Dear Diary

The words "Thoughts and Feelings" are best description of this book because it sums up all the words in it...


1. Feelings 💕

Dear Diary,

Why am I feeling like this? I feel like I'm gonna be sick and when I do, I want someone to take care of me. Not a family member nor a relative but a boy best friend. I want him to take care of me because I know that he will do everything just to make me feel better. He is different if you compare him with a girl. If a girl takes care of you, she might get distracted to some phone calls, text messages and other things. But if a boy takes care of you, he will ignore those phone calls and text messages because he makes you his priority. Back again, I don't know why I feel like I want someone to love. To love as a lover and best friend. I know some stories that have a plot like that. A girl and a boy being best friends then they end up together. It would be cool if it were true. But it's not. I don't have a boy best friend but I have a friend that is a boy. I consider him as one of my friends because sometimes we don't go together like at lunch time or even when I'm walking to school. We just usually see each other at school then we talk and laugh at the same time. I feel like we're close but we're not. It's too complicated to explain but let's just say I am infatuated. I am somehow attracted to him since 5th grade but I don't consider him as a crush. I feel like I'm safe whenever we're together even at the shortest time. I've tried to listen to songs about love and my feelings start to widen. And suddenly I don't feel infatuated. I conclude my thoughts but I only have feelings for him. He's still not my crush. Now whenever I see MY crush, I got these "feels and stuff" which I start to "fangirl" but whenever I am with him, I don't get the "feels and stuff" but I get a wierd feeling in my stomach. I ask myself 'who is my true crush? I know I have a crush but I feel like it doesn't feel... Right. And when I am with him, there's something wierd I feel though my entire body...' Now let's not jump into conclusions. I'll just let time pass and I'll see what I get.

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