If I'm Romeo, You're My Juliet (A Punk Harry Styles Love Story)

"I can't be with you Harry, you're my step brother" I whisper as I stared up into his beautiful, emerald green eyes. "Bella, when have I ever cared about rules?" Harry says with a playful smirk on his face as he pushes me up against the wall. "Well, never-" I begin to say but he cut me off. "Exactly" He whispers before pressing his lips onto mine.


1. Chapter 1

-Bella’s POV-

I walked into the school, nervously biting my lip. I kept getting weird looks from the students surrounding me, I was the new girl. You see, my parents divorced when I was younger, when I was about 9 years old. My brother, Louis, stayed with my Dad in London, whilst I moved to America with my mother. I’ve lived there for so long that I no longer had a British accent, it was as if my childhood in the UK ceased to exist. But anyways, my mother recently remarried and let’s just say the guy wasn’t too fond of me. So basically she basically chose some guy she barely knew over her own daughter and sent me to go live with my father. I haven’t seen him or my brother in nearly 8 years, I barely even remembered them. So obviously it was kind of awkward to say the least when I got off the plane from New York City…


I sighed softly to myself as I grabbed my two suitcases’ from the overhead storage of the plane and stepped off, walking through the quite unfamiliar airport. The last time I was here, I was just a child. Old memories came flooding back as I wandered around, not really knowing where the hell to go. The one thing that I was thinking about at the moment was the fact that I did not want to be here. At all. But I wasn’t wanted back home, or should I say my former home. I got the yearly birthday card from my father, but I haven’t seen him since I left all those years ago. I’m 17 now, and no longer a child. So you’d think I would be mature enough to handle all of this, but nope. I’m absolutely terrified to face my father, how sad is that? I was snapped out of my thoughts when suddenly I felt someone’s arms wrapped around me securely. My eyes widened and my heartrate picked up a bit as I awkwardly hugged them back. Once they pulled away, I looked up, furrowing my eyebrows a bit as I tried to process who the man standing in front of me. “Hi dad” I say, barely above a whisper to him. All of the old memories of him I had of him from when I was a little girl began to race through my mind. He hadn’t changed too much. His hair had a few specks of gray in it, but he still looked pretty young and full of life. Looks like the divorce was treating him well. “Hi sweetheart, I’m so glad you’re here. And so is Louis. Right Louis?” He says, giving my brother a gentle push towards me. “Hi baby sis. It’s been awhile” He says with a crooked grin on his face as he pulls me into a gentle hug. “I’m not a baby. You’re only older by 7 minutes” I say, rolling my eyes as I hugged him back. Louis was my twin brother and I was surprised at how different we looked. He had straight brown hair and was way taller than me whilst I had long curly blonde hair that reached my waist and I was barely 5’0’. On the other hand, the one thing that was clearly similar between us was our crystal blue eyes. It was as if I was looking in the mirror. I pulled away from the hug a few seconds later and awkwardly looked down at my feet as I chewed on my bottom lip. I had no idea how to act around them, let alone what to even say to them. We were family, but it felt as if we were total strangers. “Well uh, let’s head home, yeah? I’m sure you’re tired from your long flight” My dad says, breaking the silence. I just nodded and quietly walked out of the airport with them and towards the car. This is just the start to my brand new life. I might as well make the most of it.

