I'm Sophia Matthews. Never heard of me? I'm not surprised really. I'm an awkward 16 year old girl who gets to travel the world with my best friend and capture it all in photographs. You might know my best friend, Freya Lexi Harrison? The sister of Kai Daniel Harrison.
Yep, I am best friends with the sister of the 6'2, sexy, hot, funny and angelic singer. He's part of this huge band with his three best friends; Jack, Carter and James. This is the story of probably the most interesting and exciting time of my life...
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1. That's Only 'Cause I Don't Go To Parties

Sleeping is a much loved past-time but in my opinion I think it should be a religion. I mean, thousands of teenagers around the world go ape crazy about curling up in bed and sleeping for hours on end and if a religion needs only five people to properly classify as a legit religion, then let's get a sign-up sheet round the world. I'm pretty sure we'll have our own religion within seconds. 

If you're part of my friendship circle (which is pretty small because I don't talk to anyone) then you will know that I treasure sleep like it's god's gift to humankind, which it is. So you would think that my best friend would pick up on the fact that I'll stab her in the eye with a blunt pencil if she wakes me up.

Obviously not.

"Don't tell me," I muttered tiredly, my voice muffled between the duvet and the pillow. "The earth's split into two and this room is literally in two pieces, leaving you on one side and me on the other. Because if that is the case then I'm going back to sleep."

"Alright stop using references from The Mortal Instruments and twisting the words slightly hoping I won't notice." Even though my eyes are still firmly closed and I'm slowly slipping into sleep's welcoming arms I can feel the glare Freya's giving me and can vision her standing in front of me with her hands on her hips and her foot tapping against the wooden floor.

I've been best friends with Freya for close to ten years now. Since we were both six years old we've been joined by the hip. The teachers at school tried separating us into different classes but we put up a fuss at primary school and they changed it before a firework could be set off in the teacher's lounge. In secondary school we had the same grades and sat next to each in every subject but in P.E Sophia slipped in her grades and was moved down a set, leaving me in top with future Olympians and her in a class who would rather sit and gossip than work. 

"Get up." Freya pulled the covers off of me impatiently. I mumbled profanities at her and rolled over, leaving her glaring at my back as I hugged my pillow and tried to sprint the remaining distance to dream world. You know you're  desperate  to sleep when you start voluntarily sprinting in a dream.

"Come on Soph!" Freya whined throwing open the curtains of my hotel room making me groan and shove my face into the duvet to stop the light burning my eyes. Freya's acting like a desperate mother trying to get a teenager out of bed and to school while I'm here acting like vampire living with humans. That pretty much sums up our entire friendship right there though.

"Freya we're on holiday!" I complained finally looking at her. The sight that greets me reminds me of why she's a model. She's got the attractive bright green eyes, long golden locks and adorable dimples that has any boyfriend of hers falling at her feet and worshiping the ground she walks on. I'm not surprised that she grew up looking like this, her whole family has genes made of gold. Her mother was a dancer during the 80s and met Freya's father at an after show party. They got married after two years of dating and had their first child on the 24th October 1997 they gave birth to a boy, Kai Daniel Harrison. You see, God could have wrapped a random child up stuck him in a basket and shipped him to the Harrison's but instead decided to create a baby of pure gold who grew to become a 6"2, sexy, hot, talented, funny and angelic singer who has 3/4 of the world's population wrapped round his little finger. 

I mean, who wouldn't worship the god after giving us those  smoldering  brown eyes, cheeky grin and dimples and the chestnut hair that you want for decoration in your room?

Then God decided one wasn't enough and created another pure gold baby, making this one female. My best friend, Freya Lexi Harrison was born on the 23rd May 1998; exactly a month and three days before me. 

God must have been tired by the 26th June of the exact same freaking year because I was born with basic and boring blue eyes, brown hair and no talent what-so-ever - minusing photography. I guess he must have felt bad for me so God gave me a thigh gap, longer hair and a laugh that sounds decent so all in all I can't complain. Besides I'm happy staying on the sidelines and taking pictures of my best friend. 

"SOPHIA!" Freya shouted knocking me from my thoughts instantly. 

"Sorry what? I wasn't listening."

"No shit sherlock." Freya rubbed her forehead tiredly. Hey being friends with me will do that to you. There's only so much Sophia Matthews one person can handle in a certain period of time. Add that to the fact that I'm still in English time even though we've been in the Bahama's for over a week now and I'm tired, well let's just say Freya has a lot of guts right now to come and force me out of bed. 

Let's give her a slow round of applause for a moment.

"I said," Freya repeated. "It's our last day here, we're all packed and I want to go out! How does shopping sound?" 

When Freya started speaking I had sat up in bed, hearing the word 'shopping' I fell back and curled into a fetus position again. 

