Emily Prestain is not a normal teenage girl, She has a secret that only her three close friends know. Her secret gives her the ability to speak and see the dead. Emily's world turns upside down when a ghost appears to her asking her to solve her mystery. Putting her and her friends in danger, can she succeed?



RING!!!!!! RING!!!!!! RING!!!!!!! The bell rang for lunch. I was the last one out as always. I scrambled out the door and down the dull halls of Lone Wolf High. As I walked towards my locker, I passed a group of preps and jocks. They leaned against their lockers gossiping and teasing other students, as I walked by, Jeff shouted after me “HEY Goth Girl!!” keeping my head down I continue to walk down the hall. I could hear them laughing at Jeff because i had ignored him. When I reached my locker I fiddled with the lock and opened my locker. I dropped my books and backpack inside then grabbed my sketch book and pencil bag. I shut and locked my locker. Jeff was standing right there, I jumped back, Jeff looked down at me the said in a deep voice “whatcha got there goth girl.” He reached for my sketch book but I pulled it against my chest. “You’re a feisty one.” I stepped back and he stepped closer and said in a sickening tone “what’s wrong, afraid of showing me your demonic pictures.”  I looked up at him and said coldly “get away from me.” He laughed and pushed harder trying to break me. He reached for my sketch book again, I staggered back into someone. I heard his soothing voice and I felt instantly safe and out of harm’s way. It was Seth, he looked down at me and smiled then looked at Jeff, Seth’s smile disappeared. Seth gently pushed me into the on-flowing crowd of students. I lost him in the crowd.   I pushed my way through the crowd to the restroom. Once inside the restrooms I was greeted by Alice.  After hugging each other, Alice turned back to the mirror and started to fix her make-up, I sat my sketch book and pencil bag on the ledge near the sink and washed my hands, I rethought about what had just happened, I nearly jumped when Alice turned to me and asked “Do you have your black lip stick?” stunned, I reached into my jacket pocket and pulled out my lip stick and handed it to Alice, “Thank you,” using her finger she dabbed it onto her lips. She handed me the lip stick and I to renew my lips with the black lip stick too. As Alice gathered up her make-up she handed me some black eye shadow and said “Here, your eye shadow is kind of off”. I took the eye shadow and touched up my uneven left eye; then handed it back to her. “Oh, Gwenn and I won’t be out at lunch.” “Why?” I asked, “Because we got in trouble”, “How?” I asked, “Tried to throw a small pie at Jessica and her pets, but missed and hit the principle.” Laughing, I said “Wow have fun,” and left the restroom.

I walk out of the restroom and to the doors that led outside. Pausing just to pause, then opened the doors and looked up at the overshadow sky. It is always over-shadow and cold here. I cool breeze blew through my straight blonde hair. I ran my fingers through my hair to keep it from messing up. I walked quickly through the quad area to the very edge of the campus. Where a forest meets the fence of the campus; there I sat under a tree. It was always nice and quiet under that tree. I sat down and looked around looking for something to draw. The sun started to break through the clouds when I saw two birds feeding on the lawn. I open my sketch pad and started to sketch them. As I sat there drawing a voice startled me, “Hey,” it was only Seth; he stood looking down at me with his pretty blue eyes. My breath was caught in my throat as a looked up at him. My heart pounded fast. I didn’t want to breathe because I was afraid if I did he would disappear like sugar in water, his sandy brown curly hair whipped his face in the gentle breeze, his factual features smooth. He sat down next to me and flipped his sandy brown hair to the side.  He asked in that soothing voice I love “what are you drawing?’” I slowly let out the air I’ve been holding on to and pointed to the birds. “Ohh” Seth said softly and looked over my shoulder to watch me draw; I was just getting into my drawing when I heard another voice say “Can you see me?”. I snapped up my head almost hitting Seth in the mouth at the same time, he jerked backwards to avoid the blow. “who said that?” i asked with a start. Seth looked at me shocked and confused and asked “said what?” “I heard someone say ‘can you see me’”? Seth looked around than back at me “Nobody said anything it just you and me and some other students across the campus.” I looked around to confirm what he said, “oh I must be hearing things.” I concluded, and then I went back to my drawing.  As I sketched my picture I can hear the distances voices of the other students, the scratching sound of my pencil against the paper, and Seth breathing softly. He was now lying on his back looking up at the sky. 

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