Into The Other Dimensions

Katie is just a regular 15 year old girl that just moved to New Jersey. She goes to school, lives with her mom and two brothers, and hangs out with her two best friends. Until one night in her new bedroom she has a nightmare, but strangely it feels real. She keeps having the same nightmare every night. Then she discovers the truth behind her horrible dream and ends up in a dimension to help save the people in her dream. But time is running out, will Katy be able to make it in time?
Read Into the Other Dimensions to find out.


1. Nightmares

    I'm instantly brought into my house. But it doesn't feel like it and the decor isn't familiar, but small recognition of the house's architecture reminds me of my house. I'm in the hallway, upstairs, next to my room. There is little light coming in from the windows of the other open rooms, in which the moon is shinning through. The most amount of light is coming from my room's window and I walk into my bedroom to only wish I stayed out in the hallway.

  There stood a man in the middle of the room, with his head down, while pointing a gun towards the closet, mumbling something I could not understand. I look over to the closet to see a little girl that's only about 5 or 4 years old covering her face while crying and pleading for help. I look back at the man to listen closer to what he is saying to hear him praying for forgiveness and acceptance for what he is about to do.

   I try to yell but nothing comes out. As soon as I notice him raise his head I take action. As he is about to pull the trigger, I step in front of the gun to try and shield the little girl, but instead the bullet passes right through me. There was no more weeping from the girl and I dare not to turn around to see what was the aftermath behind me. I stood there in front of the man, unrecognizable to his face features, his face was a blur. I glared at him with anger from the very pits of my stomach, I was burning with anger towards a man who committed an unspeakable action to a little girl. With so much rage and sadness, my eyes started to water.

   I hear heavy foots steps racing up the steps into my "supposed bedroom". I turn slightly to see who had ran into the room, to see a boy about my age with only his sparkling green eyes is visible to me. The boy looks over to where the man's gun is pointed to and he speeds over to the little girl, which I had not seen and plan not to. Then screams from the boy ring in my ears, in them were made of anger, pain, and grief for the little girl. I feel the boy's presence from behind me as he stands up with such fury to look at the man. I step aside, still looking at the man when I notice something on his arm, a intricate tattoo printed on his left arm which had been the hand to have been holding the gun.

   The boy cries out as he runs toward the man and tackles him to the ground. The gun flies off the side of them as they roll on the floor fighting each other. I cover my eyes slightly with the only vision coming in from the slits of my almost closed fingers. Both the man and the boy continue to fight. The man over takes the boy, punching him repeatedly. Then he pauses for a second to grab the gun off to the side and points it a the almost unconscious boy who whispers hoarsely, "Do it. Guilt be the only one with you."

     The man pulls the trigger. He continues to whisper and starts to weep as he brings the gun to his head.


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