"I'm not leaving this bed to go shopping." I faked to throw up, stretching the point that I don't like shopping. Or at least Freya's version of shopping anyway.

Oxford Dictionary's definition of shopping:
[noun] ~ the purchasing of goods from shops "a busy shopping area"/ goods bought from shops, especially food and household goods "a bag of shopping".

Freya Lexi Harrison's definition of shopping;
[noun] ~ torturing the innocent Sophia Matthews to hours of parading round dressing rooms in outfits that she won't even pay before going to a shoe store that again will sell nothing to Freya but '"they're cute".

Now do you see my point?

"Oh come on!" Freya grabbed my wrists and pulled me up off the bed and started dragging me towards the bathroom. "Kai's home already and him and the boys are having a party thing to celebrate the end of the tour. You're coming and no you are not wearing jeans and a hoodie while staying on your phone in a dark corner so people can't see you."

I opened my mouth to say that I don't do that at parties. That's only 'cause I don't go to parties. 

"I don't care!" Freya shushed me before I even started talking. "This holiday was for you so that you don't get worked up about that school and now I want to buy you a cute outfit so you can get a boyfriend. Why won't you let me help you, huh? Why? Why? Why would you hurt me like that? Huh?"

"Okay first of all." I said hurt. "That school is the school I've been dying to go to since I could tie my shoes and ride a bike. And seconds of all I don't need nor want a boyfriend! I'm perfectly happy being single and sleeping for the majority of the day."

"Well I'm not okay with that." Freya shoved me into the bathroom. "Get ready, we're going shopping."


I purposely took as long as I could get away with in the shower, longer drying and brushing my hair then at least ten minutes pondering on what to wear. In the end Freya got pissed off with me and she barged in, threw some white shorts and a black baggy long sleeved tank top at me before gritting her teeth and giving me 'the look'. That sped the process of changing, eating, brushing my teeth and throwing my hair up into a ponytail. 

Freya was rolling her eyes at her phone by the time I walked out my room with some Vans in my hands and my phone balancing between my chest and my chin. 

"Who's that?" I asked standing on one foot and oh so attractively wobbling from side to side while trying to get my shoes on successfully. 

"Ben." She locked her phone and slipped it into her pocket. "That son of a bitch needs to realize I wouldn't date him even if he was the last boy on earth."

"Well that's rude." I said.

"No it's not!" Freya looked at me like I just told her I dropped a bomb on her family home, crushing her beloved kitten, Ginger, in the process.

"Yes, you can't call his mother a bitch. You just can't." I replied earning a size 5 high top to be thrown at me right in the chest but I'm too busy trying not to laugh at her red face to care. 

"Let's go before I murder you." She muttered.

I'm starting to think she's really doubting her choice of a holiday buddy.


Less than ten minutes later I've been silenced with a milkshake after singing Rick Astley Never Gonna Give You Up way off key and adding some selective dance moves that I'm pretty sure all parents would love to learn. Freya's shuffling slowly down racks of clothes, grimacing at certain slutty dresses and 'ahing' at the pieces she likes whilst I'm following her like a lost puppy but highly amused at the small cartoon doodles on my milkshake cup. I'm such a child.

"How about this one?" She asked spinning on her heels, holding up a white dress to her body. It's one of those dresses that only certain people could wear, with the silver diamantes stuck on like a type of belt around the waist that no doubts hugs your hips tightly. It reaches the middle of her thigh, her long legs tanned against the bright white material. 

"It looks good." I nodded. "Really suites you."

"Not for me silly." She laughed, taking my milkshake from my hand leaving me whimpering and reaching for it like a child. I shut up when she pressed the dress towards me and tilted her head to the side, pursed her lips and hummed a bit while she thought.

"Frey, this looks good on you." I pushed the dress away. "I don't even wanna go to the party let alone wear a dress. Please don't make me." 

Freya huffed and slid the dress back onto the rack. "Please Sophia. You know how important my brother is to me and you've been my best friend for ten years now. You've never once met my brother and he really wants to meet you! One night... one hour and then you can go home. Please!"

"I don't know Frey." I whined. "My mum-"

"Will be fine for one night. Besides, my mum's taking her out and she's already agreed to this party." I was still pulling a straight face by the time Freya looked at me again. She huffed and rolled her eyes but continued anyway. "Go back then. Go play with your camera or something."

"Thank you." I grinned jumping over to her and hugging her tightly. "You are the bestest friend ever!"

"That's not even a word." She laughed. "But this doesn't mean you get out of the party. I'll buy you something. Don't worry you'll love it."

"Fine." I huffed. "But I'm going to go before I see you pick up a stripper costume."

"Why would you prefer a sexy maid outfit?" She raised an eyebrow at me. 

"More like an Ebola nurse outfit." I replied turning round then stopping. "Full body and green if possible."

As I walked away I faintly heard her mutter. "I'm friends with a complete idiot."

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