The Highway that Never Ends

Anna and Matt are living with their dad for a year while their mother is off in Paris starting a new fashion line. By their fathers farm is a highway that is banded, no one dares to go near. One day a spark of magic lights up the highway, Matt and Anna are very curios, they creep up to take a look, but suddenly they get pulled in, what is in the spark? Will Matt and Anna ever get back?


1. Arriving

"Thank you Fertel." 

"No problem Anna, I will see you two in a year, when you're mother gets back."

Fertel has been with us for 17 years, he is our butler, spa specialist or whatever we need him to be he's basically our right hand, to every situation. 

"Anna have you ever seen that before?" Matt asks

"Seen what?"

"The highway I swear last time we were here that wasn't there." Matt sounded freaked or scared I couldn't tell . He has these mixed emotions, that nobody except me can figure out.

"Well lets go ask dad."

"Thanks again Fertel, have a wonderful year!"  As we were walking to dads rusty old red door I heard a laughing come from behind, not any kind of laughing but a atrocious kind of laugh. I turned around and nobody was there.

"I think it just came from a distance, I mean the wind kicks up around hear someone could of laughed and one can assume that it carried the laughter on."

"when did you become a word fanatic, you usually say things like "could of been a mile away, you're not the person I know that says long sentences." I told him.

"Well, I guess I grew out of it, I mean I am almost 12." He reminded me.

"Yeah, I guess so." "So what are we ganna call the creepy highway?" I asked

"What about THTNE?" he requested.

"What does that even mean?" Then he advised me to the perfect name!

"It means, The Highway that Never Ends."


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