About a boy..

As the wind blows upon the area , a girl struggles inside a house, only to find the truth of the neighborhood.


1. The Beginning of the end

My name is Julie Stevens.. a 16 years old girl..

I used to live in with my parents in a city in a not well known country.. Until my parents divorced.. and from that day on, things started to collapse in my life.. i'm not talking about trouble, it was something else.

As Julie and her dad, so called Benjamin Stevens, traveled to the united states to find a better place to live in, They found themselves in a well furnished house with great and loving neighbors, Julie found her self relaxed, after 10 years of a painful ,miserable and an unmerciful life, that she had thrown back with the memories in her old house.

She heard a knock on the door, *Knock knock* As the sound fades as it was not a strong knock, more like a  shy one, She gets up from the living room's couch, and takes a look outside, She finds a Boy, waiting on their  home's deck, She opens the door looking strangely at the boy, holding a lovely black ribbon, red wrapped present for her, He introduced himself for her as Louis Cox, The boy next door, as he walked away, giving her the gift, Julie was more confused than surprised, cause she have never met a person in the area to get a gift that quick from someone that she does not know, as she closes the door and rushes to put the gift on a table unwrapping it, only to see a Black, stuffed bear, with blue eyes, it was more creepy than lovely, but she loved it anyway as she had it as a gift from a guy.

Days pass, And Julie starts going to a nearby school , She doesn't like it in there but continues going to her lessons and not skip, as the day pass, she find Louis hanging around in the street, sitting on a car hood, she continues her way back to her home, she glances back and doesn't find him where he was at, she gets scared and continues to walk, looking straight, finding him again , as he is sitting on the same car's hood, thinking that she is going insane, she keeps walking and walking as it repeats three times before Louis waves at her as he gets up and walks towards her, she gets scared and runs, as he chases her, only to find herself on the street , tripped by the pavement, as he looks at her while hes standing with a straight face.. "Are you okay?" he asks as he slowly kneels down, she bursts crying, thinking that she went crazy, he tells her to calm down, as he help her to get up, she continues her way back not talking to him , with tearing red eyes, as she enters her house.

Julie grabs the black bear with her and go to her room, laying on her bed feeling exhausted, confused and scared at the same time, questioning her sanity as she starts asking herself some questions to be sure that she is not dreaming, looking at the stuffed bear in the eyes staring at it, as she gets back up, throwing the bear on the bed and walking to Benjamin, her dad, and asking him about how he have been, as a little conversation goes around with him and her, she walks away sitting in the living room, not long after, the doorbell rings and she gets up looking who is it, she opens the door to find that its Louis, "What do you want?" she says rudely, He apologizes and asks, "im sorry , is everything okay? i was worried about you, you were crying.." she answers him, "Yeah.. i'm okay , just tired" , he replies "oh okay, glad to hear that you're fine" and he walks away, she felt scared while talking with him..

as the night came, Julie walks off to her bedroom, looking around for the black bear and not finding it, she didnt care about it a lot, and she lay on her bed, not short after, she gets a message:

*???? : Hello?*

She answers:

*Julie : Who is this?*

*???? : It's me , Louis, the boy next door?*

*Julie : Oh, How did you get my number?*

*Louis : You gave it to me when you fell while running today, Remember?*

Julie starts thinking that she actually went coconuts, and just keep going with the conversation as if it happened in real.

*Julie : Yeah yeah i remember right, so what is it?*

*Louis : haha nothing just asking about how you are, is everything okay?*

*Julie : Oh i'm good, never been better*

*Louis : is that sarcasm?*

*Julie : nooo i'm okay i'm okay don't worry about me*

*Louis : Okay, Want to hang out some time?*

*Julie : Sure, What time?*

*Louis : haha i didn't think that you would be that easy*

*Julie : yeah.. what time again?*

*Louis : at five?*

*Julie : alright, see you tomorrow*

She turns off her phone and falls asleep..The next day after school at 3, she texts Louis:

*Julie : Hey, we're hanging out today right?*

*Louis : ...*

*Julie : hi?*

*Louis : ...*

*Julie : whats with the dots?*

*???? : Who is this?*

*Julie : Its Julie? aren't you Louis?*

*???? : i don't know anyone named Louis sorry*

*Julie : what?*

*???? : Do i have to repeat what i said or are you dumb enough to not read up?*

*Julie : Screw you Louis I'm sure that its you*

*???? : just don't talk to me.. you seem to be a retard, nobody here is named Louis*

she quits trying anymore, as she walks away to her home, looking at the car that was Louis sitting on, as she passes it and reaching her home, she enters feeling as if nothing happened, going to the bathroom, and breaking her dad's shaving razor, taking away the blades and start cutting her wrist, as she is doing that, she hears a knock on her bathroom's door, she throws the blood filled blade in the sink and washes her arms, walk to the door opening it, as she get shocked by looking at Louis standing there, she collapses on the floor with her eyes tearing up, only to ask him "Are you real? is anything real? how did you come in my place?" he answers "Yeah i'm pretty sure i am? Why is your wrist is bleeding??" she says "i have hurt myself" and she get up washing it, he asks her "i thought we were going to hang out today?" she answers " you thought? what happened to your phone? didn't you read anything from me?" he says "no you didn't send me anything" and he shows her his phone, she's just had enough, and she just tell him to go away.. , he said "but, why?" she says "Because i want you gone" he looks at her as his eyes get filled with sadness, "Okay." he says as he walks away, getting out of her house, she doesn't bother following him, although she should have..

days pass, months, without a sight of him by her eyes.. , one day at night she goes to her room missing him and regretting telling him to go away,as she looks around in her room, only to find the blue eyed black teddy bear, on top of a shelf.. she ends her day with a smile.

To Be Continued..


Chapter two : A New day.





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