Have Faith

When a young lady wakes up in a beautiful, sunlit forest, she can only remember two things: her name - Faith - and how to fight. But what does an amnesiac do in a world of Shinobi? |Awesome cover by *~Starble~*|


1. 1

It was a beautiful day. The sun streamed through the trees. There was a slight breeze, which touched the cheek of a young girl lying underneath a tree. Her white-blond hair, done up in a messy knot, glinted in the sunlight. She had a long scar ranging from just over her right eye down her face and neck, stopping on her right collarbone. Her eyes flickered open to reveal eyes the lightest brown. They seemed to twinkle when the sun hit them in the right spot. Due to the scar, her left eye opened wider than the right. She surveyed the forest with curiosity. She wore black leggings with a sheathed dagger on each leg. A long-sleeved leather jacket was draped over her chest and when she sat up abruptly, a blood-red singlet revealed itself from under the jacket.

She stood up and quickly put on the jacket, zipping it up to the top of the singlet. She unsheathed the dagger on her right leg and held it up, eyes searching for any kind of movement.


I heard a rustle of movement behind me. I swung around but saw nobody. I flipped the blade and held it another way. I took one step backward and I was surrounded. They all held blades similar to mine, but they were all dressed differently. They only had two things in common: they were all male and they all wore the same headband across their foreheads. Four squiggly lines were scratched into them. They looked threatening but I didn't allow my face to show any emotion. The man directly in front of my lunged at me. When he was at arm's length I grabbed his hair and dragged his head down, bringing my knee up to meet his face. I let go of him and he slumped to the ground, unconscious.

The next one to attack came from behind me. I jumped up and flipped over his head, landing on his shoulders and wrapping my legs around his neck. I quickly sheathed my dagger and leant backwards. When my hands touched the ground I pulled the man backwards and flipped him with me. Unwrapping my legs he landed face-first into the dirt. He began to get up but I smacked my fist into the back of his head. He, too, dropped where he was and didn't move.

Before I knew it they were all on me. I swung around them all, throwing punches, flipping, sinking my daggers into stomachs. Soon enough I was up on a tree branch with about twenty unconscious people below me. I panted heavily and wiped my left cheek. There was a long cut there. I wiped away all the blood and the bleeding slowed down a little. I heard movement to my left, right, and behind me. I spun around and there were four more people surrounding me. But these people were different. There was one man, about my age and three kids about sixteen, two boys and one girl. They too were wearing a headband but the symbols were different. A blond boy and the girl observed the men below us with wide eyes. But the other kid and the man never looked away from me. The man made a move and I threw my dagger at him. He caught it by the handle about two centimetres from his face.

"Stop." He said. His voice was slightly muffled from behind a mask he was wearing. His headband dropped over his left eye. He lowered my knife. "We didn't come to fight you."

I glared at him. "Then explain what the hell those guys -" I gestured to the mass of people below me, "- were for, then!"

The brown-haired boy now held a cutlass in his hand. "They are not from our village." he said.


"The Hidden Leaf village." The blonde was now staring at me with piercing blue eyes. "We've been assigned to escort you to the village."

I glared at him. "You're not escorting me anywhere, kid."

The girl, who was clad in pink with light pink hair and bright green eyes, eyed me carefully.

"We can settle this peacefully." She said calmly. "We don't need to fight you."

I glared at her instead. "Prove it." I turned towards the man. "Give me my knife back."

"I can't do that." He said.

"Give it back and we'll talk." I repeated.

They were silent. I didn't move my gaze from the man, not even daring to blink. I didn't even notice my left hand moving until it was on the hilt of my left dagger. Nobody moved until the man sighed and handed my dagger over. I took it and sheathed it, nodding.

"Okay, then!" the blonde kid said, breaking the tension. "If we're gonna talk, can we do it on the ground instead of in this tree?" he asked. Everyone nodded and the brown-haired kid slowly put his cutlass away.

Once on the ground, they all explained in turn what was going on. It was pretty damn confusing, when it was all over. And before I knew it, I was in the so-called 'Leaf Village'.

They were all surprised to hear I was an amnesiac. Hey, it's not my fault if I can't remember anything. When they asked my name, I told them I wasn't obliged to tell them anything.

I hid my emotions from these strangers. I didn't allow my face to portray any emotion whatsoever. If these guys were after me, it was best they knew as little as possible about me.

But I have a feeling I couldn't hide my admiration for the village. It was amazing, so happy and peaceful. It was exactly what I wanted to call home.

Standing in the Hokage's office (Pronounced "Hoh-kah-gey") in front of a blonde lady with a strong expression and a small, blue rhombus on her forehead. It was just me and the man, since the three brats had gone home.

"Who are you?" the lady asked sternly. "What is your name?"

I glared at her, not caring that she was the village leader. "Faith." I said coldly. "No, I don't know my last name or anything about myself, before you ask."

"She's an amnesiac." The man obliged. "What do we do?" he asked. The woman, who was apparently addressed as 'Lady Tsunade' placed her head on her interlocked fingers and fell into thought.

She looked up quickly. "You can stay here until you regain your memories." She said sharply.

The lady beside her, holding a small, angry-looking pig, asked quickly: "Lady Tsunade! Are you sure that's the best idea?"

Tsunade looked back at her. "It's the only idea."

The man interrupted, speaking to me without looking at me. "How do we know you're not pretending to be an amnesiac, so that you can gather Intel on the village." It wasn't a question

I sighed, irritated. "You're either going to have to find someone who can read my mind or just trust me. If I were you, the former option would be a good choice."

Then Kakashi gave a sigh. Tsunade broke the silence that followed.

"Kakashi?" she asked quickly.

"Yes, Milady?" The man, whose name was apparently Kakashi, answered.

"I am assigning you to be Faith's escort while she's in the village. You will show her around and make sure she doesn't try anything. Alright?" Tsunade told him.

"What?" Kakashi's expression was confused. (Well, I thought it was. The only part of his face visible was his right eye) His voice was like a whiny kid's when they don't get what they want.

"Do you have an objection?"

Kakashi sighed again. "No, Milady." He seemed resigned to the fact. As a matter of fact, I was feeling exactly the same as him in that moment.

"Good. You are dismissed."

So we left. As we walked out Kakashi introduced himself properly.

"My name's Kakashi Hatake, by the way." He said.

"Congratulations." I replied with a small smile. I couldn't tell, but I thought he cracked a small smile.

So I let Kakashi take the lead around the village. It was beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. There was no use acting otherwise. All the people were happy and smiling, cheerful and having a good time.

I was hanging a way behind Kakashi, not wanting to seem to enthusiastic. Soon he stopped and looked back at me.

"I'm not going to try and get information out of you." He told me. "You don't have to keep your distance."

I raised an eyebrow. My left one, due to the scar on my face. "I choose to be a lone wolf." I replied, but kept walking until I was by his side. He adjusted his stride a little to match mine. I reached up to my head and let my hair down. I ran a hand through it, getting it off my face. Then I stopped and looked behind me. I saw a flash of blonde hair go around the corner into a nearby alleyway. "Is that kid following us?" I asked Kakashi.

"Naruto Uzumaki." He said. "And yes, probably. He's annoying like that."

I sighed. "Damn straight, apparently."

That was the first of many days of my time in the Leaf. But the peaceful… well, peace, wasn't going to last very long. But who would've known that?

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