The Boss's Daughter

She is the most pickest architect ever. She runs her own firm and knows when someone has wronged her.

He is the most stubborn person ever. He works for a man who is barely there and is a big bachelor.

Will they get together? Or will she turn him away?


1. Prologue

Demetrius's POV-

"Come on, dude. She is like perfect. You said you wanted a personalized house built. Go to her." Thaddeus stated

"No I will not go there. She seems to have a more picky side." I replied

"Come on! She would be perfect! You are just too stubborn to see that." He stated looking away

"Do you happen to be talking about my firm? The greatest architecture firm out there?" Damn, it's her...Dilara Salvator

"Ms. Salvator, my my, you look beautiful today. What can I do for you?" Thaddeus mumbled

"Thaddeus, why aren't you helping my guest?" Mr. Salvator said as he came in

"Daddy, it's fine. He is doing a wonderful job." Dilara stated

"Your dad? This is your dad?" I blurted out

"Demetrius! I knew that and I've been working here less then you!" Thaddeus exclaimed


Mr. Salvator and Dilara laughed as they walked towards the elevator. They waited and then as the doors opened, Dilara turned around.


"Mr. Demetrius Schmidt, I will see you tomorrow morning at 8 o'clock sharp in my office at my firm. Thaddeus, thank you for the complement and I will see you tomorrow at 10 o'clock sharp." Dilara said before turning around and getting in the elevator

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