-End of Flashback-

So, that’s what has led up to this point and the reason why I was standing in the main office of my brand new school. My brother was way too cool to show me around though, so I had to face my first day all by myself. I mean, he was one of the popular boys in school, he couldn’t be seen hanging out with his loser sister. Oh well. I might as well just get this over with. “Hi, I’m-“I begin to say, but the secretary cut me off. “Isabella, we’ve been expecting you” She says with a warm smile on her face. “Actually, I just go by Bella” I say kind of shyly. Of course everyone was awaiting my arrival. I mean, most people don’t usually transfer schools in the middle of the year. Within just a few minutes the lady at the front desk had gone through my paperwork and printed my schedule. “Here you go, sweetheart” she says with a comforting smile as she hands me my schedule. She was about to say something else, but somebody caught her eye in the doorway. “Summer, you’re just in time” she says before turning back to face me. “Bella, this is Summer. She’s going to be showing you around the school. You both have the same schedules” she explains to me. The bell then rang, signaling that we had 5 minutes until we had to get to our first class. I furrowed my eyebrows a bit as I looked down at my schedule. Damnit. I can’t believe I forgot my glasses at home. Oh well. I chewed on my bottom lip as I looked through my classes. First Period: Trigonometry, Second Period: Gym, Third Period: French, Fourth Period: Chemistry, Fifth Period: Lunch, Sixth Period: English, Seventh Period: Chorus, and finally Eighth Period: History. Well this sounds like it’ll be a fun day. Not. “Well you two better get going before you’re late for class. Good luck on your first day” The secretary smiles and I walk out with Summer. “Oh my God, we haven’t had a new student here in ages. You’re the talk of the school.” She giggles as we walk through the halls. She wasn’t lying. Everyone was staring at us and whispering to their friends. I guess you could say I wasn’t a fan of attention. I usually just liked to keep to myself. Even back home I was a loner. Yes, I had a few close friends. But that was it. I was in no way popular. That just wasn’t me. So I was quite uncomfortable to say the least with the fact that the entire school was talking about me. And judging me. I ran a hand through my long blonde curls as I followed Summer inside the classroom. The bell had already rung just seconds ago, telling us that we were late. Great.

“Summer, that’s the third time this month that you’ve been late for my class” The teacher says sternly to her with narrow eyes. “Sorry Mr. Collins, I was just showing our new student around” Summer explains with an innocent smile as she steps to the side so I was no longer hiding behind her. “Uhm, Hi, I’m Bella” I say pretty shyly. “Okay class, check over your homework with the people around you whilst I catch Bella up” he says to the class just as Summer goes and sits down in her seat. Mr. Collins then talked to me for a few minutes about where I was at in math back in the States and it turned out I was actually ahead. Thank God, I wasn’t behind. He gave me a book along with a notes packet before looking around for a seat for me. “Hmmm…It looks like the only empty seat is besides Harry” he says, nodding towards a curly headed boy who was sitting in the back of the class. I bit down on my bottom lip as I made my way to the empty seat. Harry looked like the stereotypical bad boy. He was absolutely covered in tattoos and piercings. But I’m not going to lie, he was pretty attractive. He had these gorgeous green eyes that I swear if I just looked up at him, I’d get lost in them. He had this playful smirk on his face as he watched me walk towards him, which caused the most adorable dimple to form. That was definitely a hit to his badass vibe. I wasn’t going to let him play me. I could see right through him. “Hi” I say with a small, sweet smile on my face as I sat down beside him. I didn’t really have any friends, so I might as well be nice. Who knows, maybe he won’t be a total douchebag and he’s actually pretty sweet. “Hey sexy” he says with the same stupid smirk on his face. I stayed quiet for the rest of the class, even though Harry was trying to distract me. He kept on poking me and throwing little pieces of paper at me. It was as if we were in middle school. He was so…aggravating.

Once the bell rang, I couldn’t get out of that class fast enough. Harry was driving me crazy. I met up with Summer and we walked out together whilst I mumbled a few profanities under my breath. “Sorry about my brother, he can be such a dick sometimes” she giggles softly and my eyes just widen. “Harry’s your brother? I am so sorry. You poor thing” I say, shaking my head.­ Summer just rolls her eyes and smiles as we walk towards our next class, gym. “He’s really not so bad. He likes to think he’s way cooler than he actually is” she explains, laughing softly. Our next few classes went by pretty quickly. The day wasn’t going to bad, and I had completely forgotten about Harry by now. It turns out that Summer and I actually had a lot in common. I think that we’re going to be really great friends. Which is awesome considering that I literally know nobody here. Well, except for my brother, but we’re more like strangers. These past few days living with my dad and my brother have been so awkward. We truly knew nothing about each other, and it was so sad. My dad’s tried to bond with me a little bit by making small talk, but it just didn’t work out. My brother on the other hand seemed as if he wanted absolutely nothing to do with me. It was like I had ruined his life by coming here. I wasn’t wanted back in New York, I wasn’t wanted in London…This just sucks. But at least I’ve got Summer, right? She’s better than nothing. Anyways, it was lunch time now. I bit down on my lower lip as I walked into the cafeteria with Summer. I had forgotten to bring a lunch, and I didn’t have any money, so it looks like I’m going to just have to starve today. Oh well. Everyone was sitting in their own little groups. There were the slutty popular girls, the jocks, the nerds, the band geeks, the stoners, and finally there was a table with a few normal surprisingly normal looking teenagers. That was the table that Summer was leading me towards. “Hey guys, this is Bella” she says cheerfully to the girls as we sit down at the table. “Hi” I say with a shy smile on my face.

