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1. Chapter: 1

It all started where kingdoms had wars, they weren't just any type of kingdom. Their would be a legend where theses creatures were dark and light they would say but this was only a myth. All of the kingdoms had a source of power to protect them, it would be the seven elements of earth that we would know. They would fight day and night like a nonstop war. Wars went on for 1,000 of years until a kingdom put a stop to all of it and everyone was at peace for over 2,000 years until a new ruler from the vampire kingdom made a decision between all the kingdoms.

He wanted more land than what he already had. Until one night he crossed the land of the trolls, they sacrificed half of their army but eventually the trolls won and all the kingdoms started war breaking the peace treaty with all the other kingdoms. No one knows how war started since we humans thought this was a myth between the mythical creatures. The people wouldn’t let us travel but they would keep quiet and lived for a long time without saying a word to each other. There was a boundary between them and us, we had no choice but to live as our own kingdom. We humans thought this was a story made up, told to children and to their grandchildren and so on. Then one night a baby girl was born with extraordinary powers. The girl would soon to be more powerful more than the creatures of the kingdoms. She was wanted by the kingdoms because of her powers which she didn’t had until the day she turned 15, and now everything had changed over 2,000 years.

I was looking out the window, watching teenagers and kids playing outside their yards. Every morning I would wake up and look outside my window thinking how come i'm not like these kids. Suddenly I hear my mom calling my name from the kitchen.

"Isabelle breakfast is ready" my mom said.

"Coming mom" I said. Every time I hear my mom it makes me smile, just thinking how hard my mom tries at work to bring food everyday. I get ready and go down stairs seeing my two little brothers and my sister already eating, I get my food and sit down and wait until my mom comes and eats with us.. I begin eating my breakfast and thinking about the first day of high school. I move a lot because of my mom’s job, so I really don’t get a lot of friends. I moved last week and today was Monday and now i’m here in Washington, Seattle for the first day of school in Everton high. I begin eating my pancakes and scrambled eggs on my plate again. I grabbed my fork and started splitting my pancakes and adding a lot of syrup.

“Hey Isabelle are you ready for the first day of high school?” My mom said.

“Well, mom the truth is I really don't know since I really don’t make any friends” I said.

“I got to go mom see you later” I said. I got up and kissed my siblings a goodbye, I grabbed my backpack from the couch and put it on one shoulder. I opened the door and I walk to the bus stop, It was right around the corner. It was a windy and cool morning which I guess I like because in Arizona we usually don’t get wind. I finally get at the bus stop and see teenagers. I was scared and nervous which I knew because that's how I am. I then wait for the bus while seeing people talk. The bus finally came and I get in and sit down hoping it’s no one’s seat. I then look out the window and see houses and kids like I did last week while we were moving in. I then see the bus moving and see a boy come over my way and me hoping he does not come sit down next to me.

“Hey um is this seat taken?” He said

“Huh no you can sit here if you want I said. He sits down and we are quiet for a moment.

“Are you new to Everton High?” He said.

“Ya im new so this is my first day here in Seattle.”

“Well just in case I see you again my name is Leo.”

“Oh my name is Isabelle” I said. I then look at the window again.

“You don’t talk much do you?” He said.

“I'm not that social so I don't make a lot of friends” I said. I then notice we were in front of the school building.

"Um we'll see you later Leo" I said. I get up and walk out of the school bus and go to the front office to get my schedule for the day and the rest of the year.. I got my paper and I walked to my homeroom class which I was late because I couldn’t find my way to this stupid class room. I then find 103B and I open the door and see everyone looking at me I then find Leo.

I look at the teacher and he says “Take a seat anywhere you want”. I see Leo but he doesn't have a seat so I walk to him and sit down since I meet him on the bus. Everyone was talking but I ignored them and did what I had to do and I did my work until the bell rang. I began with my classes and in 5th period I see a girl sitting alone, I sit next to her and she looks at me.

"Hello" she said .

"Hi" I said.

"My name is Amy Young" she said

“My name is Isabelle kanner". We started to talk in class since it was the first day of high school. I look at the teacher and I do my work, working quietly and patiently. An hour had passed and it was time for lunch, I walk out of the classroom with Amy and we headed out to the cafeteria. I sit down with Amy and then see Leo Coming our way.

"Hey Leo" I said

“This is Amy, Amy meet Leo" I said. We talked for half an hour which I guess these are friends now. I smile. The lunch bell rang we got up and headed for the next class. Until Leo grabs my hand.

"Isabelle no matter what I'll always be there for you" he said. He leaves and I watch him disappear. I kept thinking of what he just said to me those words were serious and confident. The first day of school was over I headed to my bus and arrived home. I didn't even talk to Leo neither him. I open the door and leave my stuff on the couch.

“Hey how was your day” My mom said.

"It was good I made friends though" I said. I wash my hands and sit down to eat. When I finished I helped my mom clean the table. I then did my homework because it was easy and I was always studying and especially because I'm in all honors classes. It was 9:00 o'clock when I completely finished my homework. I put on my pj's and I tucked myself to sleep, I looked out my window seeing the full moon in the sky. I started to slowly close my eyes until I fell asleep.

I woke up and looked at the ceiling and then the window, I slowly got up and looked at my clock it was 7:00 and I only had 30 minutes to get ready. I went in the shower and went to my closet and picked a white shirt that said Aeropostale,navy blue skinny jeans, a gray sweater, and my white converse. I looked at the mirror and I had black wavy hair and then went down the kitchen to eat my breakfast for the morning. I look at the kitchen clock and it was 7:25, I started eating my toast with jam and my orange juice. I kissed my mom on the cheek saying goodbye.

I grabbed my backpack and opened the door and headed to the bus stop. I was at the corner waiting for the bus stop like the others. I then see the bus coming and I was the first one to get on and I sat at the same place as yesterday. I see Leo sit down next to me and he looks at me.

“What?” I said.

“Oh nothing it's just that you still don't talk to me I told you that I'm never leaving you” Leo said.

“What do you mean by that?” I said. He smirked and looked at me which got me uncomfortable. I look at the sky and see thunder which was going to rain soon. I got out of the bus and looked at the sky which looked as if it was going to rain. I ran to school but before I even got their a bike hit me over which left me conscious.

I opened my eyes having a really bad headache and seeing Leo and Amy look at me.

“What happened?”I said.

“Well you were running to school while you got hit by a bike." Leo said.

“It's true and you will get the rest of the story after you recover” Amy said. I look at them as if something was going to be bad so I just laid my head and then I fell asleep again.

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