Modern Day Cindrella (A Modarn Day Fairytale)

Ellie Has Been Treated Differently Since The Day Her Mom Died Shortly After Her Father Grew Worried Ellie Wouldn't Have Any Female Role Models So A Year Later Ellie's Dad Remarries Gina And That's Not It Theirs Not Only An Unexpected Gift Of Two Step-Sisters Who Will Stop At Nothing But To Ruin Her Life, But When An Unexpected Twist Of Her Father Passing Away And After Ten Years Seventeen Year Old Ellie Is Treated Like A Maid In Her Own Home What Happens When An Actual Prince Starts Going To Her School What Will Happen In This Modern Fairytale Of Cinderella.


1. Prolouge

(A/N)~ This Is An Original Story I Have Not Read Anything Else Like This So If I Make Mistakes Please Send Me A Message And I Will Have My Editor Friend Try And Fix It But Now Just Enjoy And Tell Me How I Did







    Hope that's what keeps us going through the day something you can not wait to come home too and it is what kept you going through the day. Mine was my parents. Lets start off when I was seven it was the year right after my mother died, No she did not have cancer just to let you know she died in a car crash. My father said I am everything like my mother I don't only see the beauty on the outside but also on the inside that's what he loved about my mom he told me. I look more like my mom then my dad getting everything but her eyes and the dimples that are upon my almost always rosy cheeks. I have light blonde hair and green eyes and a cute little button nose is what my dad called it I had big eyes which seemed were cradled by my eyelashes, I was always told I was beautiful. I was sporty so almost always my long hair was in a braid or ponytail I was constantly on the move but always had time to be with my family they were my pride and joy. Things were different for a while after mom died but soon enough we as in we I mean Dad and I accepted she was not coming home and started enjoying each others company more. He was always home when I was and he always helped me practice for the hockey team I joined he was my best friend and I was his and I thought nothing was going to come in-between that until November 17th, 2004 the day my Dad met Delia my Step-Mother.




    It was the perfect day as I remember it the leave were just finishing changing color and almost all the leaves on the trees were on the ground and there was a slight frost to the air but it was perfect. My Father and I were practicing like we did everyday and it was the most fun I have had in a while trying to get ready for the winter hockey team. I felt him try to block my shot but unsuccessfully attempted to keep it out of the net and I jumped a bit with joy and mocked my dad on his lose but his gaze was somewhere else. I called out to him but he only murmured a 'that's nice honey' before keeping his gaze locked not moving I followed his eyes to see a women walking down the street.

"Dad are we going to continue our game"

    I asked but then I noticed that the women was now standing in front of my Father and he was ignoring me I felt hurt in that moment so I took off my skates and went inside so they could talk.A few weeks later my Dad told me he was getting married I was so happy for him but felt kind of sad over the absences of practices we have had and the dinners I had with my neighbor Mrs. Crinkle. And My neighbor driving me to school with his son Brad who so happens to be my best friend on the hockey team but still I felt lonely.

"That's great Dad and I am so excited"

    I said with a small smile and he kissed the top of my head and promised me to be home and practice with me but I know Delia would call within the beginning of it and then he would leave me for her. And I nodded quickly letting him know I was kind of sad. he then pulled me into a hug and then he told me he would see me later making me let out a tear as soon as the door shut I then wiped my eyes and waited for Brad and his Father to come and get me to drop me off for school. Later that night my Dad told me that we needed to make room because Delia and my two soon to be step-sisters would be moving in with us. I was not excited at all they were not very nice girls at all, the first time we met Hailey and Annie tripped me into a pile of mud but little did they know I would throw it at them seeming I play soccer and usually fall into the mud anyway. But I ended up getting in trouble I was grounded for the longest time I still am grounded but I didn't really mind I would be getting in trouble all the time.

A few weeks later my Dad married Delia and lets just say I don't think she really likes me at all my Mother would tell me 'if it makes your Father happy' I could hear her say it in my mind. Things changed after that we practiced everyday but he would leave after fifteen minutes of practicing to play with Hailey and Annie because he was now their dad too. I nodded sadly but then sat on the steps untying my skates and walked in seeing him tickling Hailey or Annie, the red hair gave a dead giveaway he was tickling Hailey her green eyes were filled with tears of being tickled too much. Hailey watched laughing her chocolate colored hair fell within her face hiding her green/blue eyes and then she looked to me and stuck her tounge out at me the freckles seemed to melt into her face when she did that. She wasn't as cute as everyone thought she was she was a very mean child she would pull my hair and kick me she was my personal bully her and Annie.


"honey why don't you go upstairs"



I heard Delia say trying handing me a cookie  in which she probably just pulled out of the oven.



"sure thing Delia"



but I shook my head to the cookie and bounded up the stairs thinking about what I just saw and I started to cry. I curled my knees to my chest knowing dinner was going to be soon so I tried to stop crying and soon enough it stopped. I heard a groan and then a large crashing noise I jumped and rushed to see what it was I felt my heart racing at what I saw. My father was on the ground and he was shaking Delia was on the phone I ran and kneeled next to him I then saw him stop shaking I shook him.



    I saw Delia put a hand to her mouth I started to sob once more but then I started to scream for him to wake up I felt my heart speed up even more. I couldn't lose him I just lost Mom he was all I had he took care of me I am his princess he needed to wake up.


"Daddy wake up"

   My father never woke up he ended up having a heart attack and he died I sobbed and it felt like I would never stop I lost both of my parents within a two years I was utterly alone. The day of his funeral Delia asked if anyone would take me and everyone said no mostly everybody on my Father's side was gone. Everything seemed to crash down in rolls of messes, my Grandparents were to sick to take me in so Delia decided I would stay with them. Things were going to be different from now on and I knew it everybody knew it and my life couldn't get any worse but little did I know it would.





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