Everyone was pretty welcoming as they introduced themselves. First there was Shelley. She had long bleach blonde hair, which mostly consisted of extensions and bright green eyes. She seemed pretty ditzy, but was a total sweetheart. Next there was Melanie and I swear that girl looked like a model. She had dark brown hair and beautiful brown eyes. I couldn’t help but feel jealous of her. I mean, I was literally nothing compared to her. I’m sure this girl could get any guy she wanted, while I’ve never even had a boyfriend before. I was then interrupted from my internal pity party by the most adorable Irish accent ever. “Hey beautiful, I’m Niall. It’s nice to meet you” the blonde headed boy said with a grin as he looked up at me. I swear my heart melted. He was such a sweetheart. I was about to say ‘nice to meet you too’ but I then noticed my brother walking towards me out of the corner of my eye. “Hey bells, dad texted me and told me you forgot your lunch so he told me to give you some money” he said, handing me some money. “Oh, uhm, thanks” I said with a weak smile on my face. He didn’t have to do that. He could have just lied to our dad and told him he gave me the money. I guess he didn’t truly hate me deep down inside. He was trying. That’s all that matters, right? Louis gave me a smile and a wave before walking away and sitting down with his friends. One of them caught my eye though. It was Harry. Seriously? They’re friends? They just seemed like complete…opposites. “Wait…” Summer starts to say with wide eyes as she looked up at me. “What?” I asked her as I tilted my head to the side curiously. “Louis Tomlinson is your brother?” she asks me slowly. “Yeah, why? What’s up?” I ask her, getting clearly confused. What was the big deal? “Bella, my mom is engaged to your dad” she explains to me and my jaw just drops. What the fuck? So not only has my mom remarried to a stranger, but now my dad is going to do the same thing? “We’re going to be sisters” she giggles and pulls me into a hug. I smiled weakly and hugged her back. I had a million thoughts running through my head at the moment. And then realization hit. “So, if you’re going to be my sister, that means…” I begin to say as I pulled away from the hug. “Yup. Harrys going to be your brother. But hey, it won’t be that bad. You’ll get used to him. I promise” she says with a nod. “Well somebody should probably tell Harry about this because I overheard him talking to his friends in the locker room today about how fit he thought you were” Niall chuckles softly and I just blush a light shade of pink. “What?” I say quietly. I was clearly surprised. Guys normally didn’t just hit on me. But like I said before, I kept to myself back at my old school. There were way less people here, so I was bound to get a little more attention. “Yeah, he’s such a player. He’s pretty much fucked every girl in this school. I guess he thinks you’re fresh meat” he explains casually to me. That right there caused me to frown. I didn’t like being thought of as a toy. I was a person.

