Whimsy, Wonder, and a Little White Rabbit

A collection of poems and (very) short stories born out of boredom and bursts of inspiration.


1. Save Me


There once lived a girl in a tower.

She didn't have long hair like the stories had said.

Oh, no. She liked it just above her waist, adorned with a single flower.

Her life was dull and mundane, filled with mindless routines.

Day in and day out, adventure never came by.

She never left the tower in search of it,

For she was locked away in a tower of her own.

A tower in her mind.

There was no one around to tell her it was OK to leave.

That the witch was long dead, burnt at the stake.

And so she waited, the witch in her head telling her to stay.

Be a good girl, follow the routine.

Stupid girl, you can always leave.

Save me, she would cry out to the wind.

Save yourself, the wind would scream.

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