Why did this happen?

20 year old Lily is a normal girl living in London. She is dating Louis Tomlinson from the boyband One Direction. She notices something wrong with Louis. But what could it be?


1. What's wrong?

            Hi, my name is Lily Watson. I live in London with my boyfriend Louis Tomlinson. We have been going out for about 6 months now. I go on tour with him and his band One Direction and it is pretty fun. There is Liam, Harry, Niall, and Zayn. But recently, Louis has been away from home and acting very strange around Harry. It started about a month ago when they went on there Take Me Home tour.

                      Me and Louis were sitting on the tour bus while the rest of the guys were out. "Lily..." Louis said, sounding kinda stressed. "Yes Louis?" I responded. "There is something I need to tell you." he said looking like he was about to start crying. "What is it Louis?" I said giving him a hug. "You might have noticed but i have been acting weird around Harry..." He said. Finally, i get to find out what is going on. "Well, what happened is.....Me and Harry are...." He said stopping short when the guys ran in. "Liam, stop trying to take my food!!" Niall yelled. "Sorry, geez. You and your food i swear," he said giving Niall his taco back. "Oh, hey Lily!" Harry said. "Hey Hazza!" I said. "So are you ok about me and Louis going out?" he said. WHAT?! "What do you mean going out?!" I screamed at him. "Ohhh, he didnt tell you yet did he?" He said getting nervous. I turned toward Louis and screamed at him. Niall, Liam, and Zayn left the bus but Harry stayed. "Im sorry Lily! I----" Louis was cut short. "Why didnt you tell me?! Really?!" I shouted pain runnign through my body. "I was about to but the boys walked in." he said sobbing. Oh that must have been what was making him upset. "Oh, well does that mean you are.....into boys?" I said wanting to just run away. "Yes.." he said. I ran out of the tour bus and Niall stopped me. "He told you didnt he?" Niall said. I nodded and cried. Niall hugged me and i stained his shirt with my tears. He comforted me and i have to admit...... i kind of liked it........ 



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