Yamato: The New Adventures: Episode 1

Fan fiction sequel to Final Yamato Movie, in Episode Format. 1 of 7 Part


1. The Arrival, part 1

Yamato: The New Adventures... (Sequel to 'Final' Yamato in Episode type format) 'Written with permission of Voyager Entertainment

By Erwin Stevens


The Arrival ---


     The infinity that is space, a world filled with serene light, uncountable stars in the deep darkness and with dying and forming stars abounds with many life forms. Yes, space is alive. The entire universe, our galaxy, and even the many solar systems are filled with many such life forms. They are filled with many who love, aspire and fight in war, and there are others that are peace loving. Many forms of life are in the universe, and they mostly live in peace, scattered throughout its cold vastness.


     The speck that makes up Earth is one such place. It is a place where wars have come and gone, leaving their mark. It is in a standard class M solar system, known as 'SOL' where eleven planets orbit the single life-giving star. Living on the third one, the insignificant body called Earth lives an advanced civilization known as the human kind. It is one solar system in the middle of this galaxy containing millions of stars with many solar systems yet to be discovered.


     The story starts outside of the 'SOL' Solar System in the middle of deep space. It is where a relic of war, floats freely in space, a lone derelict carried by the solar winds as it travels farther away from its point of origin. The place is called Earth.


     The hulk and derelict are the remains of the bridge and amidships section of Space Battleship Yamato, a ship destroyed during the last conflicts for Earth and SOL. The ship had been sacrificed when the Dinguil traveled to Earth for conquest, and used the legendary planet called Aquarius, to prelude their invasion. Aquarius is a planet, which in legend, had given Earth life and their seas. The Dinguil failed in their plan, to flood Earth and destroy the planet, however. The enemy was destroyed with the help of the Gamelans, and the Yamato Space Battleship had sunk in the remaining waters, after breaking the water column that flooded Earth. Now as a derelict, the bridge section of the ancient ship spun freely as it tumbled against the stars of space. It is a permanent memorial for those sacrificed on the last mission to protect Earth. Although, there is only one body that remains on board and it is he alone who triggered the wave gun. The body of Captain Abraham Avatar, Commander of Yamato, still sits in the Captain's chair his hand still gripping the wave triggering device. 


     Now after a year, as the bridge continues to tumble through the cold oblivion of space: It does not do so unobserved. Nearby, a huge green swirling anti-matter vortex has opened up. Appearing from within it, that a streamline vessel, a Star Cruiser Class Starship named the S.S Magellanic Clouds arrives from the future.


     Sitting on the bridge of her ship, Ihsss T'Larra, a young reptilian woman called a Thyrnn is the Commander of the Clouds, a Star Cruiser Class Starship of the future. As the young reptilian Captain slumps over in the command chair that she managed a groan, before slowly opening her green eyes, focusing on the smooth darkened metal of the bridge's ceiling bulkhead. The reptilian woman sits dazed from the wild ride they had just taken through time and space. Slowly, she manages to sit up in her chair from her slumped over position, and shook her large head before turning her head to pan a quick gaze about the silent bridge of her ship. She and her crew are one of many other races throughout the galaxy who staff this compact Space Cruiser Class Starship. They are all refugees from the evil war machine of the Cybertron Empire who had enslaved the universe in the future.


Captain T'Larra herself is a rather unique individual. She is a large, very beautiful reptilian female, with a trim, muscular body, a standard bone structure unlike a human with two forward set emerald green eyes. She has along graceful neck with grayish scales on her tan and white colored body. The only difference to a human would be that Ihsss' people have long tails. She would be considered to resemble the reptilian creatures on Earth.


     At first glance, the ship at the moment is a stream of chaos. Many bodies lay on the deck, wounded from the battle against the Cybertron Empire before they had been thrown through time and space. They would be thrown light-years from their original position and through time, to six hundred years into the past. The futuristic starship had come from a century where a huge galactic war in the known universe rages into its twentieth year, where everyone combatant. This even included Earth, until its destruction and the entire known universe conquered by a cybernetic war machine, called the Cybertron Empire. It would be where many planets would fall, until the universe combined its forces, pushing back the Cybertron to halt their evil conquest in its tracks. As for the ship and crew of the Clouds, at this very moment, unknowingly now find themselves in the year 2208 AD, a year and a half after the Yamato had been destroyed, its crew returned to Earth from space.


     “What happened? Where are we?” Thought the reptilian Captain, and slowly, she panned a gaze to each station on the bridge.


     At each position, her friends, refugees from the war in their time, staffed the semi-lighted bridge of her ship. Felonious Purrrtz of a feline race slumps over the console of the science station. Veloxa Bzzzarti and Thyrac Antillean of an Insectoid race sprawl out across the Helm and Navigation positions. Kwai Mao of a Humanoid race is lying on the deck next to the weapon's defense station and Hi M'thss, the captain's daughter, slumps partially in her chair about to fall to the deck. Outside, her ship spins uncontrollably through the black void of space.


     “Report!” the reptilian Captain shouted sharply and slowly Felonious Purrtz, the feline Science Officer, rose up from a slumped over position over his console. He panned a quick check about at the semi lighted bridge, as he shook his furry head, to quickly clear his disorientation and brush his long grayish-silver fur from his golden eyes. His paw-like hands danced quickly over his console, moving with blinding speed, checking all systems and clicking the many switches on the panel. The feline officer's face grimaced.


     “It appears we are on emergency power captain.” He announced after a moment, “All systems are out. If Voloxa is still with us in engineering, we'll have power back in a few moments.”


     Ihsss nodded, as she glanced in his direction. “Is everyone all right?” The reptilian Captain asked, panning a worried look about the bridge to her long-standing friends. Each one made a move to acknowledge her question, the ones who were living, and she managed a slight nod. Ihsss then turned her attention to the Navigator, Thyrac Antillean. A moment later, the lights on the bridge brightened and some systems beeped as they restarted.


     “Auxiliary power restored, Captain. It appears that Voloxa is still with us.” Felonious said, and Ihsss turned, flashing a smile at him. A low hum echoed across the bridge, as the ventilators began to work, clearing the bridge of smoke.


“Damage control all decks… uh… Report it to the bridge.” Ihsss said into the intercom, “Report to weapons control.” She hit a switch located on the arm of her chair, to close the channel.


     “Veloxa, activate forward view screen, let us see where we the heck we are.” Ihsss ordered.


     Veloxa, the Insectoid Navigator sat at her console and she turned, hitting the control with her claw-like fist. At first, a gray static appeared on the screen before it flickered, and the once again the stars of space appeared there. Ihsss managed a smile, extremely happy to see the stars again, but it quickly faded as she realized her ship was spinning out of control outside a large unknown galaxy ahead of them.


     “Helm, thrusters at station keeping, and hold us all stop.” Snapped the Captain, and the helmsman quickly hit her controls. Outside the ship, small blue jets thundered from the ports in the hull, and their Star Cruiser straightened itself before it wallowing slowly to a stop. Thyrac Bzzzarti, the ship's Navigator sat busily over the computer monitor and on the screen, complex equations scrolled across it as he fed data into it. After a moment the insect Navigator turned, meeting the reptilian Captain's questioning look.


     Ihsss stared at the main screen in question, now showing the great cloud of the Milky Way in front of them and her expression showed a confused frown. “Where are we, Navigator?”


