So here it's a real story and it's the first one I've ever wrote. This story is about two teenagers being in love with each other but this will love last a lot? . I would really like my readers opinions so please comment and let me know what you think. Enjoy :)


1. Summer Holiday

I met someone last summer on my holiday at the beach ..He has brown eyes ,black eyes that were always shining in front of me, once I saw him I knew he would be part of my life and I hoped for it a lot . So ,one day suddenly my mom was dying at the sea,he saw her and saved her. I'll be always thankful to him for this . After that day I started talking to him ,I went to the beach with him ,he made me the best summer I've ever had. After 5 days we both should be back at our country and I thought these days with him will end here but you know what? He was the same in here too ,he talked to me everyday and night ,fell asleep talking to me ,made me laugh when I was sad sometimes angry too hahaha..He came in my city to meet me. His eyes were still shining in front of me , I couldn't stop looking at him . But you know every good thing has an end .. Immediately I understood that all he told me about his self were all lies . I was destroyed , I didn't know with who I was talking all these months .He didn't care about no one and couldn't give up from lying people about different things. The only thing I knew for sure was that his love for me was true . I wanted so much to give him one more chance but I couldn't because I knew he would never change , he would still lie to me . So ,I stopped talking to him and let it to be just a part of the past. Although I know deep inside him ,he's a good person and he wants to be like that but the reality of his life doesn't let him to change.


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