best friends for life

justin and james have been friends for life but wht hapens when one moves away without telling the outher


1. best friends forever

ok James we need to talk to you after school today the doorbell rang  Justin hear mum see you later have a nice day they couldent wait to tell James where moving to Florida.  i know hell be saw happy . Hey Justin hey James how are you Im good they went insider the school   ok today we have to have a partner for a project  ok   this boy called Dan can we be partners Justin yes ofcource i was going to ask you anyway wait what James we our always hanging out together ok fine our friendship is nothing to you no it is.  he found another partner  nobody would go with him it was the end of day saw you dont want to be friends anymore right said jams ofcource i do no you don't.  like me Justin just admit it . James got on the bus come sit with us no i wont your being a child no im not you are being a child.  James ok then see you later ima t my stop wait james he ran out of the bus to chase james he slammed the door ok i have  tot ell yo something james yes he said crying we are moving to Florida yay good i don't want to be Friends with justin anymore wait why not  because i don't like him anymore. when do we leave.  this evening ok jusstin rang the doorbell what do you want i am not your friend anymore Justin come on please no get away from me justin and pushed justin he fell on the floor right that's it he cried   i give up bye. he ran home James packed his suitcase they left for the airport

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