The rest of the day just flew by. I ended up having all of my classes with Summers friends. It was nice to actually know some people and not be a complete loner. School was finally over now and I was putting my books in my locker as Summer told me about how her and her friends were all going out tonight since it was Friday. “You should totally come Bella” she grins. “Tyler Evans is throwing a house party and it’s going to be awesome. He seriously throws the best parties ever. Pretty please come Bells?” she asks with a pout on her face as I shut the door to my locker. “C’mon, Niall will be there. I think he likes you” she says with a grin on her face. I couldn’t help but smile at that. I’m not going to lie, I may have a little crush on Niall. “Okay, fine. But I don’t have a car, so could you maybe pick me up?” I ask her, running a hand through my hair. “How about you just come over to my house now and we could get ready together? We could even have a sleepover” she suggests excitedly. “I could give you a makeover. I promise, you’ll look so hot” she grins and I can’t help but giggle. “Okay, sounds like fun” I say with a nod. I then pulled out my phone and texted my dad and told him that I was going to spend the night at a friends’ house. I wasn’t going to tell him who though because then he would know I knew about the engagement. I was waiting for him to tell me in person. It was still a lot to take in. How could he not tell me? What the hell was he waiting for? Hopefully Summer’s mom was nice, unlike my step-father. Ugh. Why does my family have to be so messed up?

A few minutes later Summer parked her car in the driveway of her house. I couldn’t help but be in complete awe. Damn. Summer’s rich as fuck. Her house was definitely more of a mansion than a house. “My mom is still at work so you don’t have to worry about any awkward confrontations with her” she explains with a comforting smile as we she unlocks the front door with her key. I slipped off my beaten up converse and placed them in front of the door before walking inside. It seriously was so beautiful inside. There was even a chandelier right in the main foyer. Summer’s mother is doing pretty well for a single parent. Oh wait. She’s not single. She’s with my dad. This is just so much to take in. “Oh hey Bella” I hear my brother say with a grin on his face. He was sitting on the couch besides Harry, playing video games. Ugh. I was hoping that Harry wouldn’t be home. Oh well. Maybe he doesn’t remember me? “Hey Lou” I say with a small smile on my face as I follow Summer towards the stairs. “How do you know Bella?” Harry asks my brother curiously. “She’s my sister” Louis says, as if it was obvious. Harry’s eyes just widen in complete shock. “We’re going to be in my room. Don’t bother us, yeah?” Summer says to the boys before practically dragging me upstairs towards her bedroom. Once we were inside she shut the door and burst into a fit of giggles. “Did you see the look on Harry’s face? It was priceless” she grins. “I don’t know why though. I mean, did my dad not tell you guys that he also had a daughter?” I ask with a frown. He probably didn’t, which just shows how much he truly cares about me. “Yeah, he did. It’s just that we thought that you were older, ya know? Like, why else wouldn’t you be here? We didn’t know that you were living with your mum” she explains to me and I just nodded quietly. “Anyways, forget about my dumb brother, let’s just focus on making you sexy as fuck” she grins and walks towards her closet.

Awhile later, Summer was finally done with my ‘makeover’. She ended up curling my hair and doing my makeup like a pro. I swear this girl should be a makeup artist or something because when I looked in the mirror, I was blown away. I actually looked kind of decent for once. Afterwards she let me borrow one of her skater dresses and leather jackets. “So, how do I look?” I asked Summer with a smile as I did a little twirl. “You look amazing” she grinned. “Thanks so much for letting me borrow your clothes” I say, giving her a small hug. “It’s no problem at all. What’re future sisters for?” she giggles, hugging me back. Summer truly looked gorgeous as well. I’m surprised she doesn’t have a boyfriend. Or maybe she does, who knows? I mean, we did just meet. I don’t think it’s really my place to ask her that. “Well, ready to go?” She asks and I nod with a smile.