     “We're approximately one million light years from our last position captain.” He said, “Whatever that vortex did to us it threw us off course and we currently sit in uncharted space for our records.” Felonious hearing this, had put his furry face into the sensor module, and after a moment he straightened up with a strange frown.

     “Galaxy ahead is a class M star cluster, approximately over ninety thousand astronomical meters in diameter, has a trillion solar mass, and approximately made up of two hundred billion stars.” He announced, “Length of central bar is approximately twenty-five thousand light years. There are seventy major systems in this part of this galaxy. A class M type solar system lies ahead of us.”


     “Class M?” Ihsss mused, “Is it well defined? Where we can find a planet to gather the needed materials to make repairs in flight?” 


     “Aye, eleven planets, one major star, planets ranging from two to nine on the habitation scale.” His whiskers twitched when he read the data. “We are on the extreme edge of its border. The outer planets are not habitable they seem to have been blasted into rubble. There are nine planets of all distinguishable size.” Felonious paused as data streamed on the console screen.


“The second galaxy in this area is a little larger, approximately two hundred thousand astronomical meters in diameter and is rated as class K. It has a double nucleus, and approximately thirty-one major solar systems.” The Science Officer said, finishing his initial report.


     Ihsss grimaced, “Is there any record of any contact or habitable planets in this area?” The feline Science Officer shook his head.


     “No record of habitual systems in this area… or contact from any ships from our respective cultures.” He announced and the reptilian Captain managed another grim nod.



     ”Excuse me, Captain, the damage control is completed.” Kwai interrupted, and Captain T'Larra swiveled her chair toward the Humanoid woman. She had heard the worried tone in her voice.


     “Go ahead.” Ihsss prompted, and even nodded to her.


”We sustained minor damage for all decks. Any major damage is in engineering section and the starboard nacelle. The rest were overloads and power burn outs.” She replied, “Casualties, we ended up with a few, but there were still six who were killed. Engineering reports we are now on auxiliary power and full power will be restored in about three hours. In a summary skipper, we are extremely fortunate.”


     “That's for sure Kwai.” Ihsss muttered to herself, turning to the Science Officer and nodded her head.


     “What was that phenomena that we passed through, Fel?” Ihsss asked.


     “Unknown. I only know that it was comprised of pure anti-matter energy, and when it exploded, that it seemed to be a warp of types opening up a hole in the space time continuum.” The feline Science Officer reported, “According to our sensors, and the recorders, we have been thrown through time and space. To where is uncertain, and I am analyzing the data from them for an approximate fix.”


     “Better find out quick and everyone keep an eye out for Cybertron.” Ihsss' ordered, “We don't need to be caught vulnerable like this.”


     “Aye captain,” He replied and turned to the console.


     “Kwai stand down red alert, but maintain yellow alert.” The reptilian Captain ordered, “Hi'Mthsss, anything on the communications channels?”


     “Negative Captain.” Hi replied, “It is very strange, the normal channels are static.”


     “Keep trying.” Ihsss ordered, waving her hand gently to her frustrated daughter who sat at the Communications station.  


     “Aye captain,” The young reptilian replied, turning to let her fingers dance over the console in front of her, switching channels at will, with a vain hope of contact with someone.


     Behind her, at the Helm, Veloxa, the insect-like helmsman turned away from her post, attention distracted by a young Humanoid that held a very thin wafer board. She took it, scanned it quickly, to sign her name while behind, her the derelict of Yamato floated undetected in front of them.


     Hi' Mthsss sat at her console, punching the seek button, as she scanned the frequencies of communications. Several times static echoed through her earpiece of her headset. Here, she scanned other channels and gasped when faint voices echoed over it. At first, she felt a wave of relief but frowned when she figured that it is not their base she had been listening to on her headset. Her hands danced quickly over the console, getting a fix on the location on the directional indicator on the console. The reptilian communicator glanced at the screen, at the Milky Way Galaxy ahead of them, and then back to her console. A look of confusion appeared on her face.


     “Mother, err… Captain, I am picking up radio chatter in this area.” Hi announced, “It is not on the usual channels. I picked it up as I tried to get a hold of the council via subspace messages with no luck. It's very faint, coming from the solar system ahead of us.”


     Felonious and Ihsss both turned, to face her, and they had a look of astonishment on their faces. Ihsss and Felonious could not believe what they had just heard.


     “What do you mean… radio chatter?” Felonious asked, walking to join her at her console. He put the sounds on the small speaker on the console and Ihsss quickly joined him too. Both listened intently to the chatter at her console.


     “Cybertron?” Felonious asked and Hi'Mthsss shook her head.


     “I don't think so.” Hi’Mthsss said, hitting the button to clear the crackle of white noise that cracked on the speaker. “As far as I can tell it is on a low level band.” A voice echoed across the bridge, along with static between certain parts of it, making it seem fragmented and splotchy.


     “Today's evening news, Sept…ber sixth, twenty-two…” The voice said, “Today the crow… all over … world is in wild … for the anniversary … victory of the defeat of the Comet … who … surrender as they attacked our forces. … know it had happened one year after … recovered from the deadly radiation of planet … and the … went to Iscandar to receive the … from Queen Starsha … Iscan… Today will mark the eight-… of these … great events and … of those who … to maintain the pea… On hand … the celebration will be the crew … that … journey. In other news is … planet in jeopardy?”


     “Hi.” Ihsss said quickly, and made a throat cutting gesture. The bridge was silent. The captain turned her head to the others on the bridge who stared at the communications station, having listened in amazement at the transmission they had just heard.


     “Comet Empire defeat,” Ihsss said, “That happened in the latter part of the twenty-third century.”


     “It appears we are too.” Felonious told her solemnly. The reptilian Captain glanced at him. A look pure surprise and astonishment on her face.


     “It coincides with the data we have. It appears that we have warped through time, not just in position like a warp fluxes that would take us speedily across the universe.” The Science Officer told them, “Anniversary of the Comet Empire defeat is when a lot of enslaved planets were freed, when Trelana of Telezart, helped the humans of Earth fight the evil empire.”


     “Our planet had been one of those slave labor camps.” Veloxa added, “They were cruel taskmasters for their evil war machine.”


     “What do you make of it Fel?” Ihsss asked, grimacing at the speaker as more broken transmissions echoed from it, thanks to her daughter who listened to it as she tried pinpointing the broadcast specifically.


     He shrugged. “It makes me uncomfortable skipper.” The feline Science Officer replied, walking back to his station, “I have a bad feeling about this. This could be a trap set by the Cybertron, knowing our mission to stop them from changing history.”


     “Hi… continue to monitor the traffic, and record it for analysis with linguistics.” The reptilian Captain instructed, as she worked over the console.


     Ihsss stood staring at the view screen in confusion. “Strange wormhole caused by anti-matter, echoes from a solar system that seems to be inhabited. What next? She muttered.


     “I don't know, Captain.” Felonious whispered back, as they talked privately between each other. “We had better be cautious and our next move could be a disaster. If we indeed were transported to another time, I recommend caution. Any change could destroy everything we know. However, if the Cybertron came here, trying to change time to their advantage, we need to stop them.  Right now, we need to find out what the focal point is of this time stream before we try altering it.”


