Second Dimension

Just Because Of her Fighting skills London's most highest Scientist Wanted her to Travel In Time, or See what Kind Of World it used to be Back Then...
Just A simple mistake had gotten her into the world of Black butler. Which She didn't know she had Taken The life of one of her great Ancestors, named Vivian Ross. Of course once she Enters such world everyone Sees her as The queen's Cat, or as in; The Queen's Fearsome Tiger
Reliving her ancestor's life into her own Way, she Stumbles across the Earl Phantomhive, even also The Earl Trancy...


1. very short! prologue

"Are you Sure this is Safe?"

"Definitely, now go on, have everything you Need?"

The Blonde Searched around the Back Pack And Nodded seeing that She Had Everything she needed in Canada.

"Just to be on the Safe side." He Said Handing the Girl A Smg Shot gun, A Small Laugh escaped her pouty lips "I'll Be Traveling in time, not Going to war." She Smiled Putting her right foot in the Blue Swirling entering got with Her body And Walked the Glassy floor.


The scientist Said As He Saw smoke Emerging from the Portal, making the blue Into Purple. It was To late.. Because the girl Had made it to the other side to An unmarked Stop.

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