Runaway boy

He didn't realise he was crying before hand, but he felt it after a while and then it wouldn't stop coming.
Maybe it was that he couldn't believe it, or that everything had happened so fast.

He just wanted to curl up and hide in a box far, far away.


1. Fires


He held on to her for 10  minutes before he heard the distant call of sirens. His vision was muffled but he could still make out her familiar face along with some blur of red.                                   He didn't realise he was crying before hand, but he felt it after a while and then it wouldn't stop coming.  
Maybe it was that he couldn't believe it, or that everything had happened so fast. 

He just wanted to curl up and hide in a box far, far away.

"There's a boy!" Shouted a figure further away which the boy made out to be a firefighter, but he never found out.

Nobody knew what made him run, but he ran like the wind was taking him, maybe it did.  

"Hey come back!" The man shouted, but everybody knew he wasn't coming back.

The boy kept running because his mind told him to keep going; that's where he'll find something, he didn't know what, but he knew it was something good.

"Hey boy!" The man was tall and fierce. 
"Jack?" The boy recognised him instantly.
"Timothy what you doing out here?" Obviously Timothy hadn't run that far out of town, "Timothy is everything okay?" He asked more calmly, it wasn't everyday you saw a boy running like that into this part of town.
"Timothy why don't you come inside?" He said, Timothy must have started crying again.


The house was old and natty, not like Timothy's house used to be. Jack was his uncle so they saw each other quiet of often.

"Timothy, where's your mama?" Aunt Kath handed Timothy some tea, Kath had the most smokey red hair anyone had ever seen.
"I don't know" Timothy lied, because he did know.
"Timothy?" Kath knew he was lying too.
"I'm so sorry" Timothy put his head in his hands and started to rock forwards and backwards. 
"Timothy what's going on? " They both said.
"I'm so sorry" he repeated.
"Mama said she was feeling ill this morning" he started to explain, "she managed to put the porridge on the stove and turn it on but she realised we had no bread" he was now trembling, "so i said i would go to the shop to get some. Before i left she said she was going to have a quick lie down, but when I came back, the house was-" 

"Oh no" Aunt Kath was in tears,

"I ran in to get her, but by the time I got her out of the house it was probably to late" he cried,

 He looked over at Kath, he had never seen her like this before.

Then he turned to Jack, and Timothy had never seen a human like this before.

"Why did you run? We have to go there now" she said after what seemed half an hour of crying. 

But Timothy knew better, going back meant he would get blamed,  "Sorry" he said and ran out of the house. They didn't stop him because there was no use, he was the fastest in his class at school.

"Timothy!" He herd a silent call but the wind started to block out any sound.


The land went from houses, to shacks, to cracks in the dry ground. 
The wind was stronger now and dust started to itch his eyes.
"Hello?" Timothy stopped and realised that there were no houses or even shacks anywhere to be seen.
"Help!" He shouted but only his echo replied. 
He started to cry, it was the second time today he got the feeling of suddenly realising he was  alone.

Then he saw her, the familiar face, except it was as clear as day.


She didn't reply, Timothy knew she wasn't real, but he wanted her to be. 

"Mama, come back, please, no," she started to fade and Timothy started to feel dizzy and his stomach ached.

Suddenly the floor swept from under his feet


"I don't know what to do, I just found him for God's sake, I can't just leave him can I?"
"Why not? We can hardly feed ourselves and I'm not going to wast any on a scrawny little boy that you just found while hunting"
"Look at him Anna!"
"I said I don't care! I'm not going to wast-"
"Come on Anna! He's going to die out there!"
" I - don't - care "

Timothy listen to them fighting for a long time before he sat up.

"Look at what you've done stupid man! You've woken him up!" 

Timothy dragged himself off the floor.

"Hey son" the man nodded in his direction,

Timothy didn't answer.

"What brings you down to the desert?" He asked,
"Don't encourage him you fool!" Barked Anna, "the boy is awake and so the boy can leave!" 
"Don't talk to him like that!" The man fired back,
"I'm Russell"  he lent out his hand,

Still dazed, Timothy didn't take his hand.

"Okay listen I'll get you some food and something to drink" he got up off of his seat,

"Not that we have any food" muttered Anna,

" so how old are you son?" Called Russell from the kitchen, and yet again Timothy stayed silent. He knew well enough about 'stranger danger'.

"Listen boy, I'll give you food and water but if you don't talk I don't know what's happening and then i can't help you" he handed him some water and a little bit if bread with butter.

But Russell couldn't help. The damage had already been done.

Timothy ate the food quietly, he could feel Anna's fiery glare from the other side of the room. 

After he finished he handed Russell the plate. 
And then threw up.

"Jesus! That was precious food you just wasted you foolish,
 foolish boy!"  Shouted Anna, as Timothy whipped his mouth clean.

"Don't listen to her" he whispered into Timothy's ear.

A few shy moments later, Timothy reeled in next to Russell who was cleaning the floor.

"Timothy" Timothy whispered back, "my name is Timothy"

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