Amethyst & The Royals

Princess Amethyst Jade goes to a public school in Rockport, California. She soon gets sent to a boarding school in Millbrook, New York.

Prince Etan Damir is engaged to a princess but no one knows where the princess has disappeared to. He is wondering when he shall meet his princess while he is at boarding school.

Will they meet? Or will fate keep them apart?


1. Prologue

Queen Jeanene of France POV-

"I will not allow my son to marry your nuisance of a daughter!" Queen Elizabeth yelled

"Maybe, I don't want my daughter marring your delinquent son!" I yelled back

"Enough! They are going to get married when they are 19 years old. You two will not argue about this any longer!" My husband, Edmund, boomed

"King Edmund is right. We were only telling you so that you would know what was happening." King Jordan of Germany stated

"Mommy?" Two little voices say from the doorway


Everybody looks and we see Etan and Amethyst standing in the doorway. They look at each other, make a face, then before anyone saw it happening, they started fighting.


"Amethyst! No, darling, you'll ruin your dress!" I yelled

"Etan! Stop!" Elizabeth yelled


Edmund and Jordan walked over and gently pulled our children apart. Amethyst ran to me while Etan stayed by his dad. I quickly wrapped my arms around her. I pulled her close and glared at Elizabeth.


"I think this meeting is over." I said

"But-." Elizabeth started

"No, this meeting is over." I interrupted


Edmund walked them out as I went to help Amethyst change. I had her go to bed and then I went to find her nanny. I found her and Edmund talking.


"Rosalee, I need you to take Amethyst and leave the country until I contact you. Changer her name to something special and change her appearance. Do not mention us though." I said

"But-." Edmund started

"Edmund, please, I'm doing this for her safety." I interrupted


He nodded his head in agreement and Rosalee disappeared upstairs to pack. She came down with bags after a while. Edmund took them out to the car and Rosalee went to get Amethyst. I gave her a pouch of money and clipped a necklace on Amethyst's neck when Rosalee came down. Rosalee walked outside and I followed her. I watched as they got in the car and how it slowly drove away breaking my heart to see them go.

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