Behind Closed Doors - |M.G.C|

All her life, Verity has been silenced by the man she was forced to call her father and hasn't spoken in years, due to living in fear of telling someone about the daily abuse. After her mother mysteriously disappeared 4 years ago, Verity's father became a controlling alcoholic that beat his only child.

Outside of the abuse, Verity is your average school girl with good grades. Unfortunately she is getting verbally abused inside of school and has no friends, so she turns to harming herself to relieve herself from all the pain.

Verity was beginning to lose hope, when the boy that has made her school life a living nightmare, changes his tune and helps Verity escape the hell-hole which she calls her home, and the devil inside.

~ I Hope You Enjoy 'Behind Closed Doors' ~

The author has rated this movella as red, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 16.
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