My only love

A poem about a one true love


1. My Only Love

His eyes are like stars  Sparking in the dark  He makes me want him like every girl does  He's like an angel sent from above  His touch is soft and delicate  So passionate and sweet  Every time he's near  I can feel the rise of the heat  My stomach is filled with butterflies  My heart beat rises and starts to pound It feels like I'm flying  But I'm still on the ground  His smile is so beautiful  It makes me smile  I like staring at him  I can stay like this for a while  The way he walks  The way he talks  He takes away my pain  But sometimes he drives me insane  He's perfect, I love everything about him When he says I love you I could never doubt him  I'm the one for him  He's the one for me  And when we have a fight  I remember we're meant to be  We're made for each other  We both can't have another lover  It's like magic  Maybe it's a spell  He treats me so right  He treats me so well  It's so funny how one guy can make me feel like this  Waiting every second for my very first kiss  I'm walking down the aisle  I see his face and I smile  Today I will Marry him  And we'll have children of our own  Now I'm sure of one thing  I'll never be alone 
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