Friendship and Rivalry

Meet Kaze Hatake and Hitomi Uchiha, two very different girls with two very different perspectives on life. Although they've been rivals since they first met, an unexpected friendship grows between the two, and it shows itself in unexpected ways.


1. 1: Hitomi


"You little fool." I whispered, stroking the cheek of my mortal enemy as she lay on the hospital bed, relying on the life support machine to keep her alive, "You know he's in the darkness. Nobody will be able to save him. Not the idiots going after him. Not Haruno. Not you. Not even me. And now look what you have done. Gone and put yourself in a coma because of him. That's just gone and encouraged him to continue, going further into the darkness. And you were too blind to see it." I could feel the heat reach my eyes as wet formed in them. But as I touched them, I could feel them burning. As well as the tears, a mixture of blood also appeared. And it hurt, "Ouch." I whispered, as I jerked my hand away, leaving smears of red across the top of my face.

I looked back down at the delicate girl and reached for her hand, as I closed my eyes and remembered those times we used to share. Those time that actually made me feel happy.


*Seven years ago*

"Hitomi-chan!" I felt my mother jerking me from under the covers, "Come on, you lazy thing."

I mumbled as mother stood up and walked over to the curtains in my room and prised them open, leaving a trail of blinding rays hitting me in the face. I groaned loudly as I used one of my hands to cover my eyes from the glare.

"Good, now, if you are capable of moving your arms, I am sure you are capable of getting out of bed." mother sighed, putting her hands on her hips, "Come on, get up!" she demanded, tugging my arm and pulling me out of bed.

I remained slumped on the ground, still refusing to to open my eyes, so mother sighed, "Ok, well, once you are up, I will be downstairs making breakfast. I could hear her footsteps head out of my bedroom door and down the stairs. 

Urgh, why do I need to get up so early? It's Saturday, so I don't need to go to the Academy. I thought to myself as I curled up on the freezing floor trying to get comfortable.

"Good morning sister!" I heard mother greet someone downstairs. It was my Auntie Mikoto. And then I heard, "Good morning, Sasuke."

"Good morning." I heard a quiet voice say.

I gasped and opened my eyes wide, clambering to my feet, "Sasuke?!" I shouted down the stairs, still in my pyjamas. I stood at the bottom of the stairs and looked down at the front door.

"Morning, Hitomi-chan." Sasuke called over to me, smiling brightly as usual.

I smiled back, that is until mother glared at me, "Uchiha, Hitomi! Look at you! You are in no state to greet our guests. Go and get yourself in the bath and into your clothes, now." she pointed back up the stairs.

I blushed a tomato red before turning and running back up the stairs and into the bathroom. I could hear the conversation going on downstairs in the kitchen.

"I see Hitomi is as scatter brained as ever." Auntie Mikoto laughed slightly.

Mother sighed, "I know. There's nothing I can do about it either. No matter how hard I try, she is always unorganised. I still have to drag her out of bed every morning, otherwise she will forget to even get up!"

My skin went red again at this comment so I submerged myself with water in the bath to cool me off.

"So, I'm guessing neither Fugaku-san nor Itachi-kun will be available this morning?" Mother asked.

Auntie sighed, "You know how it is. He's always training Itachi up now. I mean, do you know how close he is to becoming a captain of Anbu Black Ops?"
Mother gasped, "So soon? But he's barely a teenager! Are you sure this is the right thing? To put a mere child through so much, so quickly?"

"If it was up to me? Probably not. But his achievements are the best anyone has ever heard of. And of course Fugaku is taking great pride in this. And so am I, of course."

"And of course I am as well. It's just...if this were Hitomi...I wouldn't know what to do with her." mother explained.

Auntie sighed, "But don't forget, Hitomi-chan is nothing like Itachi. She's a lot more...sensitive, and think about it..."

"I know, I know." mother interrupted, "Her grades aren't as good as they could be. And she has not awakened her Sharingan yet either, but I hope she doesn't for a long while. It's too much stress for a young child."

"Hmm." Mikoto muttered, "To be honest. I don't think anyone will end up matching up to Itachi. And I am not sure whether that is a good thing or a bad thing."

I smiled to myself as the two continued to speak. I too took a lot of pride in Itachi-san, my cousin. He is a genius and I don't think anyone can outmatch his abilities. I don't care that I will never be up to his standards. I can't even keep up to Sasuke's standards. But it's Ok, because I will have my time to shine too. It's just not now.


After finally sorting myself out, I trudged back down the stairs and into the kitchen where mother was serving up breakfast.

"Morning, Hitomi-chan...again." Sasuke called, beckoning me over to the seat next to him.

"Ah, you finally decided to join us. How wonderful." mother smiled, passing me a plate, "Say good morning to your Auntie and Cousin, Hitomi. Show a bit of hospitality."

I blushed again and held my hand to my mouth, "Good morning Auntie Mikoto. Good morning Cousin Sasuke-kun."

Both smiled back at me, before we all finished eating breakfast.


"Ok, you two. Me and Mikoto are going to the shops for a while. If you want, you can go and play for a bit." mother explained.

Me and Sasuke nodded at each other eagerly before we looked back up.

"That's sweet. Make sure you come back in a couple of hours though. We're going need help making lunch." Mikoto added, before they both headed out.

"Let's go then Hitomi-chan." Sasuke said, grabbing my hand and we both headed into the forest and sat down under our favourite oak tree.

This is how most of our weekends were panned out. Me and Sasuke were inseparable and every now and again, Itachi-san would come by to check on us, but that was a very rare event now, because he was always busy. But I didn't mind. As long as Sasuke was around, I didn't need anyone else.

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