Far Inside

This poem is dedicated to people who feel as if no one cares. Please enjoy


1. Far Inside

Far Inside 

People think they know you 
But do they really do 
They laugh at you so many times 
Without even knowing that it hurts you

Far inside me there is a light 
It's fading into the dark 
It's no longer bright 
They force me to fight 

What of I tell you I can fight anymore 
There's nothing but a cold shell 
In my chest there is nothing but a chained up door 
No key to the heart that all of you tore 

Far inside there is another me 
She hides behind the door
Behind the chains that you clearly see 
I never met her so how could she be 

Far inside there is one little spark 
Very dim, not that bright 
It lays behind the door in the dark 
Should I open it 

If shall open the door the light will grow 
And this strife that I feel will forever be on the low. 

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