My sisters best friend is my enemy //Michael Clifford

Michael Clifford has tried to bully me and I only came yesterday. Unlike most girls that either admire him or get bullied by him, I'm fairly sweet but when Michael comes near me, we have trouble.


1. explaining this book

Hi, my name is JemmA I am the author of this book and I would like it if you were to read my other book about Calum hood it would mean a lot.

We'll anyway, if you haven't read the blurb of this book, it's about Michael Clifford. Basically I don't want this book to be about her being bullied and not do anything about it. So I decided to put a little twist and say they were enimies. The main star is Kim and she is a new student. Michael and his 'gang' (the boys) try to bully her. But they know she is pretty strong but doesn't show it until she actually sees Michael. Also, Michael and his 'gang' is a year older then her. So this is basically a longer blurb but who cares.

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