Dragon Age: Bonds

Oriyan Cousland comes from a rich noble family who's only rival in power is royalty. He's lived a comfortable, carefree life with his family. With his Mabari hound, Ishta, Oriyan hunts in the forests surrounding his home and hones his swordplay skills alongside his father's knights. Tragedy strikes, however, when his father's friend Howe betrays them and attacks the estate when his brother is away with the soldiers. After watching his mother and father fall in battle, Oriyan follows a Gray Warden by the name of Duncan (who had been a guest in his home) to the city of Ostagar. There he meets a City Elf from Denerim named Zahira Tabris, who hides her own dark past from the rest of the recruits. Oriyan tries to gain the trust of the fair rogue, who claims to hate all humans. He soon finds that she is not hesitant to kill any human who is foolish enough to cross her in any way. Just what had happened to this Elf that was so bad, she resented all humanity as a result?

The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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