The Golden Secret

Blonde werewolves haven't excited of yours and no one knows why. All werewolves have dark hair, weather it was black or brown. it was always a dark colour.
Sasha Oakley is blonde, probably the only one in the world and her family are determined to keep her safe.
After 16 years of leaving a lie an Alpha arrives and wants Sasha's family to join his pack.
When Alpha Hagan discovers Sasha's true nature he won't leave until her and her family comes back to his pack with him.
This leads Sasha straight into the middle of a war that she didn't even know existed and into the arms of the man that she is destined to be with for the rest of her life.


1. Chapter 1 - Geusts

I’m usually quite good at controlling my emotions; I’ve had years to master my jedi-like skills. Once, my poker face was able to last 5 hours, I could have gone longer but my elder brother began to tickle me. The one thing I can’t stand is someone touching my sides. I just start laughing, like I’m rolling on the floor in hysterics 10 minutes after they’ve let me go.

So, now that I’m sat in the large family living room, squished between two oversized teenage boys and squirming madly, doesn’t make me feel good. Just to top it off, I swear to God that Nick is deliberately trying to tickle my side even though I keep shooting death glares at him.

“Cut it out man.” Aaron growled at my enemy, and I could feel his arm behind me shoving his brother a few miler meters away from me.

Nick smirked but stopped his stupid game, allowing me to relax a bit, and then slumped back on the sofa. Over 6 feet tall, and the size of an American rugby player he enjoyed forcing me into claustrophobic places. Nick and Aaron both had the same sumo wrestler build, they were tanks and being trapped between them wasn’t the highlight of my day. Nick had brown hair that was left slightly long, going in all directions on top of his thick skull, and had probably not seen a brush in about 6 months.

Aaron, on the other hand, actually wanted to appear slightly human (family joke) and made sure that no glass would break when he looked into a mirror. His hair was black, a midnight black and was also left a little bit long, but it still looked maintained. Both of them had brown eyes, while I would describe Aaron’s as a chocolate, I would say that Nick’s was a mud brown colour. Kind of like the mud that you found on the floor underneath your foot.

“Nick.” A stern voice made the three of us look up in the same direction.

A woman sat nearby, glaring at her eldest son, she had Nick’s hair and eye colour, or should I say he had inherited hers. She was beautiful, overflowing with grace and elegance she sat tall and sophisticated. Beside her was a young teenage boy, he had given up on paying attention ages ago and was fiddling with one of the cushions that he had on his lap. Luke had his mother’s and Nick’s brown hair, expect his was long, so long it could probably be put into a pony tail, a small one though. He had blue eyes, a deep blue very similar to the girl who sat on his left.

Coping her mother’s posture, she sat up tall, a leg crossed over the other and her clasped hands gripping her knee. Black hair rolled down over the other and her clasped hands gripping her knee. Black hair rolled down her back, the same colour as Aaron’s, in pretty twists and swirls. Unlike her youngest brother, her attention was completely on the conversation taking place in the room.

The whole purpose for me being in the room was to hear the conversation but shoving the Oakley family into a room when they clearly didn’t want to be there was never something a sane person would do. While Mike Oakley didn’t seem to care that his eldest sons were crushing me between their fat arms, he was too busy talking. Aaron and Megan both had their fathers black hair, and then Megan and Luke had hid blue eyes. Megan was Nick’s younger twin and in their 19 years, Megan had been given all the brain cells that Nick seemed to be missing.

The head of Oakley family, Mike, was a large man like his sons, well bigger and stronger, just another tank to add to the room. Opposite him was another bulky man, not an Oakley, but he still had the same dark hair and overpowering presence as Mike. The bulky man was called Hagan Ashton, and we were currently sitting in our living room, after the ‘guest’ forced his way in. standing behind him, was Hagan’s son Alec, like his father he had pitch black hair although he seemed to have inherited his mother’s eyes, but since she wasn’t there, I couldn’t tell.

The hazel eyes were staring intently at his father, taking in every word and glancing at Mike when he replied. His arms were crossed over his chest making the black leather jacket rise up and the already stretched black cotton shirt pull back even more to reveal his muscular abs.

“I don’t see the reason for your refusal.” Hagan asked Mike, dropping his hands. “It’s a good offer you know.”

“I’m not disrespecting your kindness, it’s only that many others have offered us a truce and I will say the same to you. We have never considered becoming a part of someone else’s pack, we are a family pack, a small one but we are one of blood. It has always been that way and will always remain the same.” Mike explained trying his best to remain polite.

“I understand your wish to remain as a family, but you can remain together in our pack. It’s not like I’m asking you to part.” Hagan continued with appropriate hand gestures.

“We have no intention of leaving this place though, and becoming a part of your pack would mean we would have to leave.” Mike pointed out.

“If you wish to protect your family, the larger pack you are a part of the more chance you have of surviving.”

Mike glanced sideways at his wife, Helen who smiled at him, before returning to continue with the conversation. “With all due respect Alpha, I have no intention of leaving this land in the foreseeable future.”

“Is there any particular reason?” Alec asked, speaking for the first time since he had slid into the room behind his father.

“What do you mean?” Mike asked.

“Well, you keep going on about being a family pack and how blood is so important to you. But what about her?” Alec continued.

The room went still. An uneasy feeling swept through it making me feel slightly sick, Mike’s eyes had narrowed and Helen stiffened slightly in her seat. Luke had stopped messing with the pillow and was looking, or should I say glaring, up at Alec. Nick had sat up right and had moved slightly so that he was a bit more in front of me. While Aaron had gripped my hand on my knee and squeezed tightly.

“Like I said we are a family pack and she is part of our family.” Mike spoke stern, but a hint of Alpha tone was mixed in.

“She is clearly not someone who shares your blood.” Alec asked raising an eyebrow. “Or is she?”

