Draw Not Your Bow

Alisa Darkova is new to America, and does not look forward to attending high school with a bunch of capitalist children. But when she lays eyes on Jason Archer, she can’t help but think that maybe being in America isn’t as bad as originally feared.


1. Preface

She did not wish to go to America, but she had no choice.

Her parents wished her to be safe, and happy, and they had somehow reached the conclusion that if she visited her father's sister, then that will make her so. She would stay there for four years, and she would not have to fear the many bombings throughout the cities, the child-snatchers, the terrorist attacks through the radio...any of it.

She did not wish to leave her parents.

But being fourteen, she had no choice or say in the matter.

So now she was going to be in New York City, home of some of the richest Americans.

She was prepared to hate it.

She wasn't prepared to fall for an American boy, have her heart ripped into two, and find out that she actually liked America more than she thought she would by the end of the year.


As they say, you can't be perfect.

No matter how hard you try to be.

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