gullible Town,

Mr.Timothy was always angry and ambled around with a frown.

Mathematics was the subject he taught,

During his class, the students always looked overwrought.


Mr. Timothy beamed when flatterers called him Mr.Computer,

No one in Gullible Town knew that his favourite device was the calculator.

He derided people, who couldn't make quick calculations,

But checking his bill at the grocer's gave him palpitations.


The self acclaimed Mathematical genius,

Was not very fond of students who were curious.

Mr. Timothy's angry outbursts prevented children from questioning him,

But one day a brave boy challenged his genius and the situation became grim.


After that incident, Mr. Timothy owned his incompetence,

And realized that in a teacher's life there is no place for complacence

Now none of the teachers in Gullible Town,

Walk around with an all knowing frown.

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