Just A Dream


1. Just A Dream

Every one has dreams.

Either good or bad.

But, did you ever have a realy weird dream?

It feels so vivid?

Like if you got hurt in it

And you touched that place,

You felt the pain?

So vivid that you could feel yourself drowning?

Not being able to breath?

The watter filling your lungs?

So real that you can feel a kiss?

You feel the taste?

Your heart beat increasing?

So real that you can feel the fear?

You can feel your hands sweating?

You can feel the agony?

Can you feel your heart breaking?

The tears streaming down at your face?

The void where your heart is?

The feeling of your heart being ripped out of your chest?

Can you feel the bullet through your scull?

The scars on your wrists?

The knife throwgh your heart?

Can you feel the pain of separation?

Can you feel the warmth of a hug?

The coldness of being alone?

You wake up still feeling them

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