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1. Trust Me

Chapter One

Me and my friend Louise had tickets to see A1 we were so excited!! we also had meet and greet tickets. I was going to wear my A1 top, jeans and jacket. We listened to A1 and sang along to the songs.

The next day after breakfast we went shopping I couldn't wait for the gig tonight. The rest of the day went quick.

That evening we got ready while listening to A1 when we finished getting ready I put my things in my bag and we got a taxi to the venue I said to Louise 'do you think Mark will like my batman comic' she said 'he will I am so excited' I replied 'me too' we got to the venue awhile later we got in and handed in our tickets me and Louise went to sit in our seats we were front row!

We waited we saw more fans come in. Later the boys came on stage we cheered they sang Take On Me we sang along after they sang Same Old Brand New You during the song I saw Mark smile at me I smiled back me and Louise were having a great time they sang more songs after the gig finished we got up and went to meet them.

I said 'that was amazing' she replied 'yes it was they more gorgeous in real life' I said 'yeah they are' Louise replied 'I couldn't stop fangirling over Ben' we laughed she added 'I noticed the way Mark looked at you I think he likes you' I said 'do you think so?' she replied 'yes' when it was our turn to meet them we walked in to the room.

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