A UFO that landed on earth

a ufo from space lands in the middle of bridget staines garden where it kidnaps her and takes her away. Then her brother jack staines tells the police but they dont believe him. bridget has an hour to kill the aliens and fly the ufo back home before sunrise otherwise she will be trapped forever in the land of unknown...



Bridget was fast asleep when suddenly a bright light outside the window awoke her from her peaceful dreaming. It came closer and closer until she was blinded by the white light. When she opened her eyes again, all she could see was darkness. She pinched herself, was this part of her dream. No. Bridget hurried downstairs, put her coat and slippers on and hurried outside. She peered through the crack in the door and she saw something in the front garden. She didn't know what. Bridget called down her brother Jack who was daring enough to step outside to get a closer look.

"What do you think it is Jack?" queried Bridget.                                                              "I don't know but lets go have a look."                                                                         The two children stepped onto the grass covered in frost and tip toed cautiously to the 'thing'. "WOW! Look Bridget. It's a UFO!"                                                                     "This must be the bright light I saw through the curtain, Jack, where are you going?"  "I'm going inside." But before he stepped forward, something climbed out. Bridget screamed silently and switched her torch on. It was an alien. Green, short with huge black eyes.                                                                                                                           "This is exactly how I imagined an alien to be!" whispered Bridget, mesmerized.         The alien looked up at her and took her hand. It showed her to the ladder in which it came out from. The alien creature clicked its tongue and a whole army trooped out.the alien shoved Bridget in whilst Jack was held back by the rest. The UFO took off and the army of aliens jumped back in at the last moment. They left Jack jaw-dropped with tears in his eyes. He tried calling for Bridget but no sound came out...



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