My Fake Husband

Valentina is desperate for a job, so when she finds out that her uncle owns a business, she practically jumps at the opportunity and takes a plane to Wolverhampton. When she gets there she finds out that she won't be working at her uncles business, but instead she'll be taking up a job, as a teacher with her new husband.


1. chapter 1

Today would be the first day i moved, which was quite the adjustment for me. I've lived in Spain my whole life, but today would be the day i move to Wolverhampton. It wasn't my ideal plan, but i'd graduated two years ago, and i still had no luck finding a job. My uncle who lives there runs a business, i hadn't seen him since i was atleast eleven, but he'd talked to my mom about getting me in since some people quit. There also was a good amount of jobs there, i studied to become a teacher, but I didn't have luck finding a job in my home town or nearby at that. I was anxiously waiting for the plane to land, because before i left, my uncle had asked me to stop at the store and grab him something,

"Please fasten your seat belts we'll be landing in the next five minutes." Everyone started to put their seats belts on including me. I turned over to the girl i'd had small talk with and shook her awake. She slowly opened her eyes looking at me.

"We're going to be landing." I explained. 

"Thanks for waking me up then." She put her seat belt on right away; she's told me that she travels a lot. It's part of her job, they move her several locations even though she didn't like it. She told me she had a kid who was just born a few months ago, but that didn't stop her boss from keeping her moving.

Once the plane landed we all headed off. I was looking for my luggage, when i saw someone standing with a sign that had my name on it. My uncle must have got someone to pick me up from here. I grabbed my luggage, and walked over to them.

" Um.. hello?" I awkwardly broke them out of their trance. He looked at me rudely.

"what?" he said.

"I'm Valentina and you're the one holding a sign with my name on it." i say.

"Oh, right, I'm Zayn. Let's go." He started to walk away; i rolled my eyes at his rudeness while quickly following behind him.

After we both got in the car, i started wanting to get out of the car more than anything.

" So you know my uncle?" i said trying to make conversation.

" Yeah." He said not caring to talk.

" Do you work for him" i asked.

"Yeah" He said yet again turning down my attempt at conversation.

" Do you say anything else besides 'yeah'? I asked getting annoyed with him.

" Listen, i wasnt told to pick you up and tell you about my life. I was told to pick you up, take you to this store, and then take you to your uncle. Now if you would, quit talking to me." He saide and i glared at him before looking out the window.

" Well in that case, you can stop right here, i'll manage to find my way around" I said seriously done with his shit.

" I can't do that, i told you what your uncle said to do, now shut up, and just deal with it" He said.

\I kept quiet the rest of the ride, and he pulled up to the store.

"I'll be waiting here" He said as he put the car in park.

" Whatever." I respond as i got out of the car. I walked into the store, and it seemed much nicer than the ones in Madrid. I bumped into someone by accident causing them to drop their things. I immediately started to grab their items and so did they. I didn't get a chance to see their face, cause i was so embarrassed.

" Would you watch where you're going!" He shouted. I looked him in the eyes, as i stood up handing him his items.

" Sorry, i didn't mean to" i said.

" Yeah i'm sure you didn't." H e grabbed his things before pushing me out of the way. What is up with everyone being so rude here? I stood there in shock before heading to find what my uncle needed.

Once i had his tomatoes and onions, i paid for them and headed back into the car, where Zayn was on the phone.

"Yeah, I got her, i don't know what's taking her so long, we'll be there soon though." He hung up as soon as i closed the door.

" What took you so long?" he asked me as he started the car.

" I had to find the things." i joked, but he just glared at me. He didn't say anything more, instead he drove off and within a few minutes we were at this huge building. Wow, this is where my uncle works?

" Come on, we haven't got all day." I wanted to yell at this guy so badly, but for all i know my uncle could have him in charge and if i do yell he might not help me get this job. So i just put on a fake smile and got out of the car grabbing my luggage from the back seat, and grabbing the small bag with the items i bought from the store in it. I followed behind Zayn and he led me to the restaurant. Of course what else was i expecting, he did need the vegetables for something. I didn't expect it to be an office job where i sat at a cube. I guess this would work until i found a good job.

"Valentina!" I heard my uncle shout.

"Uncle Nesto!" I shouted back before we shared a hug.

" Did you get the things i needed?" He asked.

"Yeah!" i said and handed him the bag with a smile. Zayn had rushed off by a blonde boy and a curly headed boy.

" Here, you can come meet everyone." He walked up by Zayn.

"That's Zayn, you already know him. This is his boyfriend Niall, and this is harry. They're here part time, because they're still in college. Zayn didn't go right after high school, and Niall's studying to be a doctor. Harry didn't go to college right away either, since he was moving a lot,  but now he's here to stay, Right Harry?" The Brit with massive long curls nodded.

" My hairs usually not like this either. I just woke up late this morning." He chuckled, i just smiled in response.

"Liam will be here soon, He's a friend of Harry's that comes by a lot. He's going to help you with the job." My uncle said.

" Sorry i'm late. Nesto. I bumped into some idiot at the store, and that explains why i'm late." I must be that idiot, unless he's talking about some other idiot. I turned around to see the same guy that i bumped into.

" I'm that idiot, But i have a name, i'm Valentina." His eyes widened as he looked at me.

" You're Valentina?" he asked stupidly.

" I wouldn't lie about that." I raised my eyebrows.

" Well i'm Liam." He offered me his hand to shake. 

" And again i'm Valentina" I let go of my luggage and shook his hand. After a good minute my uncle cleared his throat, and Liam and i stopped shaking each others hands. I furrowed my eyebrows, that was kind of weird.

" So, Valentina you've got a teaching degree and that's what Liam is, He's a teacher.Recently, at the school he's teaching at, a teacher slept with one of the student's and got fired. So they are looking for someone to replace him." My uncle said making me really excited.

" So, I can probably easily get a job there right?" i asked hopefully.

" Wrong." Liam said. I was really confused by now, but Liam started to talk again.

" I work at an all girls school, where you have to be married to work at. I'm not married. I told them i had a girlfriend, but they still told me i have to be married. For a few months, i was good but now they are getting a little curious. This is where you come in." He said and i stared at him already knowing what he was going to say and i gulped.

" You have to pretend to be my wife and it will be a win for the both of us, You'll get the job and i'll get to keep mine." Liam said and i just wanted to vomit and die right here.

" How long?" i asked barely able to get the words out.

" Only a few months" He said nervously.

" Fine." I said despite what i really thought. I didn't want to have to be his pretend wife. He called me an idiot and was a huge jerk to me. I bet that's how he is to everyone and i don't want to have someone like that be my husband even though it's fake. He's lucky i'm really desperate for this job.



Hey guys this story was given to me by an author i really loved. I changed it up and now its mine. I really hope you like it, let me know what you think . You already know what to do like comment fav and follow.. love you guys i will prob update nova by tuesday :) <3

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