From Ashes, To New Life

Natalia's whole family died in a devastating fire. So she is move to Australia to her Mums oldest, and closest friends home. But what she dosent expect is to find a half brother, and the three hottest guys on the planet.

p.s. (The boys aren't famous yet)
p.p.s im really bad at making blurbs, but I think that the story is really good, just not explain well enough.


1. The Fire

"I hate you" I scream at my mum, "I am dating him whether you like it or not!"

"Baby girl, don't say things like that!", mum said, "he is just using you!"

" I love him! He loves me! You don't even know what love is! You touch dad like I touch Duncan, you don't even kiss any more, no wonder he is sleeping with his intern!!l

"WHAT", screamed my dad as he walked into the room, red faced. Now I'm in for it.

"You have no right to say such things to your mother!! You are in big trouble young lady!!"

"Just try! I'm leaving and I'm not coming back!!" I yell at both of them. I saw him with that blonde bimbo out side of the office last week and I think that is when i started to hate my father.

I ran up stairs shoved some stuff into my back-pack. Then I put it over my shoulder and went to walk down stairs but was intercepted by my younger sister Stacey.

"Where are you going?" She said in that annoying seven year old to cool for school voice.

"Piss off you brat!!" I screamed at her. Her eyes started I tear up. I really shouldn't have said that and felt incredibly guilty but pushed past her and stormed down stairs and out of the house.

I hailed a cab an jumped inside and told the cabbie to duncans address. I was so angry!! Why can't they let me live my life! I am 16 for god-sake!

I hopped out of the car an went to Duncan's house. Not that you could really call it a house. It was run down and I think that it was abandoned before Duncan and his crew moved in. I stepped in inside without knocking and went up to Duncan's room, I also didn't bother knocking on his door and went straight in.

I found some b*cth getting dressed in his room and Duncan lying lazily on his bed smiling at her. The smile vans hied when he saw me.

"What are you doing here baby?!??" He asked me, eyes wide.

"I was just leaving you man-whore! Where did you pick this one up? The circus?" How dare he cheat on me! I had given him everything! Well almost everything, but I have him money. Lots of it!! The mysterious girl turned around and I saw her face, valleri. My now ex-BFF.

"You knew we were dating, and you still slept with him!?" I yells at her. I was doing a lot of yelling today.

"You weren't doing anything with him, so I thought I might." She said in a seductive tone.

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