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1. Titles and I are mortal enemies

My mother as usual decided that 7 am was a good time to get drunk. You see, my mother works at night. She's a bartender at the local night club "Pulse". She works pretty late, from 8pm to 3am. Most parents have one of those regular nine to five jobs. But not my mother.


Not anymore at least.


Two years ago she had one of those boring nine to five desk jobs and worked in one of those cubicles in a phone company. But she quit that job to go to a place where she could probably find a man to replace dad.


She still blames me for him leaving us.


Why? You ask. Well, the reason itself is pretty simple.


My dad was raised in a traditional catholic home. Meaning he's a homophobic bigot who couldn't take the fact that his son likes boys and sucks dicks. So what if I "like it up the ass"? as he kindly put it the day he walked out that door to never return to us.


For his information I'm a top.


Ok not necessarily a top, I'm too lazy to top at all times.


But anyway, back to my story.


This morning. My mother, if you can call that three dollar whore a mother, was drunk as usual. Yelling to me as usual. Telling me how much she wishes she did abort me, instead of having me and me turning up gay. Mother of the year award goes to Caroline Hughes. For, always feeding her child and totally not letting it starve. For never yelling and hitting her child and for accepting him for his sexuality as all mothers should.


And most of all, never blaming her child of being the reason her husband left her, ultimately causing psychological trauma to him.


As you guys can tell I'm obviously not being sarcastic at all.


"I should have aborted you instead of going through 20 hours of labour, ruining my body only to have you, who in the end, ended up being a fucking faggot. You're the reason the love of my life left me! Because we had an ungrateful little shit. At least couldn't you just get a wife and give us grandchildren? You had to go ahead and throw away all that pain I went through, all the money we spent on you so you can take it up the ass?" that three dollar whore growled hatefully at me.


Ah, just another lovely day in the Hughes residence. 


The birds are tweeting, the sun is shinning and my mother is screaming. Beautiful.


Her melodic voice should definitely have her made into a famous singer. In a death metal band. She can put Marylin Manson to shame.


I could listen to her singing all day, her voice is so angelic. I have almost forgotten how her voice is when she's not screaming. I bet she could break the world record for the longest non stop scream. She needs to open her own school to teach people like the new Suicide Silence vocalist how to scream because let's face it, he needs a lot of work.


"I don't want to see your face again!" she screamed, yet again. Oh what a surprise, she doesn't wish to see my features again.


Last time she spoke to me when she was sober was the day that dad left. She had told me that she needed me, that I'm the only one that can keep her sane and that I remind her too much of dad.


I don't blame her for saying that, I had inherited his brown eyes and curly black hair, whereas my mother has straight blonde hair, and beautiful green eyes that once held so much joy and love for me but now they are dull and full of hatred, she cut her hair and dyed the tips of it red, in a pathetic attempt to look younger than her age.


"No one wants a 35 year old woman with a son, let alone a pathetic queer excuse of a son." were her words to me the morning I saw her.


Every night she brought home a different man. At least she could charge them so we could have a bit better quality of life. But even if she charged them it would make no difference seeing as she's with no more than 3 dollars as I stated beforehand.


I guess though, that you guys want to know the juicy stuff, like, how it all began.


Well, two years as I informed you perviously I decided to share with my loving parents the new information I had found out about my self. Well, new for them, I had known about that information for two years already.


"Mother, father, I have something very important to tell you." I chocked out.


"What is it son?" my father voiced, obviously concerned. I bet he thought I had knocked up a girl. Hahahah.


"I like boys. More than I like girls. In fact, I don't like girls. Girls are weird, they act weird they look weird. In health class where they show us how sex is, remember signing that paper slip, right? Most boys got a boner from the video, but I was utterly repulsed by it. By the female body." I stated, managing to stop my self at that point before admitting I was sucked off by a guy in the school restrooms, thank god for that, they would have burned me at the stake.


"What?" my dad looked furious by this point. Seriously, I thank Castiel for not spilling the beans about the oral sex I was given.


"I'm.. gay" I croacked out.


My mother didn't look angry at all, in fact she looked worried, for what my cheap excuse of a father would do to me because I had admitted I am gay.


"No son of mine is going to take it up the butt from other man. In fact no son of mine is going to like boys. Go to your room and pray to God to forgive you for being an abomination and don't come out until you like girls like a man should." he was basically screaming at the end of his sentence.


"But, father, it's not something that you can pray away. It's not a choice. It can't be changed no matter how much I want it to change." I replied, trying to conceal my emotions. I felt a mixture of rage and sadness. My own father was willing to reject me and disown me for being who I am.


"Yes, it is, god didn't make you that way. Satan has possessed you and made you the way you are. Now go and pray before I take you to the church and have them exorcise you, you abomination!" he screamed out.


If our neighbours weren't homophobic pieces of shit they would have done the right thing and intervened. But no, they had to, sadly agree with my father. Fuckíng twäts. I have to apologise for the accents but this fuckícking site will private this if I don't add them. Anyway, back to the story.


I just stormed in my room, shutting the door as loudly as I could, quickly locking it. And as the stupid twät I am, i went straight on for my hidden stash of blades I kept for my art. I grabbed a new one at least since I'm not that fuckíng stupid to go for the ones covered in paint and rust, maybe if I did I could have gotten tetanus and ended it all. Instead of later on attempting to kill my self  by hanging my self, only to have the cheap ass hook thing I hanged the rope on pop out of the wall.


Anyway, back to the present day. I'm in the kitchen, my mother had left me money from when I returned from school so I could go buy groceries and I decided to buy some apples. As I remember she loves them, maybe I thought she would have been sober in the morning and thank me. Silly me.


I just took an apple and shoved it in my bag, closing it and heading for the apartment door. 


Before dad left us, we lived in a really nice house, seeing as he is a lawyer, and lawyers make a shît tonne of money. But after he left us we couldn't pay the bills so we had to sell it and moved here in a decent apartment.


At least we don't live in complete utter poverty. 


Without telling her goodbye, knowing it would only make her insult me more like "Don't you dare talk to me you shît." and all that motherly stuff, I just left, after grabbing my keys and making sure to slam the door before leaving her. 


And so, as usual my another day in my splendid life begins.

Originally post my updates on wattpad under the username RockinGreekNerd

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