     “Well I agree, but what is our next move?” asked the reptilian Captain.  


     “It has to do with Aquarius.” Felonious said, “They have an unlimited source of energy, if we can destroy that planet here, we can stop them from winning the war and stop the bloodshed in our own time.”


     “I think the Cybertron have entered this time, to change time where they will have the water planet here, and potentially use as a base to destroy the allies that could potentially stop them before the war even starts.”


     ”Earth was the first target in their invasion.” Hi’ Mthsss corrected, “They have wave technology, the most powerful weapon in the universe, short of the pulsar cannon. The Earthlings refused to surrender and kept on fighting, ending in their demise.”


     “They could destroy the planet, and the Cybertron in our time would lose the war?” Ihsss asked and she caught his nod.


     “Then we have double jeopardy, protecting Earth and destroying Aquarius.” The reptilian Captain said, “However that is a logical place to start and where our duty lies. But how do we make contact, and make them believe us.”


     “I don't know.” Felonious countered, “There has to be a focal point that could make them listen. I don't know what happened in this time frame or events in this year, so it is hard to make an analysis.”


     Hi'Mthsss, behind them, let out a startled gasp when she had looked up from her console and on the screen held the derelict of Yamato before them, now outlined by the huge white cloud of the Milky Way Galaxy.


     “Captain!” She shouted, and quickly Ihsss, who had returned to her chair, swiveled it to face her.


     “What…? Holy Kriznar!*” Muttered the reptilian Captain, glancing once at the view screen. She found herself gasping in loud amazement.


(*Footnote, expression of exclamation, IE 'Holy Cow!')


     “Kwai, sound red alert, raise the shields and all hands to battle-stations!” A klaxon alarm blared over the speakers and several crews appeared on the bridge. Fifteen minutes later, everyone had the ship manned and ready, waiting for the battle to start. Captain T'Larra sat in the command chair, scanning the bridge and the view screen. She had hit the silencer not more than five minutes after signaling the alert, neutralizing the klaxon, and now sat waiting, as the crew worked hard to identify the ship on the screen.


     All eyes including the young communicator were glued to the screen. The familiar humming noise of the sensors echoed across the bridge. “Ship is a derelict.” Felonious declared solemnly, and the crew breathed a sigh of relief.


     “Maintain alert.” Ihsss instructed, “Whose ship is it?”


     Felonious shrugged when she glanced at him.


     “I'm running matches of all encountered ships, including Cybertron, so far there is no match. Strange, however, I am also scanning strange concentrations of recent battle radiation from the derelict. There seems to also to be a chemical composition that is illogical for a derelict to have.” Felonious reported.


     Ihsss swiveled the chair. “Explain.” She said.


     “Well, starting with the radiation, the levels indicate there had been a fight recently, the derelict is the source of the radiation and it is leaving a trail through space from the solar system ahead of us.” Felonious said, pointing to the display. “There is also a low level of nitrogen and oxygen present, though the ship has been compromised to the vacuum of space.”


     “Is there any life on board?” Ihsss asked, hopefully.


     “Negative Captain.” Felonious replied solemnly, “We are doing full scans. The radiation might be interfering with our scans though.”


     “Tachyon Energy was used back in the twenty-first mid twenty-second century, by most cultures that had any sort of space travel. It is a precedent to the current methods of the warp engine. It was very efficient for the day, and it radiated a lot of power, but was unpredictable.” Voloxa said, as he appeared on the bridge.


     “I thought you were below.” Felonious said with a smile, and he walked over to gently backslap the engineer warmly, “Nice work on keeping us afloat, Voloxa tis to your work.”


     The engineer grinned smugly, and he narrowed his eyes at the screen. “That ship has been around probably for a few centuries and what it used to be was a fine piece of work, as an engine goes.”


     “Well it appears we are too, according to scans and data logs.” Felonious told the engineer, “Up for a spacewalk we should take a look at that ship a little closer, I have a feeling that is going to tell us a lot what happened here.”


     “You mean that ship has been around for five hundred years…” Voloxa asked with a gasp, “It looks brand new.”


     “Yes, we are still trying to identify her.” Ihsss added, politely.  


     Sitting at her console for Communications, Hi'Mthsss studied the ship for a moment, and shook her head before turning back to the console in front of her. Something kept making her glance at the screen every few minutes, as her mind whirled with memories.


     “There is something familiar about that ship.” She thought, “I have seen that structure before.” She had turned back to her console, but constantly glanced at the screen and the Science Officer.


     “What are the proportions of the nitrogen, oxygen levels?” Ihsss asked, and the feline Science Officer hit the switch on his console and figures flashed on screen.


     “Seventy three percent oxygen, twenty percent nitrogen,” Felonious announced, “Low levels, but breathable.”


     “What happened to them?” Ihsss asked, “That is one powerful weapon to destroy a ship of that size like that. Could it be a pulsar weapon? Like the vessels, we encountered a while back. Could it already be the Cybertron?”


     “I don't think so skipper.” Felonious replied solemnly.


     For several minutes, it puzzled the young reptilian communicator and she reminisced back when they were home on their planet, something old that she had learned back in school. When it finally came to Hi'Mthsss, it had hit her like an electrical charge, making her snap her head, staring long and hard at the view screen. The communicator gasped, unable to believe that she now is staring at a legend, one she learned about on her home world. Her gasp had echoed across the bridge rather loudly, and it made everyone on the bridge look at her.


     “Yamato!” Hi breathed, remembering the lessons long ago while on her home world and in school. It had been a lesson about a ship from far away that had single handedly defeated the Comet Empire, with the help of Trelana of Telezart, freeing many enslaved planets of this war machine. All eyes focused upon her.


     “What's wrong Hi?” Felonious asked.


     “That ship has a name and I know who it belongs to.” Hi said, “It was a study back home. That is the Earth ship Yamato, the ship that destroyed the Comet Empire.”


     A low groan and murmur echoed the bridge as Hi M'thss stood up slowly from her chair, her eyes never leaving the view screen. Voloxa had gasped too, having heard the name while on his one home planet when the Comet Empire had control and before the Cybertron had taken over.


     Ihsss turned to the science officer. “That radiation trail…Felonious.” She asked, her voice choked, and her face showing a grimace, “You said there is a visible radiation course?”


     Felonious turned, hitting a button, and a line appeared on the screen from the derelict into the Sol galaxy that lay out ahead of them.


     “Origin is course one, eight, three, distance, one point one light year.” The feline Science Officer answered, “Confirmed, it is leaving a visible trail from the solar system ahead of us.”


     “Do you think the Cybertron got to her first?” Ihsss' countered, “Do you think Earth is still there?”


     “It seems so, Captain.” Felonious replied solemnly.


     “The radio signals I have intercepted are a news base of a New Tokyo/Federal City.” Hi reported, “There is no doubt Earth is there, I am certain of that, and have confirmed the origin of the signals, multiple times.”


     “Hi' M'thss.” Felonious said, “What are the coordinates you have that might list the location of Earth.”


     “What is it Fel?” asked the Captain who turned her chair to him.


     “I want to test a theory.” He said, “It may prove our location and the jump in time.”


     “Well the only information we learned was the home base region was called Earth, and group was called the Star Force.” Hi said, “The system was called SOL, in the Milky Way, coordinates two, seven, seven by one, three, three. They are the only group who fought the Comet Empire and it is because of Trelana warned them and her power defeated the Comet Empire.”


