The Raven

Inspired by the poem, "The Raven" by Edgar Allen Poe as well as the movie, 'The Raven'.


1. The Raven

Though the sin of one is by God’s wrath,

The heart will see a crack in the shadows where it hides.

Coward being of your choice.

Anger and the divergence of life will make one see,

What could be, would be the Devil’s work,

As doubt consumes your heart.


The pain and suffrage of one shall not fade,

And the Raven free in the sky will fly away.

Free is that Raven.

That Raven that mocks thee.

Thy choice to hide and thy choice to be free,

Oh how your sin will be your grief.

Though it is purged when seeing death upon another,

The Raven will still be thy end.

And the flames of the devil will burn thee to ash,

As the Raven flies away,

With thy end in thy mockery.


Your imagination is surpassed,

One’s judgment of normalcy.

Your ignorance of rationalities,

Is, in fact, your cowardliness in which you lack,

As though the Raven is reduced no more than the sins that kill.

Innocence is one’s debt in death,

As the horror will be your final scene.


Though still the Raven sees all.

The screams of the butterflies’ innocence,

The sheer bliss of Satan’s taunts in one’s shadow.

Though it is Satan’s arrogance that has seen the decay of light...

He has failed to notice the crack in which the Raven shines.


What is your fantasy?

What is it that the Raven will steal from your dream?

The love of ones sound of dancing?

In the background of the piano and violins?


The grace of the butterfly will be rejuvenated, here in this final waltz,

As the Raven sweeps it away through time.


Satan though has no mercy,

As he uses in the ways of the sly.

The butterfly has no more grace through time,

As time has stopped,

With sins of wrath and lust consumed by the Devil himself.

The butterfly is captured from right under the Raven’s wing,

And plunged into the unknown abyss of darkness.


Murder peaks and the blood speaks a lie.

Though faith in love never breaks.

As the thrill of the catch is in the chase.

And the Raven will continue to watch in silence,

Seeing your home go up in flames,

With the screams of the innocent that echo in the crossfire.


Though in the smallest crack.

The butterfly rises from the darkness,

And the pieces of thy soul is reunited.

See then the Raven yell as it soars to the climax.


What words will describe this feeling?

As you are left with no choice as but to have a life for a life?

As your love shall live but thou shall not?


Thy new friend will seek vengeance as hell hath no fury.

You are looking to the sky saying may God have mercy on your soul,

Knowing that you shall die and praying that it would not be in vain.


But fear not dear friend,

As the Raven sees and hears all.

And in its freedom that mocks thy killer,

The Raven will soar once again.

Back into the darkness…

As it waits patiently,

For the day where it may return into the light.

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