What Lies In The Darkness

A group of friends get dared to go in a haunted house.


1. The Dark fog

My name is Zane. I'm 15 teen years old. One Saturday afternoon me and my friends I where dared to go in this supposed haunted house in order to become part of of there click who where jocks. Me and my friends Were all secretly scared to go in the haunted house. We have heard legends about this house on its haunting. The legend goes that if you enter that house you never return. I was shaking in my boots. The house was dark and spooky from the outside. My best friend Collin went In the house first. I entered the house next. As we closed the door we heard a noise . It was like whispers. They where spooky whispers. The whispers got closer and clearer we could start to hear what they where saying. They where saying you shouldn't have come in. We saw dark mist flying by us we new it wasn't normal. In the mist of darkness we saw great big red eyes.

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