Last Christmas


1. Last Christmas

The sun arose from her shadowy nest,

staining the sky with the pink light of dawn

soon to be erased by the grey of December.

I stood poised by the icy window pane

my flushed cheeks pressed against the frosted glass

by blue eyes wide with anticipation.


There he stood in the misty air,

a shadow in the silvery droplets of snow.

Lights blazed from behind my nervous eyes

as I stepped gracefully into the wintry morning.

 I could feel the wings of a butterflies beating against my stomach

as my face burned in scarletty hue.


We ambled down the empty streets,

leaving our tiny footprints in the sparkling snow,

until we wound up at a corner shop.

He bought me a chocolate bar,

I bought him an orange.


Outside I took his frozen hand,

and watched the swirls of fog dancing in the sunlight.

As I ate my chocolate bar and he ate his orange,

its colour so dazzling against the pale December light.

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