     “Thyrac.” Felonious said, turning meeting the questioning gaze of the Insectoid, “Please pull up the star charts we have of this region, for our current time.”


     “Aye.” He replied and his claw-like hand touched the button nearby. Turning Felonious dialed in the coordinates and they appeared on the screen in the form of a yellow dot.


     “Now, I'm calculating our position.” Felonious said, and a red dot appeared. The feline officer moved the two together and it formed an orange dot.


     “You mean we are at the Milky Way?” Ihsss gasped, and a low ripple of conversation rippled around the bridge.


     “Quiet please.”


     “It appears so Captain.” Felonious replied, “We might not be at the focal point in history where Earth has been destroyed already. We might be further back, before it was destroyed by the Cybertron. In my opinion, there are two possibilities, we could be hearing an echo from space, caused by the displacement of the time continuum, or we are really in the past.”


     “The ship, was not destroyed after they defeated the Comet Empire were they?” Felonious asked, and Hi M'thss shook her young reptilian head.


     “No…” The Communicator replied, “I don't know when the ship was destroyed, but according to the history, the ship did return home after that battle. Trelana sacrificed herself and returned the Emperor of the Comet Empire to the cosmos. The fate of it, however, is uncertain after that.”


     “Then that means we ARE in the year twenty-two-oh-eight then?” Ihsss suggested, “Something must have happened. Could the time stream have been altered, and the Earth ship destroyed by the Cybertron in this century?”


     Felonious shrugged. “The data is still being analyzed from the recorders for an accurate reading. The Comet Empire was defeated in the year twenty-two-oh-one, approximately. It has been about seven years since that battle occurred. Apparently Earth has endured many more battles, against other enemies, since that time.”


     “Well Felonious, I think we had better investigate. Helm?” Ihsss prompted and Veloxa turned her chair to face the reptilian Captain, with a big grin on her Insect-like features.


     “Bring us within one thousand kelicans of the derelict. Course three, one, five. Thyrac, raise the navigational deflectors. Approach her nice and easy.”


     Veloxa turned to her console. “Aye, captain,” She replied, as her hands danced across the console. 


     “Kwai maintain yellow alert status. Hi'Mthsss, you assist Felonious in the investigation, providing all data you know about Yamato's background. Voloxa and Felonious will be going on a spacewalk to examine the ship close up.” The ship became a hustle of activity. Ihsss stared at the screen then down to the chair's console before hitting a switch.


     “Boarding parties, report to airlock five in fifteen *tarnos.” The reptilian Captain ordered, “Full Medical and Engineering Teams.”  *(tarnos = equivalent of minutes on Ihsss' planet.)


     Veloxa half turned, “Ready, skipper.” The insect-like pilot told her and Ihsss' nodded.


     “Thrusters ahead,” Outside the ship, the jets of blue appeared on the hull and the Cruiser slowly began to make its way toward the derelict. They had no idea of the find they were about to discover aboard the derelict, a Hero of Earth.


A New Adventure 


     The story picks up approximately one and a half years after the final mission of the Earth ship, Yamato -- 


     Meanwhile on Mars: Derek Wildstar, formerly of the Yamato crew, sits in the assigned quarters for him and his new wife, Nova. They have come to Mars not more than a half a year ago, a few weeks after returning from the final mission of the Space Battleship Yamato.


     Once again, this crew saved Earth from destruction by the Dinguil Empire that threatened their home with the use of a legendary planet known as Aquarius, who in legend gave Earth life. They had all paid a high price for peace this time, paying dearly with the blood their comrades who died on board the Yamato on its final mission, to again save Earth. It is also hard for the others in the ranks of the Yamato crew to cope, especially for Derek who lost his best friend, Mark Venture and his mentor, Captain Avatar who seemed to be resurrected from the dead many years after the first mission to Iscandar.  It still hurt the young chief to remember his friends, whom they had buried upon Hero's Hill before this final mission of Yamato and the now more, who had been buried after they recently arrived home. The chief had seen enough blood-shed to last a lifetime. and all he seemed to have from his time in space are those memories.


     However, as Chief Wildstar thinks of his friends, he also remembers the first time they had been brought together for the first mission. How they had taken the Yamato, and had traveled out to Iscandar to get the Cosmo DNA. He remembered how young they were, how many adventures they undertook fighting the many battles against the Gamelans, and having to deal with the anxiety, stress and fear everyone had of not succeeding on their mission. The chief thought of Conroy, Hardy, Lance, Orion, Sgt. Knox, Sparks, and even Royster. They are all gone now, perished while on their adventures together. They included, on top of the names, innocent bystanders like Starsha of Iscandar, heroine of Earth, Astra, her sister, Wildstar's own brother Alex, and his niece (Alex and Starsha's Daughter) Sasha, who sacrificed themselves to save Yamato. Even Trelana of Telezart, who loved Mark Venture, had died to save Earth by taking on the evil Prince Zordar of the Comet Empire. She had sacrificed her planet first to slow the Comet Empire down, allowing the Yamato to reach home first before the Empire arrived at Earth. She then sacrificed her life, returning Zordar to the cosmos using her mystical powers. Now it was all over, Earth was at peace.


     Derick, shook his head and cleared the images, silently staring at the stars through the view port. He could not help thinking of his friends, the many who had perished during the many adventures of the Yamato. He stared at the stars, and could almost imagine Mark and Trelana meeting once again, with the others, his crewmembers and his friends who had died. He imagined seeing them running across the landscape and he taking her up into his arms, kissing her passionately. Old lovers reunited after their separation by death. Wildstar smiled openly at the thought then reality came back into focus.


     “We have accepted an assignment to Mars. This is, our final assignment in space, before we return home to permanent places on Earth.” He thought and grimaced. Derick and his wife Nova, are those few who had went to the planet Iscandar, and had survived all the missions together. During that time, they had fallen in love with each other and had finally married after the Yamato's last mission, despite putting it off before. This would be their last assignment before they would return to Earth. Derick's thoughts were suddenly interrupted however, his reminisces fading, when the door chime sounded. The sound had made him jump slightly, and he felt an overwhelming dread encompass his senses. Walking to the nearby console he hit a switch. 


     “Come!” Wildstar shouted sharply, and the doors opened obediently to allow entry of his very pale and drawn wife. An Earth Defense trooper steadied her on the arm.


     “Nova?” he asked, his voice and tone indicating a question more than a statement. Derick stepped forward toward her.


     “What happened?” Wildstar asked, directing his question toward the trooper.


     “She's all right chief.” The trooper replied, “She collapsed while on duty and I have orders by the infirmary, Doctor Hill to escort her back to quarters.” Derick managed a smile, and a slight nod. The trooper's hand slipped from her arm and he let go of her. Nova stumbled forward and Derick's reflexes moved like lighting as he lunged forward, catching her in his arms.


     “Thank you.” Wildstar politely told the trooper and smiled broadly as the young soldier saluted before exiting their quarters.


     When they were alone he stared at his wife. Derick's eyes carried a deep concern. “Nova, are you all right?” He asked and she smiled.


     “Derek, I'm fine, really. You didn't have to worry.” She told him, “I'm fine, and so is the baby.” Wildstar held her tightly, shaking his head. Her statement seemed to hover there for a few seconds.


