You Can't Cuddle With A Zombie

“My boyfriend went to Florida and came back a zombie... I can't cuddle with a zombie!”

Ella Masson is breaking down. When her boyfriend, his family, and his best friend die in a plane crash, Ella loses a part of herself. She doesn't want to talk to anyone. She skips school and just stays home. She has an attitude and blocks anyone who tried to help. That is, until her boyfriend and half the town came back from the dead as zombies. The only survivors from their home town are Ella, her best friend Alyssa, Alyssa's cousin Jeremy, and his best friend Dominic. Now they're on a race to find safety in Washington D.C. But it isn't going to be a smooth ride. With lying ten year olds, murderous FBI agents, and unspoken feelings, the teens start thinking they're way over their heads. This senior year, finding a prom date was the least of their worries. Join the team in this thriller about friendship, love, and man-eating zombies.

The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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