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❝ everything is g o n e, for you i have nothing ❞

❝ a b s o l u t e l y n o t h i n g ❞

cover by @aciddaisies_ on a site called "wattpad"


1. bedridden || prologue

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THIS WAS A RANDOM STORY I DECIDED TO WRITE OUT OF BOREDOM, IT'S GOING TO BE VERY FUCKING IFFY. also she's really not sick don't take that to heart and just to piss you off its gonna be in comic sans #bYE



I can't take it anymore, gripping the cold sheets with long, pale fingers, the bedridden girl lost it. She was ill, told to stay in bed at all times till she got better, but she couldn't. It was driving her mad. She could feel and hear everything around her, the cold air, the slight ruffle of her sheets, the creak in her old floorboards. She needed to get up. She needed to do something. Slowly, she pushed her legs over her bed, a light groan emitting from her throat. The simple movement caused strain, her sickness making her weak. It was nothing dangerous or lethal, it was simply a terrible cold causing more pain then it should due to a weak immune system. She developed the illness from a neighbor, and since then has been stuck laying in bed and only moment was to feed herself or use the bathroom.

The girl gripped the sheets harder, feeling her nails pierce against her palm even with the sheet wrapped around them. Her legs hung off the bed, and slowly she pushed down until her toes hit the cold, wooden floor. It creaked under her, and slowly she got up.

"Ah," She breathed slowly, falling against her wall. She kept telling herself she won't get any better if she just sleeps all day. It's been two weeks, she should of been better by now. Her previously toned skin was oddly pale from being inside throughout the whole two weeks.

Tick. Creak. Tack. Crack.

The wooden floor beneath her creaked along with every step she took, her clock on the wall ticking between the gaps. It made her apartment seem big and empty; desolate.

Though ignoring the ticking, she glanced up at source of the sound. One in the morning, huh? Thinking with a soft smile, chiding herself. Nowadays she'd be sleeping through the day, awake and staring at black nothingness during the night. Though there was one particular advantage to this which made her not mind so much.

Finally making it to the small living room, which was practically empty making it feel much bigger than it was, a breath of relief and victory escaped the girl. Walking slower than she already was, she made her way to the coffee table in front of her couch. Laying upon it was an outdated phone, but it did it's job. Picking it up gently, she let herself collapse against couch. The sudden impact made her dizzy, everything blurred. After a few seconds it cleared up though, and she clutched the phone to herself harder. Slowly but surely, she brought the phone to life and lifted it up to her face.

Slowly, she scrolled through the few contacts she had. It wasn't that she had no friends, or any of that "everyone hates her" bullshit, she just chose to only have a few close people on her phone. She didn't like the clutter. Finally finding who she wanted, she tapped call.

"Shouldn't you be sleeping?" It took no longer than a minute for him to pick up. The first friend she made from moving, and it turned out the first friend became her best friend. She gave out a weak chuckle, holding the phone to her ear weakly while closing her eyes.

"Couldn't. I also couldn't stand to be in that bed any longer, I'm literally dying over here." Her voice was no more than a whisper, and she desperately hoped her friend could hear her.

"You know, you actually shouldn't be standing. You still need to rest, I'm not going to have you actually drop dead on me." His voice was of humour, but she could sense the twinge of seriousness in his tone. She sighed, rubbing her face.

"I just caught the flu. My immune system is weak. It's not like I have lung cancer or anything, you shouldn't be worrying so much. I'll be fine, I promise I won't drop dead on you, Marc." She appreciated his worry, but she was simply cursed with a naturally weak immune system. Colds that would last kids maybe a week lasted her three. It didn't actually cause her lots of problems in her life. It was just a thing she learned to live with and other than that she was perfectly normal, perfectly healthy. Never stopped her parents from worrying when she had a cold, though. And Marc too, now.

"Ah, I know. I'm sorry. You're just one of my greatest friends, I don't know what I'd do if something happened to you, Ava." He sighed, but it made Ava smile. While he talked, her eyes never once opened, but she trailed her fingers along patterns on her sweater she could make out. When Marc was finished, there was a silence, the only sound was of Ava's clock and the slight static on the phone.

"..Ava?" He whispered, as if Ava was asleep. She finally opened her eyes, at last getting to ask what she wanted when she first called.

"Marc? I was, um, wondering if you could come over. It's so empty and quiet, it's driving me insane. I just need a friend. We don't even need to talk or anything, your simple presence would be enough for me." Sounding hopeful, she hoped with everything that he wasn't busy or would decline. If he did, she was sure she'd end up dying from the simple thought of being alone.

"Of course, Ava."

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