     “You shouldn't be working so hard. This has been the third day of extra…” He declared, and suddenly her statement had sunk in, feeling like someone or something had slapped him very hard upside the head. Wildstar had drawn back, gasping loudly and stared at her with a genuinely astonished face.


     “What?” Wildstar managed to stammer, choking, “W-what was that Nova?” She stared at her husband lovingly, her eyes twinkling, giggling quietly with a mischievous mirth.


     “I said I'm fine and so is the baby. Derek, I'm pregnant and you're going to be a father.” She giggled quietly again. Wildstar on the other hand stared at Nova and his mouth hung open.


     “ME?” He choked, after a full five minutes. “A father? Are you sure?” Nova was nodding her head, but was biting her lip trying not to laugh at the face that he now made. Wildstar's face still showed astonishment but there was a smile forming there. After a brief moment between them, he happily grabbed her up into his arms letting out a yelp of joy.


     “HOT DAMN, I'm going to be a dad!” He shouted, lifting her up and as Derick held her, he spun her around in a loving embrace. Nova giggled, and laughed, as they held each other. They stared into each other's eyes and he embraced her again, kissing her passionately. However, Wildstar could not get the provocative question that his inner soul kept asking out of his head. 'When?' It had not been long after their marriage they had done the deed.


     “When?” His mind coached and now it was his turn to blush. Wildstar did so deeply when it finally struck him, remembering when they had got married and what happened after.


     “We had made love on the beach after we got married, that's when!” Derick thought, answering the question. He grimaced, his face showing him absolutely stunned by the revelation. 


     “Oh my god,” Derick murmured, as his face showed clear alarm for the thought of being unprepared for parenthood but still the thought of being a father intrigued him. It was a little sudden and Derick knew he would have to make arrangements quickly to accommodate this new event.


     “Derick are you alright?” Nova asked, and he nodded. Everything seemed to be getting much better.  The pain seemed to lessen from the memories of the last mission. Wildstar suddenly found himself back on the Yamato, on the mission to Iscandar, and standing in the observation lounge. It had been when Nova had been wishing on the Volton Star. It had just been after one hell of a trip through the red star, after they used the wave gun to destroy a huge flare, and barely managing to avoid the plasma cloud sent by the Gamelans to destroy them.  He had laughed and made fun of her.


     “Had it come true? All this was a reality now. They had fallen in love, married and now parenthood.” He asked himself, “Thank the heavens we will be on Earth in a few months.”


     Inside, he was a bundle of excited nerves, excited and hardly able to wait to tell their friends and former shipmates about it in the Star force. “Great news to tell…” He murmured and Nova put her hands on his shoulders.


     “Derek, are you sure you are all right?” She asked, again her face showing grave concern. She put up a hand and lifted his chin and met his eyes, staring deeply into them, madly in love with her husband that she had fallen for what seemed a lifetime ago for them both.


     “Uh.... Yeah....” He replied, “Everything is terrific!” Wildstar embraced her, and just held her. Nova began to laugh and Derick followed suit. He just held her, putting his hand on her stomach. He glanced at her smiling.


     A moment later the door-chime sounded behind them, and it interrupted their romantic moment. They both glanced at each other, before turning toward the door in surprise. Wildstar turned, setting Nova down gently, and moved toward the door.


      “I wonder who that could be. It's quite late for visitors.” Nova frowned, shrugging her shoulders.


     “Come!” He commanded, and he hit the button on the console making the door slide open. Two uniformed officers appeared outside the door, clad in the familiar Earth Defense uniforms, and they stepped through the open doors entering the room. The couple gasped when they saw them.


     “Why it's Sandor and Dash…” Nova stammered, staring at the two men who served with them onboard the Space Battleship Yamato for many years, and on the many missions of the familiar ship. 


     “Sandor! Dash!” Nova and Derick exclaimed together, rushing toward their friends. He greeted them with a hearty handshake and Nova kissed the two men on the cheek. Sandor and Dash both sputtered a bit, and coughed uncomfortably, making Nova laugh. 


     “Derek, Nova.” Sandor replied grinning.


      “Hey chief, how's it going!” Dash exclaimed, as he warmly black slapped his commander. Derick laughed loudly at the two men, putting a hand on Sandor's shoulder.


     “It's been a long time Sandor, what brings you and Dash to my neck of the woods?”  Wildstar asked, the technician grinned slightly, as did his former second in command, Dash.


     “Yeah, it seems like a long time since we were all together, but it has been only a year or so. We missed you at the last gathering though.” Nova moved to take her husband's hand.


     “Well it seems you both will be returning sooner than you think, however.” Sandor said and withdrew an envelope from his jacket, handing it to Wildstar. He took the envelope with a puzzled frown and turned it over in his hands. The technician had always been reserved, but zany in his own way. He always had flair of being dramatic and too serious.


     “What's this?” asked Wildstar, taking the envelope and holding it.


     “It is your orders from the Earth Defense Commander himself, hand written and on the strictest confidence to be carried to you both personally,” The technician replied, “It seems we had some interesting activity while you both have been away. We made an exciting new discovery in the US Sector of the Earth Defense Command.”


     Nova and Derick glanced at each other and their stares of disbelief panned to Dash and Sandor. Wildstar had managed to accept the envelope with a rather passive look on his face, until he stared at the flap, noting it had the Earth Defense Seal on it. Derick broke the seal, and from the envelope, he pulled the papers from inside it. Quickly his eyes scanned them. They were hand-written orders from Earth Defense Commander Singleton, and a look of question appeared on his face.


     “What is it Derick?” Asked Nova and he turned his head meeting her questioning look, reading her expression to nod slowly.


     “But Sandor, the Commander knows this is our last assignment and we're out after this…” Wildstar told him, handing the papers silently to Nova. She read them quickly and let out a gasp. Derick glanced at his wife in silent understanding when she put up a hand covering her mouth as-if to stifle it.


     “Derick…” Nova started to say, and he understood her astonishment she held up her hand. She stared at her husband, as Sandor and Dash, shook their heads at Wildstar.


     “I did not know that, but orders are orders, Commander Singleton needs you both back urgently.” Sandor urged.


     “You got my attention now Sandor, what's going on?” Wildstar asked.


“Well first, the information what I know, is classified and I can't tell you until we return to Earth to the Commander's office.” Their friend replied. Both Derick and Nova grimaced. “But, what I can tell you now, is a discovery that has made has a link to Aquarian Technology to our past, two hundred or so years.” 


     Nova at first hearing the news let out a gasp, and glanced at her husband as the technician had said it, prompting him to respond quickly.  “Aquarius!” He breathed.


     “You got it…” Sandor said as Derick took his wife's hand and gripped it tightly as she laid her head on his shoulder. For a brief moment the thought of going into space, made them feel uneasy and feel something was very wrong.



“…When we arrive, the Commander is expecting both of you.” Sandor told the couple, and he yet did not fill Derick and Nova in on very many details of the nature of the discovery made. Wildstar considered a moment what he and Nova were being asked:


They were being asked to once more head out into space, after the crew had dispersed, and without Yamato to take on a research mission to Aquarius. They would study the planet and the heavy water that was found on the plant. Inside, he wondered once they reached Aquarius, how easily they would pull the mission off. He wondered what link they would find there linking them to two hundred or more year ago in the past of Earth. He also wondered how much more blood-shed there would be in the name of peace. Derick had no idea that the Aquarian technology had been mistakenly planted in the past, when a ship bearing that technology was shot down and crashed in the deserts of Earth.


