Moon Perched Over The House

Second poem , hope you like it


1. Moon

Moon perched over the house,

last time I checked

nearly filled to the brim

Your heavenly light

glowing ever so bright

thin with delicacy

as it washes over dark

shifting and shaping

bending into an arc

With your tire some games

 you're either night or day,

and your tire some calls

don't you want me to stay?


Moon perched over the house,

with just one push

you'll be into the bush

How strong you may seem

but how fragile you may be

Dented and tinted with scared mistakes

you sometimes stop and ask for retakes


The moon perched over the house,

just as you may be stuffed with hate

you're also flowing with love that is late

Behind that scowl, and fiery gaze

is where you're true yet afraid

I'm tired of your games

of your night and day

Won't you come?

To stay and lay?

Rest with me,

Dear old,

Moon perched over the house






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