Twisted Thorns and Broken Daisies.


1. Twisted Thorns and Broken Daisies.

She cries roses, oh beautiful words.

Twisted thorns and branches, They burn the blooming beauty to the ground.

The oceans bleed their life force to put her back together, but it's much too late.

Each petal decorated with madness, 

Filled with desire.

The structure stands strong with solidified tears, building,twisting the shaped insanity.

It brings a volcanic touch to your pearls of tears.

She breathes daffodils, vibrant yellow despair that she paints to fit into the kingdom of darkness.

She spits words so sharp they become a part of her.

The tulips cry for their lost sister,

the queen was once so strong, now taken by the current of the red.

The full moon rises, a natural disaster it brings.

Wolves howl hymn for their lost love, they shall never reach.

Lillies spit at their sickeningly sweet reflection.

She cries roses, oh beautiful worlds...

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