     “Honey, can I see you a moment in the bedroom?” Derick asked his wife, very sweetly.


 “Privately…” He added and motioned Nova to the door leading into the connecting bedroom. When they were alone he turned to her.


     “Please, stay home Nova, this time. You have our child and should not risk yourself out there.” He firmly said.


     Nova glared at him. “Oh no, I am going, if you go… I go…” He frowned at her stubborn attitude.


     “But Nova…” Quickly, she put her hand over his mouth.


     “We are not going to discuss this Derick.” She said coldly, “If you go, I go… I will stow away as I did last time.”


     Derick managed a smile behind her hand, and a quiet chuckle. He remembered when the Star Force, under his command, had broken out of the underwater dock and headed out to Telezart. They had seen the signs of danger from which they would have to fight, and a new enemy, the evil Comet Empire that had approached Earth. Nova had smuggled herself on-board. He took her hand from his lips, and kissed it gently.


     “Okay Nova, you win… But please don't do anything too stressful.” Wildstar told her, concerned for her welfare.


     “If you're going, we'd better get ready.” He said, pulling the duffle bags from the closet, and quickly packed their gear into it. A few minutes later, they returned to the main room where Sandor and Dash sat on the couch. Nova and Derick dropped their bags in the entryway. Sandor filled them on the non- classified data, and the technical information they had discovered. All four had then did not know that time itself had been breached from the future, and the past of Earth. A half hour later they all boarded the transport, shuttling them all to the main hanger bay. Everyone drank coffee, laughing and caught up on old times, just like they did many times before.  At the same moment, however, as they headed out into space to protect Earth, an enemy now builds.  A great armada of ships hovers at Aquarius, as on the planet the robotic enemy constructs great ships and powers them with the Aquarian energy cells. They had come from the future, traveling back into past, and their mission to change time to win the huge war they would lose in the future.



Requiem of the Past --- 


     Meanwhile on Earth: Just as a portion of the Yamato crew speeds home to Earth, to join their friends before their new mission: A lone soldier stands in the waiting room of the Commander's Office at the EDC Headquarters. His name, Seth Aguilera, formerly of the United States Army in the twentieth century, has just arrived here minutes ago at the Headquarters of the Earth Defense Command. He is coming here at the request of the EDC Commander himself, Charles Singleton, and as he stands alone in a side foyer he pulled at the uncomfortable neckline of the dark green uniform he wears belonging to the Space Marine Corps. As he does so, he stares impressed at the sectional mirror located in this alcove. The uniform is a dark green, cut to fit and trimmed in black. A silver bar gleamed on the collar of it. It is a welcomed sight and distraction for the young officer, shaking his head to bring himself back to reality to now and what he is here for today.


     “Today, either I am active again the current military, or discharged as a private citizen.” Seth thought, checking himself one more time before glancing at his surroundings. Stepping back, he entered the main area of the waiting room. It is a large open room with open beams, plush furnishings, and four sitting areas on a thick brown shag carpet. In the center of these carpeted sections, a tiled walkway leads to the large onyx desk that sits in the center of it. The room, to the young officer, reminds him of a waiting area just like this one where he and the eleven 'volunteers' had gathered at a doctor's office in San Francisco at the Presidio. Here they were checked out, and cleared for the project of Cryogenic Stasis, long forgotten as yet another war raged somewhere in the world.


     Now with that all behind him, he with the others recovered a half a year ago, have awakened from the long terms of stasis. As for Seth, however, he now attends the Space Academy in the year 2208 A.D. where he has been engaged in the long process of  'catch up learning' to bring him up to speed into the present. Two hundred years has elapsed, he and his crew have made it, far beyond their wake date into the winds of time itself. The young officer still has not fully recovered from the effects of stasis, still partially ill from the lag involved from it. He has managed to start his new life, catching up with limited duties within the Earth Defense Command, the new military organization of this century. Seth would consult with many experts world-wide, answering questions as they analyzed the chambers that he and his surviving crew arrived in.


     It has also been an extremely hard few months for Seth, first to be awakened and brought out of unconsciousness by the medical people. Other than two centuries he lost, the young officer has also lost everything he knew in the form of friends and family. His whole world had changed, turned literally upside down. Also, in addition to this, he has lost someone dear to him who had been a member of his stasis team, a young woman whom he had fallen in love while training together in San Francisco. It is a romance that spanned two years, as they were comrades in arms for their project. Something he could not get over to know that she is now gone, leaving him alone in a new century. They had lost seven people from an explosion that had thundered through the chamber by a planted terrorist bomb and which had collapsed the chamber, after throwing shrapnel that covered the chambers. Several of them had been damaged by the falling debris and pieces of metal belonging to the chamber, breaching the chambers and causing the occupants to die in stasis.


     “And she will never know the fantastic changes.” He thought, “What a waste.”


     The young officer remembered that day where he had gone to the funeral and the day where he put his friends to rest. Seth also remembered the fan fair that had been accompanied with the bodies of his friends. They were to be taken to a place called Hero's Hill, a place that had unanimously been decided by the Earth Defense Command HQ, the Federal Hospital staff and the former Star Force members, to put them to rest there. Many people would come in droves to watch the funeral of the seven people from the twentieth century, all here to also see the two hundred year old man who was said to be attending this funeral.


     Seth watched in grim silence at the fanfare around him, as he stood at the memorial waiting for the funeral to begin for his lost comrades. He desperately tried to ignore the questions of the press, shouted at him, and ignore the flashes of the cameras in his face for the last hour. The young officer grimaced when he turned his head, when the first coffin appeared with the six pallbearers around it, who carried it into the memorial. It was the first of seven coffins to come here for burial. In the background, the song, Seth recognized as 'In Pace' was played over the loudspeakers.


     “From Hamlet… Nice and appropriate…” Seth managed to murmur as the other coffins appeared. He gazed at the six pallbearers carrying each coffin all draped with the EDC flag and the U.S. Flag over them.  As the coffins approached, the crowd fell silent, and the only sound was the booted footsteps of the pallbearers echoing on the granite walkway. Hats were removed as the caskets passed the crowd, some in uniform saluted the caskets and the press cameras flashed all over the memorial. All eyes were focused on the young officer of the past who had stepped forward, saluting the flag that draped over the coffins too. A low murmur of mixed reactions rippled across the crowd.


     Back in the Federal Hospital, the stasis crew who had recently awakened now occupies two rooms: They are unaware of the memorial service for their friends, not told by the EDC Staff that their seven friends had died while in stasis. They are just now learning of their adventure through time and already welcomed by the staff of the hospital. As Melinda Morris lay in her bed, next to Amy Panstingle, she flipped the channels on the television. It had been the one channel she had flipped to and she stared at the picture of the crowd that had gathered at the memorial that drew her interest. The same memorial that Melinda, Amy and even Amanda and Manual had seen a short distance from the city when they awakened in Federal Hospital. Melinda grimaced when she saw it, having seen the memorial many times through the window of the hospital room.


