Some of my poetry it was time i faced it


1. GoodBye

i went to heaven 
when i tried to live
picked me in my hard times
yes ,survived without hope
i'm searching for you again over the globe
asking myself why you are gone
i don't seem to move on
isn't there any coming back
so you can my life hack
i swear a god ,can't turn back
one word can make me happy
can make me sad or mad
sadness is faded out
please comeback i'm so sorry 
i won't bother you again don't worry
i can't help but cry 
i know i'm illuminated to smile or deprived 
asking myself why?
why you come to my life
i wish i could die 
there's no dignity or cry 
so the world could believe that i'm gone &relief; 
god ,i wanna go , my heart is full of pain
that's what make me insane
i need your peace &mercy;
a help of bounty 
i'm sure in heaven there's no pain
now i feel fainted 
i can't be fine 
the mistake is mine

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