I Walk A Lonely Road

Isabel is a daring girl who had a whole life ahead of her until a dreaded night when she was three years old... All left of her family was killed and Isabel sets out to a second layer of reality to avenge her family.

Authors note- My friend Sofia started this story and challenged my other friend and I to finish it. Read their versions on: acidic_grape and mintysilver


1. I Walk A Lonely Road

I Walk a Lonely Road, the only one that I have ever known.
I don’t know where it goes, but it’s only me
And I walk alone.

Drip, Drip, Drip. Looking up from the tight bundle the girl formed, she saw the rain fall down from the endless sky, dripping on her face, tears streaming down her soft pale cheek. That was her earliest memory.

I walked with a little more jump in my step that morning. OOH today was my favorite day of the year! Today was the day of the annual fair, and I walked past in awe, my mouth agape, as I stared at the nice little handmade crafts dotting the streets, running through. Yes ok it’s weird that THIS is my favorite day because it’s not like I can actually touch anything or talk to anyone or play any games.
              But today made me feel like I was actually as a living person. Today made me feel like I had a body that could be seen by everyone instead of being literally invisible, I was tired of being reminded constantly that no one could see, hear, or feel me.
              I was tired of being reminded that I’ve been alone for 11 years, without a hand to hold or a shoulder to cry on, but who could blame me.
                                                                                9 years ago….. 
              I was 3 when it happened, my mother and father tried to save me as I drifted off to eternal sleep on the hospital bed, but before that happened something dark crept into the room, dark with green eyes, and while I was still conscious, it killed all my 3 brothers and both my parents, but the worst part was that I couldn’t do anything about it as I watched in horror.
The next thing I knew no one could see me, or hear me. I cried myself to sleep every night remembering what I saw, and from that point on I was alone. I started looking from the beginning of the line of little shops, joy filling me for the first time in months as I pretended to dance with someone as the music from the town hall filled my every breath and I danced the night away feeling as if everyone’s eyes were on me, a beautiful independent performer.

And I walked the lonely road.





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