     “Hey there is something going on out there.” Melinda said, glancing at her friend who had been engrossed in her tablet that that showed the text history of Earth on it. She had pointed at the window where Hero's Hill Memorial that appeared on the hill outside of town. The two women had glanced at each other and then back to the monitor, watching it in stunned silence as the camera's focus was on the caskets, moving back to the crowd, then to the Yamato crew, and the Earth Defense Commander, Charles Singleton who stood in dress uniform at the podium across from the newly excavated graves.


     “It appears the seven chambers belong to a unit who was placed in them two hundred years ago. A stasis project, that the Earth Defense Command Science community has called a miracle of science.” The first reporter said, as the camera panned right.


     “It is quite a gathering for something so strange. I guess only proper, though they are hardly the first citizens like the Yamato crew who had served Earth. We have word that five of these people from the past are still living despite this burial. They are still listed in the Federal Hospital as critical, but stable condition. The EDC has neither commented, nor released the names or photos of those individuals.”  A camera fell on the stone cold gaze of Lieutenant Aguilera, who watched the caskets pass by him.


     “This young man was one of the survivors right?” asked the second reporter and the first one nodded.


     “Well yes, according to what I have, this man is the leader of the group found.” The first reporter said, “He is here to oversee personally these burials.” Next door, there was a yelp and footsteps, as Manual and Amanda, donned in robes rushed over to their room from next door.


     “Hey are you watching the memorial on TV?” Amanda asked, “It seems we're famous TV Celebrities.”


     “Shhhh.” Melinda replied in annoyance, as she waved her hand.


     “We have word that the caskets are approaching their final resting place.” The reporter stated formally, “Let's go live to action.” On the screen, the camera panned to the crowd, and to Commander Singleton, and then to many others who had come to the memorial to witness this funeral. Standing with the Seth, the Yamato crew stood looking on.


     “It seems the Yamato crew is also on hand.” A reporter commented, “The Earth's finest citizens who had saved Earth from the Gamelan attacks and rushed to Iscandar to get the Cosmo DNA nine years ago. They defeated the Comet Empire, eight years ago.” At the memorial, cameras blinked across its granite surface, as all eyes had been trained on a young Lieutenant Aguilera who stood with Doctor Sane, the Yamato crew, and several others. They had been watching and as the first casket passed him that he snapped to attention, raising his hand in formal salute, to hold it, as each draped caskets passed him.


     Melinda nudged Amy when she saw the young officer, who seemed familiar to her, hardly able to recognize her friend who stood in the dark uniform and the heavily bearded face, despite the shaved dark hair.


     “Oh my god,” Melinda murmured, “That's Seth!”


     “He's alive too!” Amy exclaimed, and there were low murmurs among the stasis crew gathered in the room. They saw Seth salute the caskets as they passed him, holding the military honors. They smiled, glad to see him alive and well, looking sharp in the uniform of the Earth Defense Command.


     “Who we are seeing now is the leader of the stasis group, a man named Lieutenant Aguilera, who has been beneficial, helpful to identify the project that used the water of Aquarius. A power source and the same waters that Yamato had stopped from flooding Earth and defeated the Dinguil Empire over it a year ago.” A reporter said.  


     “Oh my god,” Melinda said, tears forming in her eyes, when she realized what she was seeing before their eyes, “I can't believe it, it's a funeral? Our friends are dead?”


     “My god, it appears so.” Amy gasped, watching the caskets on the screen. “This cannot be, when the hell, did this happen?”


     “It IS for your friends,” A voice said, and they turned to see a young nurse they recognized as Lieutenant (JG) Yakamori, “You are the ones they mentioned are you not?” She asked. It was very apparent everyone was watching in the city.


     “Well… yes ma'am, we are…” Melinda replied, meeting the look of the young nurse standing in the doorway and quickly remembering military courtesy.


“It is their funeral.” She said, “The entire Yamato crew, the hospital staff, and Earth Defense Command, unanimously decided to put them to rest there. The memorial is a place where the Yamato crew buried many of their friends in service to save Earth. Your friends are being given the same honors.”


     The nurse smiled as she paused, “You are all legends, Heroes. You are much admired for your courage by the staff at Federal Hospital and the EDC.”


     “Well…thanks.” Amy replied, glancing at Manual who held her Amanda in his arms. Melinda, Amy, Amanda, and Manual were speechless to this information given to them and all eyes were back on the monitor where the young officer, their friend, stood at the memorial. They noted the young nurse watched with them.


     At the memorial, Nova, her husband Derick, Sandor, and the Yamato crew had all watched the young officer hold the salute as the flag draped caskets passed by him. His hand lowered a moment later, and a murmur from the crowd echoed the memorial, when Seth stepped forward and fell in step behind the caskets. He turned sharply to the left, after stepping forward to follow behind the last of the caskets headed to the gravesite. 


     “What the hell is he up to?” Sane had whispered to Nova and Derick, just as astonished as everyone present had been. Seth ignored the murmurs, as he walked behind them, and took his place in the center of the seven graves that had been dug here, as the pallbearers stood nearby. 


     The pallbearers grinned at first when they saw him, and then realized what it was he was doing. A grimace appeared on their faces, one of them glancing at Commander Singleton, who watched impassively. Seth glanced at the Earth Defense Commander and he nodded once, understanding what the young Lieutenant wanted to do.


     “Pallbearers attention,” Seth shouted, the six people at each casket, still holding them turned and straightened. “Let's give them a bit of close order here. Sidestep left, at the half step.” The pallbearers held the casket and with one-step moved to the side the graves in one smooth precise motion. Nova and the others smiled at the precision, beauty and elegance of the motion.


     “Company halt,” Seth shouted, as each casket was positioned over the graves. “Ready…”


     “Ready!” A voice replied, a young Sergeant who had been leading the caskets before.


     “Caskets… Down!” Seth ordered and the pallbearers obeyed, sitting them all smoothly on the unit that would place them into the graves.


     “Dress right Dress left, close intervals.” Seth shouted and the group stood at attention, as one arm was an arrow, and they slid into close formation rank. The young officer nodded.


     “Ready! FRONT!” Heads snapped forward and they faced the mirror of the three other people carrying the casket.


     “Render Flag to honors.” Seth ordered, and the pallbearers turned to the coffin and quickly each flag was removed from the caskets and neatly folded. The flag then was passed to the first person at the head of each casket.


     “Company, left face,” Shouted the young Lieutenant, the company present turned and Seth nodded.


     “Forward… March!” The echo of the command went down the line.  Neat rows of the formation of pallbearers walked from the side of the caskets and they walked toward Seth on either side.


     “Company Halt,” The group of three stood clear of the caskets with a row between them.


     Seth spun to the left. “Company... Left, Face.” He snapped out the command and the compliment present complied. Neat rows faced the Commander, who stood impressed at the podium. Seth turned from his place, and he took a place on the left side of the formation.


“Close ranks and stand at ease.” Seth snapped and the rows neatly filed in close as forty-two people stood in formation beside the graves. Nova had her hands on her face, and there were smiles by the Yamato crew, for the excellent demonstration by the pallbearers. There was polite applause. Commander Charles Singleton stood at the podium, dressed in the formal dress uniform, a green colored one, trimmed in black. He wore a billed hat, and ribbons on his chest of the many campaigns he had served. Everyone turned when the Commander stepped up to the podium.


