"This is who I am. This is who I was made to be."

Some say heroes are born by fate. That they're destiny has already been written inside of themselves; in the deepest parts of themselves.

Others say that heroes aren't written among destiny, just like happy endings.

We make heroes. Not destiny. Destiny hands us the most horrid, unimaginable, situations, and waits for us to solve our own problems. Destiny is cruel that way.

Except now, we have a hero. But I don't want to be one.

And that's the problem.

Once we're made, destiny throws us into it's game of death and destruction. Heroes aren't all that great when they let people down.

So, I'm the hero. Great.

You're so screwed.


1. Putrefaction

In the days of old, when humans dared not overstep their boundaries in our world, there lived the faeries. Beautiful, enchanting, malicious creatures. This world, what humans knew as Earth, was known by faeries everywhere as the Domain. A sanctuary for creatures of all kinds. The faeries of Purity, Darkness, and Equality ruled the land. The Faeries of Purity could be just as evil and uncaring as the ones of darkness, but their job was to protect and care for the creatures of light: Angels, Demigods, Witches, and Wizards. The Faeries of Darkness were pure evil, as the title suggests, but they ruled over Leeches, Wolves, Grigori, and Warlocks. Finally, the Faeries of Equality ruled over the humans and the chosen Havoc. These three groups of rulers did indeed coexist for centuries, but like all utopian societies, their organized system failed to see that they were all slowly falling through the cracks. Every million years or so, a Havoc was born. One who would be destined to rule over all and every creature be it earthly or otherworldly. A Havoc was a human with the ability to teleport between the material world and the afterlife at will. The gift gave way to new discoveries. It showed others that whomever owned, controlled, the Havoc, could control the very essence of life and death itself. They could bring back Satan himself and wage war with all species, and prevail. The Equality Faeries killed to ensure the safety of said human. As they did so, wars were fought, battles were lost, and millions were killed. Every side of battle had a bloody pile of festering ugliness, dead bodies, broken bodies, mangled, completely ravaged bodies. Almost every death added another count of chewed, clawed off, pulled off, limbs. Every side was covered in red, thick liquid, and every side was torn. The battle was gruesome. Women were tortured, raped, killed. Men were tortured, threatened, forced to kill. Children were burned alive. It was a battle for survival and neither side gave in, even when their people seemed slow. All sides killed each other off to the point of extinction, or at least they would have, had the war not been stopped. The Havoc had gone missing. The one and only creature whom could ever possibly rule over all, had gone missing. Now, they were in for a horrible fate. In the wrong hands, the Havoc could cause worlds to cease to exist, lives to end, and hell to rise. And that was something they could not accept. Far and wide they searched, but to no avail. The Havoc was gone and for good. A few thousand years passed and no one heard of any Havoc throughout the seasons. Was it dead, they did not know. For a Havoc could live for as long as they could without severe wounds, but if they experienced a day of immense happiness, the curse would take hold. The curse would destroy them from the inside out. There was no cure. No way to stop it from destroying. The Putrefaction would take all and destroy all.
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