The Typical

The typical my real life story


1. The Typical

The typical real life my story

The typical

In 2013 I was 13teen, and I was swept away with the 1D FANDOM and felt so happy to be like 'the typical teen' I was hooked, music, merch, fan websites, and fan fics followed, was so lucky to go and see them this year in concert.

It wasn't like I was abnormal before them, I just wanted something to talk about and be into that was popular with teenage girls at that time. I was so lucky to be taken in by their music, my writing became recognised because my first fan fiction Out Of The Crowd, followed by my three book series I Thought We Were Something, up to that point I only ever had me and someone else in my stories, speaking to guys online I built up my guy internal voice and started Adopted By Haylor with POVS from harry styles and taylor swift, it was a complete change of what I was use to writing like. Adopted By Haylor became a four part series with over 100,000 reads today. I also wrote a 1D poetry collection, other short stories about members, and in 2014 my short story I had wrote a few weeks before after seeing Best Song Ever video, I wrote Replacing Harry Styles. A Sydney magazine called Directioner published it. I run a fan website with 90 members across the globe, twitter account, and fan pages on facebook and I was in deep.

I'm still going in deeper now, fans who support my work inspire me so I keep writing, updating and dreaming all things 1D.

So I'm by far just your typical 18teen year old 1D Fan.

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