     “We are gathered here to pay respects to our honored dead and we welcome home our lost sons and daughters of Earth who have returned after two centuries.”  The Commander stated, “We welcome home 'Emiline Montgomery', 'Denise Watson', 'Doug Woolard', 'Christina Cook', 'Sherry Carnelli', 'Edward McKee', and 'Katherine Lewis'” He said, pausing, as he panned a look to the many faces in the audience.


     “These people are the true spirit of honor and dedication. They are also the ultimate sacrifice so others may live. They will be honored also as earth's finest citizens, in the face of adversity, trial and in the performance of their duty.” The Commander finished speaking, and the stasis volunteers in Melinda and Amy's room seemed to react to the kind words spoken for their friends, as they watched the monitor in the hospital room. The words, for a moment, seemed to hang there in the air at the memorial and slowly faded with the wind, as their friends now slowly were put to rest. The Yamato crew had been here many times before, in the last few years, to bury a few more of the crew from the ship and among them a good friend of the Yamato crew. (Nova's first love, Mark Venture) She knew what Seth and the others in his crew must have been going through, as did Wildstar and even Doctor Sane.


     “Honors, HUT! Salute!” A soldier shouted, and the company mass saluted, as the coffins were lowered slowly into the grave. In the hospital room, Amanda Melinda, and Amy wept openly as they raised their hands in salute. Manual held a crisp salute, his face hard and unmoving as Seth's was, as he stood at the memorial. At the memorial, Nova bleary eyed turned to salute as did the other Yamato crew. As she held the salute, the seven coffins were lowered into the graves.


     In both places, there was a moment of silence from which there could be some reflection among the living stasis crew for their friends. They all remembered the good times, after the rocky start, to work as a team. They learned to trust, and each other's idiosyncrasy that helped them communicate and work better together. Now that was over, and all they had was memories. The Yamato crew strangely echoed the same thing from their first mission to Iscandar to now. They too reflected for their friends, recently lost to the horrors of war.


     “Return Salute.” Seth shouted, his voice listless, and the company lowered their hands. It was over.


     “And now we are five.” Amy murmured, as she stood in the room, lowering her hand and beside her, Melinda turned her head, managing a slow nod at her revelation. At the memorial, Seth turned to the pallbearers and the others present.


     “Company… Dismissed!” Seth shouted, as the forty-two people who had brought these seven caskets, marched out in the same order they had come. Seth turned, as cameras and press cameras scanned the memorial, showing the stunned reaction of the crowds.


     Seth's memories faded, and cast another uneasy glance to the surroundings and at the futuristic waiting room at Headquarters where he found himself.  His gaze refocused on the mirror in front of him.


“Jesus. That was almost two months ago.” The young officer thought, and he grimaced, shaking his head in silent disbelief.


     “In an hour, it is either yes or no.” Seth thought happily, “Reactivation to duty, or release into the future as a civilian.”


 Lieutenant Aguilera stepped into the outer waiting room, and pulled uncomfortably at the collar of the uniform. He had been so engrossed in his memories, that he had not noticed what was going on around him until a young enlisted person bumped into him.


     “Excuse me sir!” The voice said as Seth returned his salute sharply. He smiled at the motion, letting out a sharp exhale.


     “Just like old times.” He thought, and chuckled quietly. The young Lieutenant felt the confidence building a bit, by the military courtesy shown to him.


     The young officer walked toward the huge onyx desk sitting in the center of the room and soon stood before two young women, an Ensign of the Space Service and a young Second Lieutenant from the Space Marines Corps who are assigned to work behind it. Two burley guards stood on either side of the room, dressed in full battle armor, holding nasty looking rifles as they stood like statues against the wall. When Seth approached the desk, the two women looked up startled and stood to salute him. The young ladies at the desk had not been expecting such a person to arrive on their watch. Seth had been at least an hour early to arrive at the Headquarters building.


     “First Lieutenant Aguilera, U.S. Army?” The young ensign asked and he nodded silently, absently smoothing the black band on his uniform, signifying a mourning band for his friends.  


     “Outstanding sir, the Commander is expecting you. Please follow me.” With that, she moved from the inner section of the desk, and started down the nearby hallway.


     “Wait, I thought my appointment was at fourteen-thirty hours.” Seth questioned, his tone indicating surprise, but he moved in one-step behind her as they walked the plush, but brightly lit hall. Seth glanced down quickly at the chronometer on his wrist, his eyes moving up from the chronometer, and they found the young woman.


     Immediately the young Lieutenant ran a quick gaze over the youthful Ensign, carefully, admiring the beauty and curves of her fabulous figure. His eyes examined her from the top of her head, to her long brown hair that draped to an attractive shoulder length and down her curves to her cute buttocks that swayed in the almost molded tight uniform.  He did not recognize her from the memorial service for the others.


     “Wow!” He murmured, “What a babe, I think I am going to like the future after all. At least some things have not changed.” Seth laughed quietly. The young woman, named Crystal, had felt his gaze burning into her, and inside she was wondering what he is looking at. The young woman then realized, it was she the young officer was watching. When she overheard his comment, she decided to have some fun with him and whirled on him.


     “Excuse me sir?” Crystal asked, in mock annoyance.


     “What? Err… Nothing.” He replied quickly, waving his hand at the young woman.


Crystal turned, nodding slightly. “I thought so.” She murmured, chuckling quietly under her breath, as the two officers resumed the short walk down the hallway. The young woman smiled at him as she pointed to the doors.


     “Here it is, Lieutenant.” She told him, “And the answer is yes, if and when you get back after reporting in for your new assignment. Or your release from the service.” Seth met her gaze with a shocked look and Crystal winked at him before turning to leave. Lieutenant Aguilera felt the flush rising over his collar, and managed an amused smirk.


     “Now I know I am going to like the future…” She heard him mutter and exhale sharply. Seth turned his head when he heard her giggle. Crystal had heard him and he flushed brightly in embarrassment. He never was good with women, even in his century and he did not know how he'd fare being a dinosaur to the new generation of this military.


     “I guess it must be important if they are going to see me early.” Seth thought and turned to the large walnut doors. Before he could knock, however, the doors opened slowly. They allowed the young officer to step through them, and into the huge sprawling office of General Charles Singleton, Earth Defense Commander. The officer of the past's reaction had been quiet astonishment at the size of the office, even though he was the Earth Defense Commanding General.


     Lieutenant Aguilera walked into the Earth Defense Commander Singleton's office, a sinister, but Spartan furnished office that sprawls out in front of three bay windows overlooking the city. A carved, stone desk sits in the corner, facing the door and another table connects it. Around the office are the same furnishings like the outer office that decorates the room. Three men and a young woman sat at the table, which Seth immediately picked as one being Commander Charles Singleton himself sitting in the center, his aides on either side named Lieutenant Kitano, and Commander Mitty Mc Donald. A young chief sat beside Commander Mc Donald, named Jordy Venture, who happened to be Mark Venture's brother who had died on the last mission of Yamato. Jordy sat with a machine in front of him, recognized by Seth as a recorder found in a court. Seth managed a few steps in, slightly unnerved by the people present but he marched forward anyway, turning to face them. Seth snapped to rigid attention and snapped off an old fashioned salute to the Commander and company.

see part 2

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