Hagan looked at me for the first time, his eyes locking on mine and I squirmed uncomfortably trying to get desperately get out of the situation.

“Sasha’s parents were killed by rouges when she was young on our land.” Helen cut through the silence, making everybody look at her, “she had no other family and we were responsible for her loss.”

Aaron squeezed my hand and I looked up at him, he smiled at me before turning back to his mother.

“So you took her in?” Alec asked raising and eyebrow.

“You got a problem with that?” Aaron didn’t even try to hide the venom in his voice as he glared at the Alpha’s son.

“Of course not, human companions are never discriminated within our pack. We have many others living within our town, your daughter would be most welcomed there.” Hagan smiled at me, but the sick feeling in my stomach just grew at the thought of living with an entire pack of werewolf’s.

“I appreciate that,” Mike nodded his head, “but I still have no intention of leaving this land.”

A silence settled in the room and everybody was looking at Hagan waiting for him to say something. Hagan was staring at Mike with an unreadable expression on his face; eventually he sighed and dropped his head. Alec watched his father with a confused expression plastered on his face, he looked like he wanted to say something but he held it back until his father continued.

“I understand that this is sudden, and I apologise for suddenly appearing at your door this evening without prior notice.” Hagan looked at Mike who smiled back.

“Don’t worry about it Alpha Hagan,” Mike stood up and Helen did the same, she clasped her hands in front of herself and her muscles relaxed.

“I will be staying in town for a few days with 4 other members of my pack,” Hagan stood up and Helen tensed again glancing backwards at me, “please think about my offer.”

“I will, thank you.” Mike smiled and then the two men shock hands, “I’ll show you out.”

Mike stretched his hand to the door and Hagan walked out with Alec on his heels. Helen walked to her husband, his arm wrapped around her waist, kissed her forehead and then the two of them left. The five of us were left alone in the room; we didn’t say anything only listened to the footsteps get closer to the front door and then the usual goodbyes were exchanged, before our guests left.

We sat in silence listening to the approaching footsteps and then the door opened to reveal Mike and Helen. Mike walked din first and went straight to his arm chair, sitting down and rolling his head back with his eyes closed. We watched as Helen sat on the armrest of his chair and slowly ran her hand up and down his arm.

“When are they leaving Dad?” Megan asked breaking the silence.

Mike sighed and then looked up, holding Helen’s hand in his, before smiling. “Soon.”

“How soon?” Aaron asked as politely as he could, which wasn’t very.

“A week.” Mike sat up clasping his hands in front of him. “Maybe two.”

“Two?” Aaron asked annoyed.
I sighed standing up and walking towards the door, ignoring the stares and silence that followed.

“Sasha?” Helen’s voice brought me to a stop.

Glancing backwards I saw that she had gotten u and was walking towards me with a sad smile in her face.

“I’m tiered Helen.”

She froze, and a small buzz ran through the room as I addressed the women, making everybody jolt.

“Sas-“Mike had stood up and began to speak up, but I cut him off.

“I’m going to bed now. Goodnight.” Turning around I left, walking as quickly as I could down the hall and up the stairs towards my room.
Someone was following me and from previous experience I could guess who it was.

“Not in the mood Aaron.” I grumbled opening my bedroom door and storming inside.

“When are you ever?” he chuckled following me in.

Dividing onto the bed I let the covers surround ne and I huffed loudly, as Aaron sat down beside me I felt the bed dip.

“You okay?” he asked gently.

“No.” I grumbled back.

He laughed and I couldn’t help but smile into the sheets, his hand was stroking my hair and then he knelt down to kiss my forehead.

“It’ll be okay Sash.”

“Two weeks Aaron, two good dam weeks.” I sat up and tried to face him, knowing that tears were brimming in my eyes.

“I know Sash.”

“No you don’t, have you ever tried to hold it in for two weeks, contained it for two whole weeks?” My voice raising and I had to take a deep breath to calm myself.

“No I haven’t, but you have, once.” He smiled at me, “and you can do it again.

“Can I?”

“Yes, you can.” He looked at me seriously, “because you’re my sister.”
I laughed and turning around my head to look at the bedside table, it had the usual things thrown on it. A half-filled cup of water, a bedside light, some books from school and a photo frame. The photo had been taken last year, when we all went out for a camping trip together in the mountains. We were all smiling at the camera, which had been placed on a rock after we had figured out how to use the timer.

Each one of them looked like a family, the similar features, Mike’s cheekbones on his son’s, Helen’s eyes the same as her children’s. They each had their own face, but hey they all shared the same dark hair. And stuck in the centre on the front row, sticking out like a sore thumb, was a blond haired girl.

The only one with blonde hair, she was smiling like the rest of them but her brown eyes were sad and lonely. As they had been all her life and the reason was because her life was a lie. My life was a lie.
I didn’t exist, I couldn’t. A blonde werewolf has never been born in the history of our kind, they were creatures of the night, of the moon and even if we have the ability to change whenever we please, the sun has never belonged to us. So the fact that I have blonde hair like the sun is unheard of, so I just don’t exist.

Meaning that my family isn’t my family, that I’m not a werewolf and that under no circumstance can anyone find out about my family’s little ‘Golden Secret’. Meaning me.

“You shouldn’t have said that to Mum.” He mumbled quietly, but with werewolf hearing I heard him.

“Okay, I’m sorry. I’ll talk to her tomorrow.” I mumbled, dragging a pillow onto my lap and chewing at the corner. “I just want them gone Aaron.”

“Any the will be, I promise.”

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep.”

“I don’t.” He stood up kissed my head and then walked to the door.


I was left on my bed, balled up glaring at the door to my room, praying to anyone who would listen that the Darkmoon Pack would leave soon.”

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