A story involving new superheroes that will be shown and introduced from the beginning to the end, and telling the struggles and trails the members of the Legion have gone through to become superheroes.


1. Legion: The Volt Starts

"Lets start from the beginning. My name is Vance Williamson. Soon to be superhero Blackvolt, leader of the superteam Legion. And heir to the Williamson fortune. Right now I'm going to start my story off about how I became the superhero known as Blackvolt".


The night was bleak and bland. The stars out in the night sky with no clouds in sight. I was with my friends near the spot. It was seven o'clock sharp when we arrived. So we decided to have a little camp out. I just graduated from Honor High, High School at the top of my class. I was Valedictorian of my class and class President. When me and my friends came to our little camping trip spot we had some fun. We played some Frisbee, did a little guitar, and, ate s'mores. Well anyways. While were hanging out. My friend James said maybe we should go take a dip into the water. "Hey guys. Lets go take a dip into the pier". 


"Really James? Your the only person who would do something that stupid". "Actually not really Piper. he said with a chuckle. Vance will do it with me. Won't you Vance?" "Maybe. If everyone else goes in with us". after that everyone else decided they would go in. So we all went our separate ways and changed into our swimsuits. I wore my black swim trucks with lightning bolt designs on them. I felt really good as the night felt humid, when we took a good dip into the water. James was at the other side. of the water close to some electrical cords. As we swam around I noticed something was wrong with the water. Several small sparks popped in the water, making them visible. I talked to the rest of the crew and told them about what I just saw, giving them the decision to get out of the water and dry off.


Still in the water myself. I yelled out to James. Who was easy to spot because of his white hair, which to his own choice he dyed that color. "HEY JAMES"!!!!. I yelled out again. I was worried about James so I swam underneath the water towards his direction after grabbing the black stone. When I approached him, he was knocked out. Apparently he got struck by one of the electrical cords which became loose. I grabbed him and swam to shore as two more electrical cords came loose and struck the water. The electric shock from the cords spread across the water like bad fungi. Before the shock could hit us both. I used all my strength and threw James inland before it could hit him. Unfortunately, one of the cords fell down and hit James while I was still in the water. It shocked him back up and knocked him back out just as quickly. Around the same time the electrical shock hit me. 100,000,000 volts of pure electrical force hitting my very person shocking me. After the shock I blacked out and awoke in the hospital. Doctors surrounded me as I opened my eyes looking around and checking my surroundings. I tried to move up a little, but before I could one of the nurses stopped me. "Hold on their young man. You were in a terrible accident that involved electrical cords, water, and a very very very..painful shock". she said as she looked at me with her big beautiful brown eyes that instantly melted my insides in a way. "Alright. I'll rest but, what happened to me? And if I did get shocked that badly I really hoped you can nurse me back to health". I said playfully to her. The nurse smiled at me before walking away. I could tell she was blushing from my comment because of how red her face turned and the way she giggled. 


I looked at my surroundings again. As I smiled at little. I relaxed a little more as the nurse came back with a water bottle. She asked if I wanted anything else after I said thanked her. She nodded and said, "Your Welcome" in the process. I proceeded to ask her if I can I get some food. She nodded again and said sure, walking away to get me something to eat. "What I nice lady". I say to myself. I soon lifted my hands to clap them because I was bored after she left. Soon during that time. A small electrical discharge sparked between my fingers. "Woah....... What was that?" I say to myself as I cup my hands together as another black lightning electrical discharge sparked between my fingers. I look at my hands and smile a little with a halfway grin. "I wonder what is going to happen now".


TO BE CONTINUED............ 

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