Take Me To Neverland

Everyone knew the story of Wendy Darling and how she went to Neverland with Peter Pan and her brothers after being told she had to grow up but what if she wasn't the one who had to grow up but her twin,Elizabeth was.What if Wendy did go to Neverland but by Elizabeth's request.This is the story of Elizabeth Tamara Anne Darling and her trip to Neverland.



      "Cinderella flew through the air,far from all things ugly and ordinary.When she landed at the ball,she found herself most impertinently surrounded by pirates."Wendy Darling spoke,looking to her twin to explain further.
"There was Alf Mason,so ugly his mother sold him for a bottle of muscat.Bill Jukes,every inch of him tattooed."She made a point to circle her body with her hand to further than point of her and her twins story
."And the worst of them all..."Elizabeth Darling looked to her sister.
"Hook!"The exclaimed together,curving their finger over.
"With eyes blue as forget-me-nots."Wendy spoke.
"Save when he clawed your belly with the iron hook he has instead of a right hand at which time his eyes turn red."She made a swinging motion and widen her eyes,again over explaining the story.Her brother John stood up,grabbing the toy sword from the box of random things.
"Girlie!,'Said Hook."He began,pointing the wooden stick to Wendy,allowing Elizabeth to take a seat with Michael.
"We have come for ye glass slippers."They walked in small circles.
"Who be you to order me about and call me girlie?"Wendy said,reciting the story that has been told more than most people could count.
"Take that!"They repeated over and over again,fighting like pirates.
"Hook came at her!"Elizabeth exclaimed,John let out a scream and ran at Wendy.
"What happened then!?What happened then!?"Michael explained jumping up and down.
"Brave Cinderella settled the matter once and for all."Wendy continued,"With her revolver."Elizabeth added,a slight laugh to her face.
"With her revolver?"John asked,loosing a bit of focus in the fake fight.
They stopped once their dog,Nana,barked at the window.The four ran over,quite confused by her protectiveness,but when they looked out,nothing was there,not a bird or a leaf.The cuckooing scared the children out of their confused state frightening them into forgetting Nana had even barked.

When it came bath time,the house was filled with thumps,screams,and barks,adding more into Michael's adventurous mind.Allowing Wendy and Elizabeth to slip downstairs and listen to the piano their mother played and the song their father sang.There can't be  a happier,simpler family.
"All right!All right!All right!All right!Less noise."There was always at least on 'all right' for each child when they dance and sang,George Darling,was one for quiet and peace,matching his sophisticated likeness,while Mary Darling was the one to encourage noise,always as loud as the children,sometime even louder just to quiet them.
"Wendy and Ellie's turn!" "They must tell a story!"John and Michael spoke,causing the two girls to stand,practically bouncing in there spot to find a perfect story to tell Aunt Millicent.The girls giggled as Michael and John told Aunt Millicent about the stories they've already  told.
"Upon my soul,how children are educated nowadays."
"I'm afraid I am not learned at all,Aunt."The twins spoke in unison,perfectly on beat."But we do know a thing or two about pirates."Elizabeth let out,smiling at Wendy.
"My unfulfilled ambition is to write a great novel in three parts about mine and Ellie's adventures." "I'll plan to be the illustrator,memorizing each and every detail about every person and thing we see and meet,making a carbon copy onto the page."Elizabeth let out,she was a great artist and had an extravagant memory,she once drew a portrait of Aunt Millicent so she would not have had to spend a single coin,it is now hung over the fire place in Millicent's house,looking professional and neat.
"What adventures?"Millicent asked,simply worried for the two girls.
"Well,we're yet to have them,"Wendy spoke,"But they will be perfectly thrilling!"Elizabeth exclaimed spinning around.
"But children,novelists and illustrators are not highly thought of in good society,and there is nothing so difficult to marry as an illustrator."The quit spinning standing to look at their Aunt,Aunt Millicent looked to Elizabeth after finishing her second part.She seemed to jump at the word marry,she was barely twelve.
"Marry?"Elizabeth questioned.
"Marry?"George spoke,not wanting to think of his eldest even being close to marriage.
"But Aunt,Elizabeth is not yet 13."Mary spoke just as confused.
"Walk toward me,Beth,that I may appraise you."She looked to Wendy who looked to be holding in a subtle giggle.
"Go on.Walk to your auntie.Stand straight."He father urged.She stood straight and began walking,her brothers giggling causing Wendy to follow in sorts and Elizabeth soon after.Elizabeth gets to Millicent and turns at command.The laughter did not stop.
"Shh."Elizabeth let out,even though her giggles were right there with the others.
"Mmm,yes.It's quite as I expected."Aunt Millicent remarked,grabbing her hands,"Elizabeth possesses a woman's chin."Elizabeth reached up to feel her chin,thinking she was going to have to grow up now.
''Have you not noticed?"Aunt Millicent queried."Observe her mouth."Elizabeth turned,looking to her parents and twin for explanation.
"There,hidden in the right-hand corner.Is that a kiss?"Millicent rejoiced.Elizabeth felt the right side of her mouth expecting a small bump or anything of the type.
"A kiss?"
"Like mother's kiss."
"A hidden kiss."Millicent explained to the two boys.
"But what is it for?"Elizabeth questioned.
"It is for the greatest adventure of all.They that find it,have slipped in and out of heaven."
"Find what?"
"The one the kiss belongs to."Her parents stood and Wendy slid her hand in Elizabeth's hoping to calm her confusion and nerves,she did not expect the night her Aunt came over was the night she would get a look-over for any sign of adulthood.
"My Ellie,a woman."
"Almost a woman."

Elizabeth sat by the door,Wendy,Michael,and John piled behind her,eavesdropping on the conversation.
"She must spend less time with her siblings and more time with me."Each child let out a gasp.
"She must have her own room."Elizabeth shook her head,she could barely sleep without Wendy's bed being shoved right next to her's,she would never survive a night in her own room.
"A young lady's room."Millicent added.
"Leave the-"Michael started causing John and Wendy to reach for his mouth.
"George,the daughter of a clerk cannot hope to marry as well as that of a manager.You must attend more parties,make small talk with your superiors at the bank.Wit is very fashionable at the moment."

Elizabeth lie still in her bed,the blanket pulled to her shoulders,her chestnut hair sprawled out underneath her.Her head turned ever so slightly making in much more comfortable to lay on her back.The feeling of something over her skin caused her to open her eyelids,allowing the flying boy to see the golden hazel color underneath.She let out a gasp causing him to slam backwards to the top of the wall.Nana,being the best nurse on four paws,began barking,alerted by the intruder.Elizabeth sat up abruptly but quickly fell off her bed as Nana chased the boy,leaving the girl to find her own way out of the heavy red covers that fell with her.She quickly found her way and gasped again at the sight of the closed window,quickly throwing it open,hoping to find him,but there was no one there,no sign he had ever been there.Quickly she found a candle and lit it,walking down the stairs and out the door to look around the yard,but she could not find anyone,not even foot prints in the snow.Certainly it had to be a dream.

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