Just you, me and the music

When 17 year old Molly is fed up of everyone telling her she will never persue her dream, she decides to move to sunny Australia so she can try and make a life of her own and hopefully prove everyone back home wrong. What happens when she meets the 5sos guys? And what if I was to tell you on of them was falling pretty hard for her.


1. The end

Chapter1: The end

Molly's PoV

I can't believe it, my own parents have even gone against me and my dream! They always have been so supportive of me but since everyone has said I will never live to fulfil my dream my parents have faded away and started agreeing with them.

My dreams is to become a famous singer yes now you can see why they say I won't fulfil it, but I want to give things a shot.

"Mum, dad, I am moving to Australia" I stated causally to my parents one Thursday morning at breakfast. They stood there confused and overwhelms for a moment speechless from the news I just amounted onto them.

"W-wait...so your telling Molly Jayne Harrison that my 17 year old daughter has decided on her own that she is moving to Australia alone?..." My mum mustered up.

It was pretty simple to understand, plus she hit the nail right on the head but yet, she still wore a confused look on her face. Whereas my dad had his jaw clenched understand fully what I was implying.

"Yes I am moving to Australia I bought my ticket I am leaving tomorrow." I grinned thinking about what my new life could entail. My dad shook his head and my mum just stood there dumb founded still. And in Thai moment I knew more than anything that I wanted to persue my dream more than anything not just to prove everyone right, to prove to my parents they should of believed in me but also for myself, so I could believe more in myself and be more confident in myself.

I took an apple then left the house on my way to school for the last time in this place, gloomy England and start a fresh in beautiful Sidney Australia.

I got to my locker and was greeted my two friends Liv and Amber who waited for me to gather the books I needed for the morning. "So what are you wearing tomorrow for Danny's party mol?" Damn I forgot about that...I turned to Liv and bit my li and sighed, here we go..."I'm not going because I am moving to Australia tomorrow remember?".

Nothing....that's right nothing no tears, so hugs, no speaking, nothing at all they both stood with no emotion. I rolled my eyes knowing they knew already but they didn't really consent to the whole idea at all, they argued with me for weeks over it and I didn't even by ticket at that point it was only merely a plan. And soon as they try and argue against me again they will have to bare the brunt of my wrath.

No one tells me what to do. No one stops me tying to live my dream. No one.

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