I decided to write this poem after repeatedly listening to the song 'Uptown Girl', by Westlife. There are 5 couplets in this poem. A couplet is a pair of successive rhyming lines, usually of the same length. It is “closed” when the lines form a bounded grammatical unit like a sentence.



An uptown girl, I’ve often seen,

Is always prim, proper and clean.


Her fine attire is the envy of many,

And her bag is always full of money.


She smirks and smiles and doesn’t care a dime

For downtown people that she meets all the time.


All she cares about is her high class society

Amongst uptown people she is all sweetness and propriety.


Someday she would get bored of all her uptown glitz and glam

Then she would want to run away from her world, a sham. 

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