Be Careful What You Wish For: If I Were to Live in a Book

Be careful what you wish for. Magic is fickle and often we don't get what we actually wanted. Three shiny pennies, a wishing well, and 11:11 all contribute to the strange way a young girl learns this lesson. It's definitely not the worst thing that could have happened given the circumstances but maybe it all turns out alright in the end.


1. Three Shiny Pennies and Three Wishes

     This is the story of something really weird that happened to me. It all came together in the end, but getting there was really weird.

     "Wishing Well, built by Penelope Siwel, storyteller, helper, sister, and friend."


     Penelope Siwel's Wishing Well was a bit a of local legend. It was far out in the forest near Ms. Siwel's old house. 

She'd had it brought piece by piece from her old home. I, unlike many people in my town, actually remembered her.

She was a sweet old lady. A bit obsessive about certain things, but she made good cookies. She'd died when I was

about eight, but not before she'd instilled a love of reading in me and most of the other kids around. She was always

telling stories, which was no surprise considering she owned the only bookshop/kind of library in town. She'd given

me my first real book, a brand new copy of 'the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe'.


     But that was a long time ago. Nowadays, most people recalled the sweet old lady differently. My parents often

referred to her as 'unwell', 'delusional', or 'that poor woman'. I didn't think Ms. Siwel would appreciate their pity, but

then, I wouldn't know. It had been seven years since she's passed away, and my memory wasn't the best.


     Today had been the last day of school. Summer had officially come to my small town. I had sprinted here, straight

from school. I had three fantastically shiny pennies that I wanted to toss in. I studied the well. It wasn't like the

wishing wells you see in a mall or a park. It was an honest to goodness well. It had a bucket and a little roof and was

made of the prettiest stones.


      I looked at my watch. 11:10. I planned to make my wishes at exactly 11:11. A minute passed. It was 11:11. I

closed my eyes and tossed the first penny in.


 I wish I was somewhere else.


 I exhaled and then threw the second one in.


 I wished I lived in a book.


 I looked at my last penny.


 I wish I was brave.


 I glanced at my watch just in time to see the numbers change to 11:12.


 Turning, I started down the road back home.

Author's Note: I know this chapter is short and I always hate awful beginnings but please bear with me. This story will also probably posted to Wattpad.

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