Tyler’s house was twice the size of Summer’s. I can see why this is such a good place to have a party. The house was packed by the time we got inside and I swear there were hundreds of people here. I wasn’t going to tell Summer this, because she would think I was a total loser, but this was my first high school party, ever. I know. I’m pathetic. Nor have I ever had alcohol. So I guess this was just going to be a night of firsts. Summer led me into the kitchen where all of the red solo cups full of beer and other unknown alcoholic beverages were placed. “Here you go” she said with a smile as she handed me a cup. I chewed on my bottom lip as I stared down at the drink. Stop being such a wimp, Bella. I sighed softly before taking a huge gulp of it. Once I swallowed it I noticed a mop of curly brown hair walking towards Summer and I. “Hey Bella, fancy seeing you here” he says with a smirk before picking up a cup of beer himself. Summer just scoffed and rolled her eyes. “Leave her alone, will ya? She’s not interested in your shenanigans Harold” she chuckles softly, patting him on the back lightly before walking away, leaving us alone. “So, you’re Louis’ sister?” he asks me, raising an eyebrow at me before taking a sip of his beer. “Uhm, yeah” I say pretty softly to him. “And I’m guessing that you’ve figured out that your dad is marrying my mum, huh?” he asks once he swallowed. I just nodded slowly, really not in the mood to talk about this. Just the thought of him becoming my brother made me want to get so wasted tonight. “Even though you’re going to be my step sister, that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun” he said to me with that same stupid smirk on his face. “You’re disgusting. Fuck off” I mumbled before shoving past him. Harry frowned and instantly set his beer down before following me. “Hey, c’mon babydoll, don’t be like that” he says, grabbing my hand. I then just stopped in my place before turning around to face him, looking up into his eyes. Damn. He was way taller than me. There was no way in hell I could possibly seem intimidating to him, but hey, it’s worth a try, right? “Listen Harry, I don’t want to be your next one night stand because you’re bored, okay? I truly want nothing to do with you. And you shouldn’t want anything to do with me either. I mean, I’m going to be your sister. Try and get that through your head, okay?” I say, clearly becoming more and more frustrated by the second. “We’ll see about that sunshine. You’re going to fall for me whether you want to or not” he says simply with a playful wink before walking away from me.

Just like I wanted, I ended up getting completely wasted. And since I was so small, it only took a few drinks to get me drunk. I just was so upset about everything that had happened these past few days, that I needed something to help me forget, even if it was for only a few hours. It was about one in the morning by now and I was dancing with Niall. Okay, I was more like grinding on him, something that I would never in a million years do sober. I was not that kind of girl. At all. I was way too shy to do something like that. “Hey Bella, I’m really glad I met you” Niall grins, wrapping his arms around my waist as he pulls me closer to him. “I’m glad I met you too Niall” I slur a bit, wrapping my arms around his neck. And then I noticed him beginning to lean in, causing my heart rate to pick up. Holy shit. Is he going to kiss me? And then the worst possible thing could have happened. “I think I’m going to be sick” I mumble before getting out of his grip and running towards the bathroom. God, I’m such an embarrassment. Way to go Bella, you just ruined your first kiss. I didn’t even have time to lock the door. I just dropped to my knees and began to puke my brains out in the toilet. “Oh my God Bella” I heard Summer after she had opened the door. I’m guessing Niall told her to come and check on me. He’s such a sweetheart. Summer spent the next 10 minutes with me, holding my hair back whilst I puked. “I think I drank too much” I groan quietly, sitting down on the ground. I felt weak, exhausted, and not to mention embarrassed. “Yeah, no kidding. But at least next time you’ll know your limit” she says with a weak smile on her face as she hands me a breath mint. “Just stay here for a minute, okay? I’ll be right back” she says before standing back up and walking out of the bathroom. I sighed and popped the breath mint into my mouth before leaning against the wall. Well this was a disappointment of a night. I can’t believe I missed my chance to kiss Niall. I don’t know how I’m going to face him.

I suddenly felt really tired. I could barely even keep my eyes open. So I ended up just drifting off to sleep, on the floor. I didn’t even care. Just minutes later I felt myself being picked up by someone. But I kept my eyes shut. I was way too tired. “You so owe me for this” I hear the boy mutter to someone. “Oh shush Harry, if you apparently like her, you must be loving this” Summer says teasingly as Harry holds me close to him with his strong arms. “Psh, I don’t like her. She’s such a prude. I just wanted to fuck her” Harry explains. God he was such a douche. I so wanted to smack him right now. But I was way too tired to walk. And he was way too comfy.


It'll get better, I promise. Feedback along with suggestions is greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading ☺️

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